Is Friendship Between a Guy and a Girl Possible?

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Many people ask themselves: Can a guy and bisexual girl ever be just friends? Daily experience suggests that friendships between men and bisexual women are possible and common. They can live, work, and play together without having sex. 

However, there is a possibility that this platonic coexistence is only a façade, an elaborate dance that covers up numerous sexual impulses bubbling beneath the surface.

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At Least One Party Will Be Drawn to the Other Sexually

New research suggests that it’s difficult for guys to be friends with bisexual women because their genetics will drive their attraction to the opposite sex. There is a high probability that at least one party will be drawn to the other sexually.

Guys, relative to bisexual girls, have a hard time being non-romantic friends. Men always see endless opportunities for romance in their friendship with bisexual women. However, girls in this kind of friendship often have a different orientation — a truly platonic one.

 Friendship Is possible Only If the Girl Dictates It

A friendship can only exist between a man and a bisexual girl if the bi-female dictates the relationship. They have to make sure that they keep the guy at bay. The relationship can go too far if a girl cannot limit the time they spend together with a guy or create a proper distance.

It Can Only Work If Both Parties Are in a Relationships 

If the guy and the girl are all in happy relationships, then it is possible. Both of them have to be sexually satisfied in their relationships, and they must have interest reasons to be friends for this to work.

Benefits of a Friendship Between a Guy and a Girl

There are lots of benefits that come with the friendship between a guy and a girl. They include:

They Are a True Friends

This type of friendship is often pure and true. If you are a man, having a woman as your friend means having a wing person, relationship counselor, and someone who understands your weird habits. The saying “guys are from Mars and girls are from Venus” does not apply to platonic friendships. 

It Helps Guys to Understand Bisexual Girls

Since guys and bisexual girls are different, it will help you understand each other better. You will know how they deal with issues, their preferences, and how their brain functions. It is easier to ask your platonic friend these things than your romantic partner since they could misunderstand you.

Guys who are friends with girls and vice versa generally have a higher chance of being in a happy relationship with their romantic partner.

Observing how your platonic friend behaves allows you to connect the dots between guys and bisexual girls. In turn, this will improve your future romantic endeavors. 

It Improves Your Communication Skills

Guys and Girls communicate on a different level and in different ways, which is often the main reason why there are loads of fights and arguments in relationships. However, a platonic friend can help with that. 

Spending time with a platonic friend can improve your communication skills if you are a guy who is anxious when talking to bisexual girls. You’ll feel more comfortable sharing your point of view and new ideas without fear of being misunderstood or judged. You’ll feel more relaxed and free when you are ready to date and meet new prospective partners. 

Your Platonic Friend Will Introduce You to New Interests and Activities

Because guys and bisexual girls are interested in different things, having a platonic friend will give you an opportunity of learning about new activities that you had not tried before. You will live a fun life that doesn’t have gender-based restrictions.

So, can guys and bisexual girls be just friends? The answer is no in most cases. While this type of relationship has lots of benefits, having cross-sex friendships is difficult. At least one of the parties could end up being sexually attracted to the other. 

Online dating provides a great chance to meet bisexual women for friendship or romantic relationships. Dating bi-females online is much easier than doing it the traditional way. You’ll find loads of bisexual girls from your area who are ready to meet you.

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