Nike SB ACG Trainerendor – All you Need to Know

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We give you the low down on classic Nike SB ACG Trainerendor – a classic silhouette with a modern finish.

There’s a reason that Nike is seen as one of the front runners in sportswear technology. With their ever expanding collection of footwear made with quality materials, as well as the latest in scientific advancement, Nike provide some of the most comfortable, high performance trainers in the world. With an aim to create sportswear that could work in any weather condition and location, Nike created the ACG range.

The range focuses on using specific materials to ensure flexible movement, protection and a clean, strong look, using Nike products such as Nike Dri-FIT Wool and Nike Flyknit to create practical as well as stylish products.

While we needed to make something that doesn’t restrict your movement at all, we also didn’t want that to have any negative impact visually. It shouldn’t look strange. It has to be presentable, civilized, stylish. But form is never divorced from function. It’s easy to make something look really good. It’s very hard to make it look good and move well.

– Errolson Hugh, Berlin based designer 

Nike ACG Trainerendor

Formed from the ACG creation, the Nike SB ACG Trainerendor takes the best of Nike technology and blends it into a stylish, yet versatile trainer. The sleek low top in a clean black and white combines simplistic detailing to create a slim line, hardwearing shoe that’s great for city and country dwellers alike.


  • Full-length phylon midsole
  • Water resistant upper
  • Thick mesh pannel on the inside ankle
  • Velcro strap

Nike SB ACG Trainerendor low


The Nike ACG Trainerdor was part of Nike’s move to create a staple mix of practical and stylish footwear that could keep up with the variety of city activities with ease. Now available in a range of colours and designs, the Nike SB ACG Trainerendor combined the practicality of the ACG range, with the distinctive style of the SB pieces. 



Original Release Date



Fashion and activity

Nike SB ACG Trainerendor

Key Drop Variations

With the low top version taking on a two dimensional look with the speckled white sole and black upper, the was a need for a bolder, sleeker variation for the sneaker lovers who prefer a sleeker finish.

Nike Trainerendor Mid (Black)

With the same water resistant material and sturdy velcro strap, the Mid version of the Nike ACG trainer has the same basic shape, yet takes the style to the next level with a bold all black finish and silver, hiker-esque grips for the laces. These unique changes give a whole new vibe to the sneaker, providing a sturdy, no nonsense feel that can really take whatever’s thrown at it. 


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