The 5 Most Comfortable Sneakers ever

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

It’s an age old debate – what’s the comfiest pair of sneakers money can buy? Well, we’re about to explore the question, and list some of the most comfortable footwear options of all time.

For those of you who, like myself, are city-dwellers, you’ll be just as aware as I am that comfort is everything. City life can involve being on foot for long periods of time, a lot of climbing stairs and general activity. It’s important to be comfortable at all times, and the correct choice of footwear can make a big difference. Of course, we all love our Converse and Vans, but if you’re going to spend the day commuting from location to location, are they really the right choice? A stylish yet comfortable pair of sneakers would definitely make for a more appropriate choice. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a definitive list of the most stylish, yet comfortable trainers on the market right now.

5. Nike Vapormax

Nike Vapormax

Launching at the beginning of this year, the Vapormax technology was a complete new avenue for Nike. It features individual air bubbles, that together form the usual air unit you’d expect from an Air Max model. The upper is constructed entirely of Flyknit material, and the shoe as a whole is ultra lightweight. These really are the pinnacle of sneaker technology right now, and make for one of Nike’s most impressive and successful silhouettes to date. The retail price is considerably high, but think of it as a worthwhile investment – these won’t be wearing out on you anytime soon.

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4. Asics Gel-Lyte V

Asics Gel-Lyte V

Asics TIGER is probably the most legendary footwear brand to come out of Japan. Both its Gel-Lyte III and Gel-Lyte V models are renowned for being comfy, however we feel that the latter edition just tops its elder brother. The upper hugs the ankle excellently, offering for perfect support, and of course the famous Gel technology underfoot allows for the smoothest ride ever. The silhouette as a whole isn’t at all weighty, and allows for movement and breathability just fine. It’s also a relatively inexpensive option, so if you’re shopping for comfort on a budget, look no further.

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3. Nike Zoom Fly SP

Nike Zoom Fly SP

The Zoom Fly SP is primarily marketed as a running shoe, however that doesn’t mean it doesn’t also excel as a lifestyle model. If you’re looking for a lightweight sneaker, look no further as these are the sneakers for you. It’s all in the name, “Zoom Fly” – these are so light you’ll feel as if you’re walking on air. They’re of a mid range price, but like any Nike sneaker, it’s an investment that’s more than worth the money.

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2. Adidas Ultra Boost


Adidas Ultra Boost

Boost technology is often regarded as the most comfortable sole material in the world, and that’s pretty much true. The Ultra Boost is the ultimate lifestyle sneaker, and has had several renditions since its initial introduction in 2015. The 4th edition, the Ultra Boost 4.0 has just launched, and it debuts in several new colourways. As well as being one of the most comfortable sneakers on the market, it also boasts unrivalled looks and aesthetics.

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1. Adidas Pure Boost


Adidas Pure Boost

When it comes to comfort and price, the Pure Boost just can’t be beaten. It’s the elder brother of the Ultra Boost, and although the UB may have superseded it in terms of popularity, the Pure Boost is still on top when it comes to value for money. It features the same Primeknit upper and Boost sole as it’s younger brother, allowing for the same flexibility and comfort. So there you have it, if you’re looking for the ultimate lifestyle/commuter sneaker, and don’t want to spend too much money – the Pure Boost is the model for you.

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On That Note

If you’re looking for a pair of affordable and comfortable shoes, there’s a whole range of them currently on the market. Price range varies a little, and you’re looking at over £100 for a premium quality pair. Depending on your budget, there’s also higher specification models available. Truth be told though, it seems a classic still came out on top.

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