How to Wear a Striped Shirt

by Jamie

Wondering how to wear that striped T-shirt you’ve just bought? Then wonder no more as this simple style guide will show you all you need to know.

Do you have a striped tee that’s been in your wardrobe for a while, crying out to be taken for a spin, but you’re anxious at the prospect of spending an entire evening listening to awful sailor banter courtesy of your mates? Stripes may have represented the Navy in 1858 but fashion has come a long way since then, so put your mind at ease and leave your nautical nightmares behind by following out tips for how to wear a striped T-shirt (and look great whilst doing so).

Where To Start With Your Stripes

Striped T-shirts are great wardrobe staple because they’re an effortless way to add personality to your outfit. Striped tees are also dynamic because they can be worn in both the daytime or in the evening, meaning you can head straight out to meet friends without the worry of having to dash home to change first.

The Trousers

Denim knows best. Stripes, no matter what shade or width, will make a bold statement which you should embrace. This does, however, mean that wearing matching striped or brightly coloured trousers is a big no no. Your trousers should compliment your T-shirt by being casual and simple; this is why jeans are your best ally. Does this mean you can wear any type of jeans with your tee? Sorry to break it to you but you should avoid ripped jeans, they will make your outfit too busy and overcomplicated.

You can wear light blue denim jeans, such as this pair from Nudie, with your T-shirt but this can be a seasonal look that best suits the summer, plus they may leave you looking washed out if worn with lighter coloured stripes. The genius of striped clothes is that they can give you maximum style with minimum effort, so plain jeans actually enhance your look.

If you need to wear a belt with your jeans then stay away from anything really wide or with a chunky buckle. Belts should be a similar tone to your jeans to subtly blend your clothes together, otherwise you run the risk of looking like you have a line separating your top and bottom halves.

The Footwear

Don’t let your footwear be the item that trips you up. Your chosen shoes play a big part in whether or not you look like you’re about to take to the high seas. Stay away, and we mean far away, from boat shoes, flip flops and sandals. The beauty of striped T-shirts is that they are very versatile and you can match them with a wide range of shoe styles. Pimsolls and Vans are great choices as they don’t clash with your look, plus they add that level of comfort that will help to make you feel at ease if you are new to rocking the stripes.

If you’re planning on wearing your T-shirt for a night out then loafers are a perfect choice for taking your outfit to the next level. Loafers also provide you with a lot of options, from suede to leather, blues to browns, so you can fit the style of the loather to match your personality. They also allow you to look sharp without appearing too serious.


A jacket is a great way to really transition your outfit from day to night wear. Dark muted greens, blues and blacks are the shades you should be looking for as they add to your outfit without making you look too over the top and mismatched. Bomber jackets are ideal for combining with striped T-shirts as they have a strong masculine vibe that gives you to be more creative with the style and shade of stripes that you choose to wear.

The bomber jacket’s length also creates a slimming illusion by hitting your mid point without being clingy. The fit of these jackets play a big part in why they are ideal for pairing with stripes as they have tailored high necks and long sleeves, eliminate the need for additional accessories.

How to Wear a Striped Shirt

  • It’s a classic piece, so you want to team it with a pair of classic jeans or trousers.
  • Just because the T-shirt has some colour on it doesn’t mean you can’t still add more into your look.
  • For your footwear you can either go for a pair of trainers or a smart pair of loafers.

On That Note

Think of your outfit as a band and your striped tee is the lead singer. All of the other elements should make the lead appear fiercer and stronger without taking away any of the focus. After all, you can’t have three Harry Styles in one place otherwise the world would go in to melt down.

When in doubt keep it simple and combine your top with muted tones, it’s the old concept of less is more. Our advice can be applied to any type of stripes, horizontal or vertical, grey or neon, so follow the above tips and wear your T-shirt with confidence and, of course, with style.

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