Introducing Twelvesons Sneakers

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Everyone’s got to start somewhere, and we think we do a pretty good job at tracking down the ones to watch. Today we’re focusing on Twelvesons, a brand that brings us premium sneakers like we’ve never seen before. 

As mentioned above, there’s nothing better than knowing about the latest upcoming brands before anyone else. We’re huge fans of being the first to discover an underdog, and rocking it before the hype starts. Twelvesons sneakers has only been running a few years, but the brand has quickly built an elite fanbase, and it’s safe to say the product quality is second to none. The brand are focused on creating a product that screams substance and values, whilst still remaining essentially aesthetically pleasing.

twelvesons collage 1

We got our hands on two of Twelvesons latest silhouettes and put together a little editorial style shoot. Of course, the sneakers look better than ever here and the angular aesthetics are really shown off. The Marce Torino silhouette fits in perfectly with the current “dad sneaker” trend, and is reminiscent of high-end silhouettes that are often five times the price of the Twelvesons version, however the quality can definitely rival the big league.

We also got an in-depth look at the “Runner” model, which features modern aesthetics and an angular lace cage, giving the pair a striking look. This pair is more of a classic silhouette compared to the Marce, and we’re sure that many of you will be as keen on it as we are.

twelvesons collage 3

If, like us, you’re digging what Twelvesons has to offer, the good news is that both models featured here plus many more styles are available now via the brand’s online store. Prices are more than affordable, and we can guarantee first hand that the quality of the product you receive will 100% meet your expectations, if not exceed them. Twelvesons really is a brand to be keeping an eye on, they could blow up at any moment, and of course you want to get in there before the hype starts right?

Model: Twlevesons Marce/Runner
Product Code: N/A
RRP: £145/£150
Release Date: Available Now
Buy At: Twelvesons

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