Michael Jackson’s Hair Loss

by Jamie

He may be the King of pop, but Michael Jackson’s transformation from thick afro hair to smooth silky locks has always drawn attention. During the filming of an advert, an unfortunate accident meant Michael Jackson was burned. Here’s a closer look at how this affected his hair loss. 

Michael Jackson Real Hair

Michael Jackson Afro

As a young man, the Michael Jackson afro became an essential part of his identity. The thick afro hairstyle was synonymous with the distinctive 70s look of the Jackson 5. This is possibly the most natural hair Michael ever had and was before he started to alter it.

Michael Jackson Curly Hair

As he grew as a solo artist, he increased the alterations to his hair. Perhaps the most famous style was Michael Jackson’s short hair. The short curls became a part of the iconic Thriller look. It is thought that he was able to control his natural afro hair with chemical straighteners to create a wet curly look.

Michael Jackson Pepsi Accident

It was in 1984 that Michael Jackson experienced a tragic accident during the filming of a Pepsi advert. The pyrotechnics used in the commercial went off at the wrong time and set Jackson’s hair on fire. Although it was put out relatively quickly, he suffered second and third-degree burns on the top of his head.

Michael Jackson Bald

Other than starting his long and troubled relationship with drugs, this changed Michael Jackson’s hair forever. Despite claims that he had laser treatment, the scar hair loss would most likely have left a permanent bald spot on his scalp.

Serious burns to an area that grows hair will damage the follicles and create scar tissue. This is called cicatricial and is, unfortunately, extremely difficult to treat. Other that wearing wigs or transplanting hair, there isn’t a natural way to regrow hair on the affected area.

Did Michael Jackson Wear Wigs?

There has been a lot of debate around whether or not Michael Jackson began to wear wigs after his accident. It is generally accepted that in his later life he did begin to wear lace front wigs. This seems especially apparent when Michael had long hair as it’s unlikely he could have grown it so long after burning his head.

Interestingly, the more plastic surgery that he got done, the more noticeable Michael Jackson’s facial hair became. This may be because the change in his skin pigmentation made it more obvious.

Although there is no imagery of Michael Jackson without a wig, it is noticeable in certain pictures. If anything, this demonstrates the emotional trauma that Michael Jackson must have experienced, and that he never fully accepted his own appearance.

On That Note

While Michael Jackson changed his hair quite a lot during his life, the amount of plastic surgery made it hard to tell what was natural. Michael’s constant focus on his appearance and hair seems to suggest a man who was never truly happy with himself. If there is anything to learn from Michael Jackson’s hair loss, is that trying to cover up your imperfections can actually make you worse off. If you are worried about this or your current rate of hair loss then it is best to speak to a professional hair restoration doctor.

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