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Magic Johnson Converse Weapons Trainers – All You Need to know

by Jamie Wilson
Converse Cons Lakers hightop Basketball shoes

Magic Johnson is one of Basketball’s biggest stars. We’re giving you everything you need to know about his signature shoe, the Converse Weapons.

Worn throughout one of Magic’s best seasons these sneakers are iconic for basketball fans all over. If you’re a Magic Johnson fan or you just want to know a little more about the Converse Weapons range then take a look at our guide.

Magic Johnson Converse Weapons

Magic Johnson is one of the most successful Basketball stars of all time, a legacy so huge he had to retire 3 times. These sneakers became synonymous with success and they’re still hugely sought after to this day. They were created with Basketball in mind and the design is all about improving performance and looking good, they definitely achieve the latter.


  • Thick rubber outsole for grip on the court.
  • Comes in a yellow, white & purple colourway.
  • Leather upper.
  • Converse branding on the outsole.


The biggest Basketball star on the Planet at the time, Magic Johnson obviously had to be in the best sneakers available, in 1986 they were without a doubt the Converse Weapons. He Wore them during the 1986-87 season when he won MVP. Long time rival Larry Bird wore the Weapons in black and white, while Magic opted for purple and yellow. Converse manufactured these sneakers in the 80s but you can still buy versions to this day.

Magic Johnson facts:

  • He was named MVP 3 times throughout his NBA career.
  • Nicknamed Magic for his incredible performances during his sophmore year.
  • When he retired for the first time in 1992, his 32 Lakers’ jersey was retired with him.
  • He owns a cable TV network called Aspire.

Magic Johnson



Original Release Date


Original Model Name

Converse Weapons.



Key Drop Variations

Converse Weapon

A new version was released in 2014, the colourway below is timeless in black & white. Alongside the simple branding the upper is formed of a perforated leather. Memory foam also adds comfort to the tongue and ankle padding.

Converse Weapon mid

Magic Johnson Shoes

The colourway for these makes them stand out from the crowd and at 6’9 I’m sure Magic Johnson was used to this. They’re a classic shoe mainly due to how successful Magic was when he wore them, a classic Converse Basketball sneaker.

converse weapon magic johnson

Converse Weapon 86

A throwback to the iconic trainer Magic wore, they’re available in a few different colourways. The Red and blue below works really well with the Converse Star logo.

Converse Weapon 86

Converse Weapon Mid

The mid-top take on a classic. The Mid is more suited for skaters than ballers. It comes with Y-Bar technology that wraps around the ankle, locking your heel in place. As it’s catered for skaters these sneakers come padded tongue and collar for extra support on impact.

Converse Weapon mid2


Where to buy a pair of Magic Johnson Converse Weapons

Magic Johnson Converse Weapons
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Magic Johnson Converse Weapons
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