How to Wear All Black Trainers

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

You really can’t beat a pair of all black trainers. They are a shoe that you can dress up and dress down, meaning they’re a great addition to every wardrobe. You can wear them with near enough everything, but to make things easier we’ve put together some of the best outfits to help show off your all black trainers.

If the phrase ‘all black everything’ means anything to you, you’ll know how stylish it is for guys to wear black head to toe.

The colour black is many things – it’s stylish, slimming, timeless and a classic – the list is endless.

How to Wear Black Sneakers

Now lads do not, we repeat, do not, be afraid of wearing your all black trainers with other black items of clothing. As we keep saying, all black is everything. You will look slick and suave when you pull it off. If you go down this route, we would recommend that you layer your blacks and make sure they’re all actually black. You don’t want one piece that’s a bit faded because it’ll ruin the dimensions of the outfit and the look you’re going for.

Best All Black Trainers

All black trainers are super stylish and very versatile. There are many different styles out there for you to try, all in a range of cool tones, textures, materials and fabrics. Big brands from across the globe have all brought out a pair of these trendy treads, from Nike to Adidas and Converse to Common Projects. They have all wanted in on the all black trainer trend, and we don’t blame them. Male celebrities like Rick Owens, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar have even given their name to this particular style of trainer – what more could you want?!

If you fancy investing in a pair of all black trainers, we have options that are available for all budgets, styles and preferences.

What to Wear with All Black Converse

Converse is an iconic brand that produce some of the best black sneakers. They’re the perfect casual shoes to wear with jeans and a T-shirt, so you don’t have to worry about overthinking your outfit. If you’re wearing sneakers with chinos, our Dickies selection offer you a range of fits to suit every body type. For this look go for a laid-back styled T-shirt or casual shirt and you’ll have achieved one of best outfits to wear with converse. All black trainers add an element of vintage to an outfit, especially when paired with slim to loose fitting clothes.

Black on Black Trainers

As we’ve mentioned above, black on black trainers are increasing in popularity, especially for men. This is due to the fact that they’re practical and easy to put together with any outfit, requiring less thinking time but achieving top style points (result!). Black on black trainers may seem all the same at a first glance, but it is obvious that there are many differing characteristics that need to be weighed up when choosing the correct pair for you.


Ok, so as we all know, Nike aren’t short on their range of different types of trainers. There are plenty of names and colours to choose from, but if you’re looking for a pair of all black kicks then there are a few main Nike styles you should be going for, and we have the roundup.

  • The Nike Roshe Run triple black trainer is a young, cool and fresh way to wear an all black trainer. It is a relatively new design that has seen an increase in popularity over the past years, among both men and women. This triple black colour-way has undoubtedly been one of the most successful versions of The Roshe Run shoe sold to date. The Roshe Run style of trainer also sports a slight platform that acts as a heel if you are in need of a couple of extra inches – height wise of course…
  • The Nike Huarache Triple Black trainer is also a good option for an all-black everything men’s trainer. This shoe is a less sporty and a more bulky, manly version of the Roshe Run. The classic trainer, which was first released in 1991, is comfy and sleek with air pockets to prevent sweating and lace up fastenings so you can tie them in or out.
  • Very similar to the Nike Huarache Trainer, the Nike Air Max 90 Essential triple black is our favourite. The Air Max is infamous and embodies everything Nike related. Just like as seen on the Roshe Run, the trademark Nike tick can clearly be seen on the Air Max 90, even with the black colour. A timeless colour teamed with a legendary trainer like the Air Max creates the ultimate all black trainer for you.


Like Nike, Adidas is a very popular brand of trainer for girls and guys alike. Trusty Adidas jumped on the bandwagon of all black shoes, providing you with plenty of shapes, shades and styles to take your pick from.

  • Adidas ZX Flux NPS ‘Triple Black’ trainers are the one to go for in this range. This simple and original trainer is great for guys on the go who still want to look stylish. These Adidas trainers are a very similar version of the Nike Roshe Run, meaning you have to pick a side – these guys are big competitors!
  • The Adidas Original Stan Smith trainer is probably one of the most famous of the Adidas styles. In 2016, we saw a huge revival in the popularity of these trainers, with them being worn everywhere and anywhere. They come in an all-black colourway – you couldn’t have imagined a better black trainer if you had designed it yourself.
  • The black Adidas Superstars Originals (triple black, yes, again) are extremely similar to the Stan Smith’s in style, size and fit, and the two pairs of trainers often get mixed up. The main noticeable difference, however, is the shell top toe cap of the Superstar, which gives the trainer a more detailed and defined look around the front end.
  • Back to the sportier vibe, the Adidas Tubular Runner in black looks a lot like the Adidas ZX Flux NPS. They’re cool and comfortable to wear and look great with the laces fastened up properly or tucked in. The fit has been described as ‘a sock-like fit’ which can only mean it will be extremely comfortable.

How to Look After Black Trainers

So, you have taken the plunge and bought yourself a pair of fresh new black trainers. You’ve worn them a couple of times, and maybe they’ve started to smell or become ever so slightly scuffed. So how do you look after your new beloved blacks? Follow these simple steps on to how to care for your trainers and you won’t go wrong, we promise!

  • If the trainers you’ve bought are made out of leather, or any other form of wipeable material, then you should be able to quickly and easily run a damp cloth over them and get most of the marks off.
  • If you’re a guy who has a thing about pristine laces on his trainers, then you can keep them clean by always tucking them into your shoes when they’ve been taken off. This will prevent dust coverage or staining from sunlight and other factors.
  • Using a toothbrush is a good way to remove scuffs and dirt without making more of a mess.
  • Finally, we know this is pretty obvious but sometimes it just needs to be said. Wear some form of socks, even if they are no show socks. If for whatever reason the dreaded sweaty shoe smell does indeed start to linger, then invest in some scented foot and shoe spray, which is available online and in stores up and down the country.

Top Tip: Buying a shoe protector spray and using this before you even begin to wear your new trainers is a sure fire way to help to keep them in brand spanking new condition. It will help to stop your trusty new trainers from getting damaged, scuffed or bent out of shape.

How to Restore Black Trainers

Unsurprisingly, if worn often, the dye from black trainers will fade. This becomes noticeable, especially if the trainers are all-black. This list will give you a guide to restoring your shoes.

  • Cotton – Shoes that are made out of canvas or cotton can easily be turned back to their original shade. Buy a box of dye and heat it up using hot water. Leave the desired pair of shoes or trainers in a bowl with the dye and water mix. Leave them to stand overnight for the best results.
  • Suede – Specialist black suede shoe spray can be bought both online and from shops. This spray is simple enough. Squirt a small amount onto the area of the shoe that needs fixing back up. Results should develop after 15-20 minutes. Brushing the shoes lightly afterwards will make sure the respray is even or and will tell you if you need to use any more.
  • Leather – Just like suede spray, leather soap and leather oil can be bought both in stores and online. The leather soap should be used first before you try and restore the colour of your shoes, as it will get rid of all the grime and dirt so you get an even finish in the end. Apply some of the leather oil to restore a layer of colour back onto your shoes. Obviously, you will have to make sure you buy black leather oil, as this is the colour of your shoes.

Top Tip: If you are a lazy guy, or simply just do not have the time. Then grab a felt-tip pen or whiteboard marker pen and carefully fill in the faded gap (no judging we promise).

What to Wear with Black Shoes

Obviously, it doesn’t just have to be trainers that are black on black. Other shoes can come in this form, and of course, you need to know how to wear those too. All black shoes can be worn for any event or occasion.

Naturally, wear a pair of all black dress shoes for a formal event such as a wedding or work meeting. Pair them with a slim pair of dark chinos or suit trousers and a crisp sleek shirt. A statement watch would add a nice detail to this outfit. And if it gets cold, layer the outfit with a leather or denim jacket.

How To Wear All Black Trainers

  • Many iconic brands have jumped on the all black trainer bandwagon, they’re a new classic and can be worn with near enough everything.
  • All-black trainers can be worn with an all-black outfit. Layer your outfit with jumpers, coats and hats but make sure all the blacks are the same black.
  • Each black trainer is different, the shape, fit and benefits are all unique so finding the best ones for you will take some time.
  • Scuffs and fading can be fixed using either dye, suede spray or leather soap and leather oil.

On That Note

Ultimately, black works well when thrown into any style. You can never go wrong with black, so why shouldn’t you give this look a go? There are some of the best black trainers out there on the market right now, enough to suit every occasion. All black trainers are a wardrobe essential. You know what they say, once you go black, you never go back…

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