Nike Air Trainer 1 – All You Need to Know

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This edgy diverse shoe was created for this entire reason, to cover every aspect of footwear you’d ever need. Here’s everything you need to know about this slick, technologically ridden shoe. 

If you’re looking for that slick bouncy shoe to take you through streetwear to fitness, then look no further than the Nike Air Trainer 1. It’s offers support and comfort while not even compromising on style. With the variety of colours and drops, the possibilities are endless with this style.

Nike Air Trainer 1

Released in 1987, the Nike Air Trainer 1 offered a new solution to 80’s sports. You could wear this one pair of shoes knowing it could take you through any sport or activity with ease. Comfort and support are all offered in this style, and with such a wide range of colours, there’s a style to suit your every need and style.

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  • Synthetic Uppers
  • Adjustable Midfoot Strap
  • Perforated Leather Toe Box
  • Swoosh to Side
  • Phylon Midsole
  • Rubber Outsole


During the 80’s, gyms became health clubs, offering sports such as basketball as well as aerobics classes. Thanks to the lack of shoe technology, you’d have to end up bringing two pairs of different trainers in order to do both activities or risk injury and compromise performance. Tinker Hatfield, young architect-turned-footwear designer, decided to resolve this problem and make a lightweight shoe, almost like a running shoe but offering the ankle support for sports such as basketball.

Equipped with a higher cut and lateral outrigger for improved stability and support, the Nike Air Trainer 1 also featured a foot-securing strap for increased forefoot lock down. Another big consideration was heel lift. He got rid of material and kept the support, and added the special ingredient, air, to make you feel light on your toes.

Nike Air Trainer 1

Tennis pro received one of the first prototypes of this style and fell in love, saying it offered him the support he needed while also offering him jump. The Nike Air Trainer 1 boomed in the spotlight with ease.



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Key Drop Variations

Nike Air Trainer 1 Low

If you don’t need the extra ankle support and are looking for more of a streetwear vibe, then the Nike Trainer 1 Low is a great addition. Still featuring the mainstay additions, such as the front strap, these crepes will grab everybody’s attention.

Nike Air Trainer 1 Mid

The Nike Air Trainers Mid style still offers your support while not compromising style. They have more of a sporty edge compared to the low so perfect if you want a urban feel to your look.

Nike Air Trainer 1 Mid

Nike Air Trainer 1 Mid Premium

If you’re after the Nike Air Trainer Mid but want something a bit more diverse, the premiums are a great option giving you an extra added sport edge.

Nike Air Trainer 1 Mid Premium

Nike Air Trainer 1 Premium

The top of the Nike food chain, these Nike Air Trainer 1 Premiums’ offer you the best quality support and style.

Nike Air Trainer 1 Premium

Where to buy a pair of Nike Air Trainer 1

Nike Air Trainer 1
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Nike Air Trainer 1
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