Most Stylish Men Of The ’60s

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Have you ever wanted to know how to dress like the most stylish men of the 1960s? Check out this style guide as we go through the iconic men of this decade.

The 60s was a defining decade in fashion, skirts were shorter, morals were looser and menswear was booming. The Beatles defined what was classic and Jimi Hendrix defined what was rock and roll. The 1960s was definitely an era to remember, and these men defined what was cool and fashionable in the swinging 60s.


Not the first person you would think of when you say stylish men, but President John F. Kennedy was certainly the most stylish president that America had ever seen. JFK pioneered the preppy and casual style with his recognisable light-coloured trousers and polo shirt steering a yacht. The only thing you can’t copy is having the beautiful Jackie on your arms.

Most Stylish Men of The 1960s

Michael Caine

An acting power house during the 60s, famous for his line in the original The Italian Job, Michael Caine was the man when it came to style. Championing the original mod style with bomber jackets and fitted tailoring underneath Michael Caine blew the bloody (style) doors off.

Most Stylish Men of The 1960s

Steve McQueen

A  heartthrob of the 1960s Steve McQueen was a style icon with his tailored and casual style being sought after by many whilst straddling a motorbike. Wearing knitwear under a tailored blazer and teamed with some desert boots, you have the epitome of the Steve McQueen look.

Most Stylish Men of The 1960s

The Beatles

Undoubtedly one of the biggest boy bands of the 20th century, The Beatles were the pin up men for millions of girls across the globe. Their fans were die hard, as was their style. Classic tailoring mixed with 60s modern edge, they defined what was cool and pulled it off with a unbreakable air of causal calm. Seemingly unfased by their fame and status, The Beatles were the pinnacle of the 1960s fashion.

Most Stylish Men of The 1960s

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