Nike Air Wildwood: The ACG Revival

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

The Nike Air Wildwood has a lot of history behind it. Nike ACG seemed to arrive in late 1988, but this 1989 release was the first real statement shoe to set off that category officially.

Even the remixes were excellent — the Wood Wood LunarWood+ is one of the ultimate collaborations for those that know. The waterproof Walkman-like Zoom Wildedge was a cult classic. Upgrading Mark Parker’s Escape design and built on the Air Pegasus platform, it’s our platonic ideal of what a trail runner should be.Ageless in its execution and not too rustic. Even the lower case ACG letters on the midsole are a thing of beauty.

Nike ACG

A Leading Sneaker

We’ve always wondered why the Nike Pegasus ACG, Pegasus A/T and Nike Air Wildwood all co-existed around the same time. However, this shoe is our personal favourite — efficient, comfortable brilliance. A polyurethane Footframe to support the shoe, the sawtooth addition at the forefoot to assist the classic Waffle pattern and that shape? Fantastic.

Nike ACG

This has long been a true connoisseur’s choice and we’re not sure whether a new generation is gonna damn it as a “dad shoe” (that Wildwood 90 Free Trail from a few years back would flourish now though) and two new colourways that are set for September do the shoe some justice —theoretically, a South Beach style colour combination on this shoe is disrespectful, but the Cargo Khaki/Hyper Pink edition isn’t too bad at all, letting khaki and olive take the reigns with the silly stuff as an accent colour.

A Shadow Looms Over

With the Light Ash/Dark Concord, the Nike ACG Wildood feels closer to the All Conditions Gear source material and is the same palette used on a 2008 Wildwood (while we’re reminiscing over forgotten hybrids, does anyone else remember the decent Air Max Terra Ninety that they were twinned with?) The retro Wildwood’s curse has been a case of cracking paint on the midsoles that made ’em into a mess after the lightest of strolls and while the Swooshes feel like 3M, they don’t seem to reflect. Still — provided there’s no cracking — these are a good option to set off the colder months. Hopefully, this Nike Wildwood ACG is just the start of a respectful re-up of all things All Conditions…

Nike ACG

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