The Best James Bond Sunglasses of all Time

by Jamie
James Bond

Now that summer is on its way, it’s time to choose the shades that will take you through the sunny season, and who better than James Bond himself to look to for inspiration? Read on to find out the best 007 shades of all time to help find your perfect pair.

Bond, James Bond, is the ultimate gentleman. With an enviable wardrobe of suits, an impeccable, if fussy, taste in beverages and a queue of women out the door, he’s one suave spy you can’t help but admire. Polished, slick and always on trend, this secret agent knows how to dress.

So, for the coming summer, we’ve rounded up his best looks for some serious sunglasses envy. From classic shapes to quirky options, Bond makes the humble pair of sunglasses look like a style staple. Finishing everything from smart suits to the modest polo shirt, 007’s collection of shades is as impressive as the man beneath them.

Sean Connery – The Wayfarers

Sean Connery – The Wayfarers
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Sean Connery kicks off the 007 franchise, and the library of spy-worthy sunnies, with From Russia With Love and Thunderball. First up are a dark tortoiseshell rectangular pair of shades. There’s a lot of debate among film fans over the identity of this coveted pair, although many agree they’re Oliver Goldsmith’s ‘Consul’.  Teamed, of course, with a slick looking grey suit, these shades offer a smart finish on sunny days, with the classic tortoiseshell print never going out of fashion.

Next, we see 007 in the more sunglasses appropriate location of sunny Cuba, this time sporting a classic pair of black specs. Although, knowing Bond, these aren’t just any pair of black sunglasses. Thought to be one of the earliest examples of polarised lenses, these are the Polaroid Cool Ray N135.

Dressed down with a salmon pink short sleeve shirt, Connery’s Bond shows us the versatility of the Wayfarer shape. From suits to swimwear, city to beach, the Wayfarer style keeps Bond looking sharp in the sunshine. The early 007 films sees the spy opting for the more classic style. With dark tinted lenses for that cool secret agent air, and the Wayfarer design that just suits every time and place, take a note from Connery on the go-to shades for the summer. 

Roger Moore – The Rounded

Roger Moore – The Rounded
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Bond’s sunglasses style develops in A View To A Kill, with Roger Moore donning a few different shades throughout the film. Kicking off with a classic pair of aviators, Bond opts for the sleek white rimmed Willy Bogner 7003 Eschenbach shades. Matching the fur lined white parka effortlessly, Moore teaches us an important lesson in outerwear co-ordination.

Swapping mountain peaks for poker tables, the fur parka is replaced with a timeless white tux. Gone too are the white aviators as a brown Persol-like pair take their place. Rounded and, yet again, with a tortoiseshell, this pair of shades offers a quirky contrast to Bond’s suave suit. There’s even the added feature of seeing through tinted windows, nifty.

The world’s greatest spy has fun with his eyewear here, with stand-out shapes and statement rims. Take note from Bond and look beyond the classic styles and shapes when in the market for a new pair of shades. When suited and booted, don’t be afraid to go for a quirky pair to bring some personality to an otherwise timeless look. If Bond teaches us anything here, it’s that it is impossible to not look cool in a white tux, no matter what the choice of sunnies.

Pierce Brosnan – The Rectangles

Pierce Brosnan
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As Pierce Brosnan takes over as the notorious secret agent, we see a whole new side to Bond with new styles of sunnies to match. In The World Is Not Enough, Brosnan’s Bond is seen donning a pair of Calvin Klein 2007’s during a chase scene. As slick as ever, the dark tinted Calvin’s keep Bond looking calm and collected, even in the snowy mountain landscape.

Back in Cuba, Bond sports a Persol pair of shades again, this time being the 2672 model designed specifically for the film. Die Another Day sees these customised specs finishing a dressed down tailored look for Bond. The tan suit, white shirt, no tie combo oozes the charismatic nature that Brosnan brings to the character. Tortoiseshell, again, with a dark tinted lens, these shades give Bond a more relaxed look that showcases his playful side.

We couldn’t do a round-up of the spy’s best shades without mentioning the infamous rounded blue numbers that graced our screens in The World is Not Enough. An unconventional choice for James Bond’s glasses, this hippy-esque pair did come with an added x-ray feature, proving that sometimes it is substance over style. 

Daniel Craig – The Aviators

Daniel Craig
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The latest Bond, Daniel Craig, comes with a diverse set of shades. From the classics like aviators and tortoiseshell, to the more stand-out styles, Craig brought Bond into the style spotlight.

Kicking it off in Casino Royal, we see 007 donning a pair of Persol 2244s. With a slick grey frame, brown lenses and that timeless rectangle shape, these shades mean business. Pairing them with a pale grey suit and white shirt combo, the newest Bond lives up to his predecessors in the style department.

Later in the film we see Persol’s 2720 model with a, you guessed it, tortoiseshell frame. Another set of shades especially made for Bond, they were released to the public in conjunction with the film.

In Quantum of Solace the love affair with Tom Ford Spectre shades begins. The 108 model caused quite a stir as they seemed to be a replica of an old Oliver Peoples style. Rumour has it the 007 production team were in search of the discontinued model, the Airman, when Tom Ford, already working on Bond’s bespoke suits, stepped in with the similarly styled 108s. With a slim and slick metal frame and dark tinted lens, these sunnies are a statement finishing touch. They even make the humble polo shirt look suave.

But Bond doesn’t always go bespoke, in Skyfall we see the spy wearing an off-the-shelf pair of Tom Ford James Bond sunglasses. The MARKO FT0144s are another slick pair of aviator style sunglasses, this time with subtle blue tinted lens.

The newest instalment of the 007 franchise features more brands grappling to be the eyewear of choice for the legendary spy. But Spectre sees Bond return to his old favourite, Tom Ford, with two models making the cut.

First we’ve got the James Bond Tom Ford sunglasses, the Snowdon FT0237s. Clean and crisp, these shades sport a simple square design and dark tinted lenses which complement Craig’s more serious side perfectly. Paired with a sophisticated black suit and tie, and a solemn looking overcoat, they pull the look together for the sharp and sleek feel you’d expect from Bond.

Next are the Tom Ford Henry FT0248s. Similar in colour and style to the Snowdon, but with a half frame design, these retro shades look great with Bond’s tan suede jacket. Both Tom Fords feature a subtle tortoiseshell frame for a nod to Connery and the classic design.

As a statement choice for the character, we see the Vuarnet Glaciers. Round, dark and with those unforgettable leather side shields, these shades are the ultimate choice for action lovers. With an extreme-sports feel, with added style, these Glaciers look right at home upon the mountain side.

Vuarnet glasses make the perfect statement, especially if you want to channel James Bond himself. Daniel Craig’s sunglasses perfectly frame his face

The side shields can be removed, however, taking you from extreme to everyday. Sticking to darker shades ensures Craig’s Bond keeps things slick and polished. The timeless 007 style is brought into the modern day and any and every look is finished with just the right about of cool. But if the Vuarnet sunglasses are a little too much for you, then you can always sport something a little more classic.

Where Can I Get My Own Pair?

If you’re looking for your own piece of Bond style, the latest shades are still selling, although be prepared to open your wallet. Older styles are no longer available so you’ll have to scour eBay to score a pair, although, again, this does come with the expected hefty price tag.

For more budget friendly options, you can’t go wrong with following the classic shapes and styles of Bond. Draw inspiration from the spy himself this summer with a pair of statement shades. Keep it classy with some slick metal aviators, be brave with round rims and contrast colours, or keep things cool with a dark tinted design. And, of course, no collection is complete without a pair of those tortoiseshell sunnies or two.

Best James Bond Sunglasses

  • Research the types of styles that suit your face, this is important because you might buy the nicest glasses but if they don’t suit you, will you wear them?
  • Browse all the different styles and pick out a few that you like.
  • If you’re unsure and are computer savvy, how about photoshopping the glasses onto your face? This way you know they’ll suit you.
  • Now styling, keep this guide in mind for referencing. However always remember to wear what you feel comfortable in.
  • Look after them. Keep your glasses in a case, clean them when they need to with a soft tissue to avoid scratches and enjoy.

On That Note

With the girls, gun and gadgets, it’s only right for Bond to have the right eyewear to match the legendary man beneath. Through the years, we see the spy’s style develop from well-loved aviators to quirky rounded frames and of course, Bond’s all-time favourite, the tortoiseshell.

Taking him from action sequence to romantic conquest, 007 proves the right pair of shades really does complete the man. And if we’ve learnt anything from the secret agent, it’s that sunglasses aren’t just for the beach. On sunny days, a suit, a t-shirt and even an overcoat, all look cooler with a pair of sunglasses to finish.

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