101 Best Mayan Tattoo Drawings- Everything You Need To Know

by Jamie Wilson
Realistic Mayan Style Tattoo Arts

Reviewed & updated: November 25, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Are you fascinated by Mayan cultures? Here are some amazing ideas for Mayan tattoo drawings that will help you vogue your style!

Mayan Tattoo Drawings
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Mayan tattoos are an important aspect to uplift and glorifying Mayan culture and styles. 

Mayan tattoos are gotten by the wearers to honor the bravery of the heroes who dealt with immense pain and suffering. The Mayan tattoos are thereby made to awaken their spirituality in them. 

Mayan tattoos not only help in maintaining peace and stability, but it is a fine example to bring balance and harmony among the people. The Mayan civilization is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and it is absolutely gorgeous with its ancient art and stone carvings. Mayan tattoo designs have a distinctive artistic value. The tattoo designs are made with intricate details and it really makes the wearer look stunning with its mesmerizing beauty. Mayans are known to perform body modifications. This includes the deformation of a baby’s skull to a perfect piece. They believe in extreme modifications to get a higher status among individuals.

Mayan tattoos depict symbols of gods, powerful animals, and other spiritual awakenings which help them balance the harmony of the power of night and day. Mayan tattoos mainly are associated with social status. It is not offensive to get Mayan tattoos from other cultures. Mayan people are very open-minded and really encourage any form of body art. The most common tattoo art design for Mayans is the Hunab Ku symbol. You can get these tattoo designs as an inspiration for your next tattoo.

Mayan men like to get tattoos on their arms, legs, and shoulders. The Mayans believe that getting body art is beauty with pain, but since they love body modifications, they deal with it anyway. Keep reading to get amazing inspirations for Mayan tattoos. 

Realistic Mayan Style Tattoo Art

Realistic Mayan Style Tattoo Art
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This tattoo is really class apart. The tattoo is made on the forearm which is a common place for making such a detailed tattoo. This tattoo looks absolutely gorgeous and realistic. Seems like it has been just printed from a stone sculpture. The tattoo is of Aztec and Hanab Ku. The tattoo looks worth appreciating and it really looks phenomenal. This proves that the wearer perhaps wants to establish dominance and an assertive attitude to life and try to maintain harmony and balance in their life.

Probably they have gone through enough suffering and now the wearer is looking for peace after the hardships that have been wearing them down. The tattoo artist has done really a commendable job in this part and it looks really beautiful even without the usage of black ink. If you are looking for an inspiring tattoo sleeve like this, this can be an amazing inspiration for your next tattoo.

Mayan Warrior Tattoo Drawings

Mayan Warrior Tattoo Drawings
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Mayan tattoos always have a hint of tribal art in their tattoo inspirations. This tattoo is a fine example of tribal tattoo art. In this tattoo, the warrior can be seen to be resting. The traditional tribal Mayan tattoo art can be seen here. This tattoo looks really nice and brings out the versatility of Mayan culture.

The tattoo has been made with only black ink. However, the detailing that has been done inside the tattoo is really commendable and looks really phenomenal. The hues of black and grey ink look really nice. It is simple with its design, however, the artistic quotient of this tattoo is worth looking forward to. It is an intricate piece and can definitely be an amazing inspiration for your next tattoo design.

Aztec Mayan Tattoo Drawings

Aztec Mayan Tattoo Drawings
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Aztec tattoos are absolutely an authentic form of tattoo art that represents the social status of a warrior. This can also mean the tattoo represents an important entity in the Mayan culture.  As per the central American culture, it is not very appropriate to get an Aztec tattoo unless they understand the cultural appropriation of this particular tattoo.

The tattoo has been covering the shoulder cup of the wearer and the feathers look absolutely phenomenal. The Mayan jaguar tattoo looks really fierce in this. The tattoo has only been made with black ink and the hues of sketchy effects of grey ink look absolutely beautiful and gorgeous. This tattoo is really inspiring and enhances the beauty of the wearer. The wearer feels empowered by wearing this tattoo and looks really amazing.

Mayan Compass Travel Tattoo Designs

Mayan Compass Travel Tattoo Designs
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Compass tattoos explain a lot of positive aspects of life. It provides unique ideas of guidance, protection, and direction. It helps the wearer to have proper guidance in life and bring balance amongst themselves. The compass tattoo that has been made here is inspired by the Mayan culture of bringing balance and harmony to one’s life.

The tattoo looks absolutely realistic and looks really mesmerizing. The black ink and hues of the tattoo look really amazing. The wearer looks really nice in this. The tattoo artist should be appreciated for doing a commendable job in this regard and it looks really fabulous on the person.

Mayan Culture Symbols Tattoo

Mayan Culture Symbols Tattoo
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The Mayan civilization is an epitome of cultural appropriation and it really is enriched with rich styles of body art. This particular Mayan tattoo design is also inspired from Pre Hispanic culture and it looks absolutely amazing. It is a beautiful medley of both cultures and thus makes up for amazing tattoo art. The tattoo is made with pitch-black ink with a dot work structure which makes the tattoo look really beautiful.

The tattoo has been made with sheer cleanliness and it really is an embodiment of purity and harmony. Mayan tattoo designs always thrive to promote purity and harmony among the people. This tattoo is no exception to that. If you want to stabilize your life with the essence of purity and harmony, this is an absolute grab for you!

Mayan Style Tattoo Of A Woman Tattoo Sleeve

Mayan Style Tattoo Of A Woman Tattoo Sleeve
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A tattoo sleeve is one of the most common ideas for body art amongst tattoo aficionados. Not only men, but women also like getting tattoo sleeves. Tattoo artists have however said that women tend to get less of these than men, however, this sleeve that has been made here is one of a kind. This tattoo is of a female character from the Mayan civilization. It can be deciphered that perhaps the woman is a Mayan warrior. It shows how advanced this ancient civilization used to be and how ancient Mayans were way ahead of time.

The headgear of the woman is made with feathers and embellishments of brass and copper. The face of the warrior is also made pretty beautifully. The tattoo correctly deciphers the way Mayans used to dress up during that time. This is a fine example of beautiful tattoo designs and is really appreciated thoroughly.

Mayan Art Inspired Mandala Thigh Tattoo Designs

Mayan Art Inspired Mandala Thigh Tattoo Designs
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Thigh tattoos often hurt a lot while making them. This tattoo is a fusion of both mandala and Mayan styles of body art. Mandala as known is a zen form of art that helps in calming our nerves. It is a South Asian form of practice to do art to tap into our inner strength and channel every positive energy inside oneself. The tattoo is done using black ink with dot work made with grey ink.

The tattoo shape is inspired by a mandala, however, the tattoo design is mainly focused on Mayan tattoo designs. This is really a beautiful tattoo and enhances the culture and architecture of Mayan civilizations. The tattoo symbolizes that the wearer is probably trying to channel their inner strength and know-how to fight to bring peace and harmony to their life. This tattoo is absolutely phenomenal and the tattoo artist’s creativity should be praised.

Mayan Calendar And Aztec Tattoo Symbols On Hand

Mayan Calendar And Aztec Tattoo Symbols On Hand
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This tattoo is a fusion of both the Aztec and the Mayan calendars. Do we all remember how the Mayan calendar craze set us ablaze a few years back? It told the world is going to end by 2012. However, it did not. But the Mayan culture of art and architecture is been still praised by artists these days. 

The right-hand consists of Aztec. The other hand consists of the Mayan calendar determining the twelve months of the year. The carvings of the calendar have been done beautifully and it has been giving an immaculate look. Both the tattoos on both hands look absolutely mesmerizing and phenomenal and one can easily fall in love with them.

Mayan Serpent Tattoo Ideas

Mayan Serpent Tattoo Ideas
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Mayan serpents are an important aspect of the large parts of Mayan culture. They absolutely look badass on the wearer and it shares a grave meaning with their ancient civilization. The sign of the Mayan serpent talks about the sign of dexterity and the power of balance between the harmony of night and day.

This Mayan serpent tattoo design is called Kukulkan in Mayan culture. The tattoo is made with a proper outline style with sketch detailing work with grey ink. This tattoo is made behind the knee of both legs. The tattoo looks absolutely gorgeous and can really be an amazing inspiration for any tattoo lover. 

Mayan Symbols Tattoo Designs

Mayan Symbols Tattoo Designs
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Tattoo sleeves are a very common design nowadays. This tattoo is actually class apart. This tattoo is made on both hands and looks absolutely phenomenal. The tattoo consists of a portrait of an Ancient Mayan in a hidden temple. The tattoos are identical to each other.

The tattoo is embellished with Mayan symbols and highlights the beauty of the Mayan civilization. This tattoo has a huge resemblance to Hunab Ku, who is a powerful entity of the underworld. The tattoo looks really cool and is made with utmost care.

Mayans are rich in culture and heritage. Here are some examples of tattoo inspiration from Mayan tattoo designs. They are: 

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What is the meaning of a Mayan tattoo?

Mayan tattoos are a form of body art that has significant meaning to the wearer. The Mayans were an ancient civilization that flourished in Central America and parts of Mexico until the arrival of Spanish conquistadors in the 1500s. They had a complex system of symbols and iconography, which they used to represent philosophical concepts, their religion, and the natural world. These symbols were often used in Mayan tattoos, which held personal significance to the wearer. Some of the common symbols found in Mayan tattoos include serpents, jaguars, eagles, and suns. The meaning behind each symbol is often open to interpretation as it can vary depending on the individual’s beliefs and values. Generally, Mayan tattoos represent life, death, and the cycle of time.

What are the most popular Mayan tattoo designs?

The most popular Mayan tattoo designs are those featuring the sun and jaguar, as they represent strength, power, and life. Other common symbols include serpents which represent knowledge and transformation; eagles which symbolize freedom and courage; lizards that signify fertility; and skulls that demonstrate death. The placement of these designs is also important, as it can further enhance the tattoo’s meaning. Common areas to place Mayan tattoos include the back, chest, arms and legs. These designs are often highly detailed and colorful, making them an eye-catching addition to any tattoo collection.

How much does a Mayan tattoo cost?

The cost of a Mayan tattoo can vary depending on the size and complexity of the design. Generally, smaller designs will cost less than larger ones, and more intricate ones may be more expensive. Some artists charge by the hour for their work, while others offer flat rates for specific sizes or styles. It’s important to research different artists in order to find the best fit for your needs, as well as to ensure you get a quality tattoo. Prices can range anywhere from $150 – $500 depending on the artist and design. However, it’s important to remember that tattoos are permanent investments, and it’s worth spending a bit extra in order to get something that you’ll be happy with for years to come.

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