Is it possible that online dating turns into something serious?

by Jamie Wilson
online dating turns into something serious

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

The possibilities are endless. The versatility of online dating provides a unique outcome for every couple that matches. It won’t always work, but there is a lot of fun to be had trying. You may even be lucky enough to find ‘the one’ when you least expect it, all from behind a computer screen!

online dating turns into something serious
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1 Casual dating and flings

Casual dating is for the more relaxed amongst us. Relationships of a casual type require fewer rules, if any, and as long as you are upfront and honest about your intentions, then nobody gets hurt. It is easy enough to get the message across by selecting the appropriate drop-down in the section that asks ‘what you are looking for.’ Advanced algorithms will be able to match you up with suitors of the same interests who have completed this setting too.

By filtering out anyone looking for something more serious or those seeking commitment from their matches, you are in a prime position to play the field. Having a fling or some no-strings fun is perfect for a lot of users that do not want the hassle or stress they associate with a relationship. Most people who tried searching for a relationship without commitment online usually agree that a casual hookup or an affair may be difficult to construct in a real-life situation. Face-to-face interaction can often blur the lines when establishing the rules, as people are not forthcoming about their needs due to shyness or society’s boundaries. You get no such problems with online dating as people are a lot bolder and braver when masked by a screen.

online dating turns into something serious
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2 Can casual dating turn into a more serious infatuation?

Any kind of dating has the potential, as the two people clearly have some mutual interest in each other, whatever level that is on. The moment one person ‘catches feels,’ everything previously labeled as casual goes out the window. This can either ruin the dynamic between the two should the other person not feel the same or, with any luck, be the catalyst for something truly special.

The hardest part is when you are the one who wants more but is scared of telling your casual partner for fear of losing them. The possible rejection is enough for a lot of people to proceed with the casual arrangement against their wishes to please their casual other half. This defeats the point as they think they are protecting themselves, but in reality, in the long run, they are creating more heartache for themselves by holding back their feelings.

Serious long-term relationships can certainly blossom from a casual beginning as you often realize what you have when they are not around. It is different preparation to a conventional relationship where you are around each other all the time in the beginning, but there is no reason that it cannot work out just fine.

online dating turns into something serious
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3. How do you consider the possible benefits of such dating?

online dating turns into something serious
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Your relationship can be whatever you want it to be. It can be a stop-gap between relationships, others use it to find their soul-mate, whilst it can be utilized to find a rebound after some heartache. Whether you seek some short-term fun or long-term commitment, the benefits of online dating remain the same.

The ability to go at your own pace makes online dating suitable for any fragile soul who has recently been through a break-up and equally for anyone super-keen who has no time to waste.

If someone annoys you in real life, there is always the possibility that they will not take the hint and persist with their advances. If you mix in the same circles or live in close proximity, there is a good chance that you will run into them again. The beauty of online dating is that if you don’t like someone or something a user has said or done, then you can get rid of them pretty quickly. If telling them you aren’t interested doesn’t work, or ignoring their messages doesn’t suffice, then most online dating platforms will give you the option of blocking that user from contacting you with a few simple clicks.

You can make assured and thorough choices. If something doesn’t feel right, you simply walk away, and because you have never met or possibly never even spoken, there are no hard feelings. You can be as patient as you like and ask questions about things you aren’t comfortable with. For example, you could be really enjoying chatting to someone but notice in one of their pictures they have a wedding ring or engagement ring on. Online dating gives you the chance to confront this before you decide what to do. There could be an innocent explanation, or you may have dodged a bullet, but either way, it is better to know before things get messy between you.

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