Nike is Releasing a Customisable Sneaker

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Is this the first ever “create your own sneaker”? It just might well be – Nike are bringing us a brand new flyknit inspired model that lets you literally choose how you want it to look. Coming with stencils and paint, you best make sure your artistic skills are up to standard.

Nike’s famous Flyknit technology has been around for a few years now, and it’s been used on countless silhouettes from the brands enormous selection. However now, Nike have unveiled a brand new Flyknit silhouette – the Nike Gakou Flyknit. Designed by the Nike Special Projects design team, and definitely going for the “less is more” vibe, the sneaker looks like something straight out of the distant future.

nike gakou flyknit white

nike gakou flyknit black

Now this sleek looking silhouette has an interesting twist to it. It comes completely plain in monochrome black or white. However, inside the box there’s an added touch – stencils and paint. The idea behind this is that it’s down to the consumer to create their own design, and ultimately customise the sneaker however they’d like. Nike have certainly gone for an innovative approach, and I can’t recall anyone doing this in the past.

The sneaker itself is good looking anyway, with its full flyknit upper and comfortable free sole. There’s low-key Nike branding on the side of the heel and a handy pull tab on the back. Also worth a mention is the sneakers completely slip-on design, for added comfort.

nike gakou flyknit white product shot

nike gakou flynkit black product shot

If you’re liking the look of the Nike Gakou Flyknit, and you’re feeling creative, the good news is you won’t have to wait long. The shoe is set to release via Nike’s online store and flaghsip locations, plus select retailers on the 24th August. There’s no word on how limited the release is going to be either, so be prepared for it to go either way.


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Nike Flyknit
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