101 Amazing Kingdom Hearts Tattoo Designs You Need To See!

by Mark
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If you grew up playing the Kingdom Hearts (KH) game series, your childhood was awesome! Whether you’re a Square Enix or Disney fan, you’ve come to the right place for Kingdom Hearts tattoo ideas. Find an image you like and take it to your trusty tattoo artist as soon as you can. Warning – choosing just one KH tattoo idea will be really hard!

Kingdom Hearts Mickey In Battle Tattoo


If you’ve played the games, you surely remember the epic boss fights. In case you are ready to dedicate your arm or leg to Disney’s Mickey, literally, why not get this tattoo design? This tattoo can represent your own dedication to fight evil in life, just as Mickey is fighting the wretched hoard of Nobodies. Just keep in mind this tattoo design is time-consuming. 

Disney Mickey KH Tattoo


On the topic of Mickey and Kingdom Hearts, how about this design where Mickey is ready to wield his keyblade any moment now? The loose line art style looks like something out of the official Disney artbook. This tattoo is perfect for any fan of the games and every placement, not just the forearm.  

Kingdom Hearts Sora Tattoo


If Sora from KH is your favorite character ever, why not get a tattoo of him? This amazing tattoo design of the classic character has bold colors, crisp lines and well done shading; what more do you want from a Kingdom Hearts tattoo? 

Kingdom Hearts Characters Tattoo


You have to admit having Donald Duck and Goofy follow you everywhere in the game is always hilarious. Everyone loves these iconic Disney characters! So why not get a tattoo of them pestering Sora? This tattoo design is great for someone who equally loves all characters from KH.

Axel, Roxas and Xion Kingdom Hearts Tattoo


Have you ever wanted to just tattoo the entire scene from your favorite video game? Who said that wasn’t possible? While this tattoo design needs more time to be completed, no one can deny how visually pleasing the result is! 

Simple Sora Kingdom Hearts Tattoo


Did you say you are a big KH fan, but want a simple kingdom hearts tattoo on a budget? We have you covered, just keep reading! This straightforward design of Sora is ideal for those who dislike complicated and colorful tattoos. You can try a smaller size to make it subtle, ideal as a wrist tattoo, or ankle tattoo.

Kingdom Hearts Nobody Tattoo


Looking for a not so expensive geeky tattoo to reference your favorite game – Kingdom Hearts? Consider this simple design of a Nobody! By choosing to use just blank ink you can save some money for a new tattoo, while still looking cool with this one. Show off your ankle with this sinister Nobody tattoo.

Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Tattoo


A tattoo of the iconic keyblade from Kingdom Hearts is what every fan needs to think about! Since keyblades come in a plethora of designs and colors, choosing the best one may be difficult. Our pick is this epic-looking manly keyblade in grayscale. Nobodies should be afraid of you sporting this style of Kingdom Hearts tattoos.

Kingdom Hearts Crown Tattoo


If you’re looking for a simple tattoo to reference the incredible game series that is KH, it doesn’t get more easy than the crown symbol. Instantly recognizable as something out of the Disney collaborated game, this design is subtle and cheap. Choose a different colored ink than the traditional black for a more noticeable design!

Black Ink Kingdom Hearts Tattoo


In this article we gave you ideas on Kingdom Hearts tattoos, from keyblades and crowns to Nobodies. If you’re having a hard time choosing just one element, then just combine them all in impactful tattoo design! This image has it all and needs no other color than pure black ink. Ideal for a forearm or calf muscle placement, this tattoo design might be the coolest one!

Having Said All Of That

Deciding on a tattoo design you like can be much longer than the tattooing process itself, so take your time! Use our top 10 picks for Kingdom Hearts tattoos as inspiration. “The world is just too small” to get only one tattoo, isn’t it?

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