Karhu and Colette Join Forces on a Fusion 2.0

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Celebrating Finland’s independence one hundred years on, and the closing of the world famous Colette store, a collaborative shoe is releasing. The Finish footwear giant Karhu and the Parisian retailer Colette are joining forces to commemorate the dual events with a collaborative sneaker. 

Although not a household name, Karhu are one of the biggest footwear brands in Finland. Celebrating their heritage with the one hundred year anniversary of independence from the soviets, Karhu have teamed up with Colette to make a sneaker that represents both brands identities through colours and iconography.

Colette’s final month has been a busy one for the Parisian retailer, its popularity skyrocketing to new heights as avid fashion enthusiasts try to grab some “Colette” branded apparel before they shut their doors forever. The Karhu x Colette collaboration is only one of Colette’s big joint works of this month, having one with Saint Laurent Paris also.

A strange joint event, celebrating what is seen as a positive day for the Finish people and a day to mourn for the fashion community, I cant help but question why the two brands intertwined such different meanings into the same collaboration.

Karhu x Colette insole

A reworked Karhu Fusion 2.0 sneaker is releasing on the 9th of December in Colette and select other retailers. Boasting many patriotic and nostalgic features, the shoe comes in a blue and white colourway to signify the Finish flags colours and Colette’s brand colours. Embellished in full grain leather, this sneaker is packed with iconography.

Karhu x Colette Laces Close Up

From the blue and white croissants and Pullaptiko imagery on the insole celebrating each brands heritage in a nostalgic graffiti-esque style. To the not so subtle blue stripes running along the white upper, this sneaker screams both brands identities.

The Sneaker comes with three different sets of outdoor laces allowing the wearer to customise their sneaker to match them or their outfit. The regality of this shoe is cemented in the packaging however, coming in what’s promised to be special packaging – boasting a “Made in Italy” label.

Karhu x Colette side pic

This special one of a kind collaboration will never happen again and so is a truly unique release. Bathed in colours that represent both brands heritage, be sure to catch the drop on December 9th.

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