How to Win the Online Dating Game

by Jamie Wilson
How to Start Dating a Surgeon

Reviewed & fact checked: March 29, 2023 by Jamie Wilson (BA)

If you’re a guy who is tired of struggling to make a serious connection in the online dating world, then maybe it’s time to change tactics. For the millions of men who get involved in internet-based dating sites and want to find a long-term partner, the competition can seem intense, but that’s not really the case. While women have the upper hand on so-called “hookup” platforms, men hold more leverage in the search for serious relationships.

What can you do to find suitable mates and screen them efficiently? It’s all about putting your best foot forward, which in this case means a great photograph, a powerful description, and a non-needy personality. There are plenty of strategies and techniques for winning the relationship and dating game. Here are details that can make a difference in your quest for lifelong romance.

Invest in a Professional Photo

People downplay the role of looks and professional photos, but everyone knows that online romance connections usually begin with an initial attraction to a picture. That’s human nature, and it’s a fact of modern-day relationships that begin in cyberspace. Invest in a professional photo. If you want to find a potential life partner, don’t rely on a selfie or grainy old yearbook pic. Pay a photographer to take a natural outdoor “action” shot from your best angle. The modest expense is worth every penny.

Earn a College Degree

There’s another mostly unspoken rule of digital romance: women care more about a future partner’s education than guys do. If you don’t currently hold a college degree, get one. Fortunately, there are plenty of scholarships for college students of all ages, but it’s important to know where and how to look for them. Getting a degree and paying for it are two of life’s main challenges. However, having a degree will not only give you a ton of traction on dating sites, but it will supercharge your career potential. Degrees translate into job opportunities, higher lifetime earnings, more on-the-job responsibility, and financially secure retirement. Always list degrees and educational achievements on your romance website profiles.

Ditch the Needy Persona

Read several profiles that guys post on the top relationship platforms. Often, they convey a sense of emotional neediness. Those are usually the men who ask themselves, “Why am I getting no responses to my profile?” The answer is that neediness is a powerful deterrent when searching for a female partner, online or in person. With few exceptions, men who ditch the “I need someone to be complete” persona get more responses and have more choices of potential partners.

Talk Up Career Goals & Life Ambitions

In the free form written portion of your description, talk up career goals, education, and professional ambitions. Women who are trying to find long-term relationships on dating sites pay close attention to career-related goals. Instead of filling the allowed space with irrelevant blather, consider honing in on why you chose a particular career and what your professional goals are.

Screen Out Weak Candidates

Take a tip from savvy women to learn how to screen out unworthy relationship candidates. Check out female-centered advice blogs, and you’ll learn plenty. Begin by identifying creepy, angry, intolerant women and removing them from your list. Don’t respond to their messages except to say a polite, “No thanks, I don’t think we’d be a good match.” Read between the lines of profiles to spot drug users and unemployed women who are hunting for a free ride. Additionally, do what single women do and be wary of potential mates that obviously don’t take good care of themselves, physically or mentally.

Be Honest About Hobbies, Faith, Politics

Don’t waste your time or anyone else’s with puffed up descriptions. Be honest about your faith, hobbies, political leanings, life goals, level of physical fitness, and general family background. Never lie about marital status, educational accomplishments, how many children you have, or job-related issues. While there’s no need to reveal everything about yourself, it’s essential to be truthful.

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