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Ever since Nike came into existence in 1964, they have strived to produce the best quality sport shoes around, as well as maintaining a level of fashion and style. This is an ideology that Nike demonstrates perfectly in the Nike Roshe Run for men. So, here’s all you need to know about this stylish and versatile sport shoe. 

When it comes to talking about extremely popular Nike shoes, you tend to think of a pair of Nike Air Jordan’s or some Air Max’s. Continuously creating publicity and traction within sneaker heads, these are the designer brands of Nike. Why, then, has a unassuming and relatively cheap running shoe from Nike’s sportswear section suddenly become one of them most popular trainers on the market?

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Nike Roshe Run

Well, the answer to this is largely down to the simple, yet practical and stylish design of the trainer. Dylan Raashe was the main designer on the Nike Rosche Run. It took about two years to ultimately arrive at the simple and stylish design that we now know and love.

The name for the Roshe Runs comes directly from the term ‘Roshi’, which is a name for a zen master. In interviews, Dylan Raashe has explained how much of an influence the idea of meditation and zen had on his design process. For legal reasons, Nike had to change the name of the shoe from Roshi to Roshe, but the implication is still there. This emphasis on zen and meditation further demonstrates the simplistic and focused nature of the shoes design.

The shape, look and colour of the shoe has its basis in this idea of meditation and zen. Additionally, the shape and style of the design reflects that of a zen masters meditation garden. For instance, the natural Nike waffle pattern of the out sole is similar to the shape of stepping stones.

esigner Dylan Raasch

One of the best things about the Roshe Runs is their versatility. Due to their extremely simple design the Nike Roshe Run is perfect for exciting and innovative colour-way designs. On the one hand, this shoe looks great in a simple colour. Try wearing some black Nike Roshe Runs or some white Roshe Runs and you’ll see what we mean. However, if you want to be a bit more experimental, then this shoe is a perfect blank canvas for thousands of different colour and pattern combinations.

The Nike Roshe Run is also available on the innovative Nike ID feature. This allows you to design your own personal custom Nike Roshe shoe. Ultimately, this is a perfect example of how versatile and unique this shoe really is. You can make a completely unique shoe that is just personal to you and your style if you wish. 

Nike Roshes Men


  • lightweight Nike Fly-wire technology upper.
  • Cushioned mid-sole for comfort when exercising.
  • Rubber out-sole for flexible durability.


£50 – 70

Original Release Date

July 1, 2012.

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Nike Roshe Run
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