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How to Wear a Pink Shirt

by Jamie Wilson
Style Objects of Desire May 2018

What goes with pink? A question that has plagued many men. But never struggle with how to wear a pink shirt again with our easy-to-follow guide covering the formal and casual ways to don this statement piece.

It’s now widely accepted for men to wear pink and it’s about time to show off a bit of color! Men wearing pink is now a common sight and we’re taking a look at some easy outfits you can combine with one of the most versatile shirts shades you have in your wardrobe, so feel free to check out a few of our favorite combinations down below.

What Goes Well With A Pink Shirt Outfit?

When it comes to fashion and trying out different kinds of outfits you should know that there is no universal solution for all. Some guys can look and feel good in sneakers, while others are all about wearing boots. In the end, pairing a pink shirt comes down to you finding the right shade that works for your style, and skin tone. Guys can opt for a pale pink shirt even for their weddings, it all just comes down to wearing it with confidence. So, how confident are you? 

How To Rock A Pink Shirt

If you don’t own one already, a pink shirt should be in your wardrobe but for some reason a few of you out there are stuck with the idea that pink is a girls’ colour. Well, it’s time to get rid of outdated mindsets and move into the 21st century. Pink is for everyone and if you’re not quite sure what shirt would suit you, take a look at the options we have available. It’s always good to have more than one at your disposal as nobody wants to be stuck without a shirt when you need one.

What Colour Goes With Pink: Top 8 Rules To Follow

The types of colours you should avoid would be yellow and bright green because they’ll not compliment the pink hues. A navy blue or grey work well with pink because they allow the colour to shine through. The last thing you want is to detract from the colour’s impressive nature. You should also stay away from blush pink colors, along with bright and loud funky socks. If you want to look stylish you can get inspired with some of the following stylish look ideas!

1. Salmon Pink Dress Shirt With Khaki Pants

Once you find the right pink shade that works well for you and your complexion you will easily pull off your casual look! Why not wear a bright pink button shirt with stripes, along with some cream pair of chinos?! This is a classic summer look that you’re going to adore if you wish to look very fashion-forward. The shades that compliment pink allow it to stand out on its own. There’s no need to go out and buy a whole range of new clothes, you can add some pink to a lot of the outfits you already have.

PS: Another option for pink has to be a dark green or cream top.

Salmon Pink Dress Shirt With Khaki Pants
@Anna Shvets via pexels

2. Grey Suit Pink Shirt

It’s a classic combination. Grey suits are always going to look good but with a pink shirt you can add something a little different to the classic white shirt worn with a grey suit. The Shoes from Hudson are a great choice for any smart outfit, The brown wood effect outsole adds a casual touch to the whole look. Another great blend between smart and casual.

If you’re thinking about what tie would work with a pink tie, it depends on the shade you’ve chosen. With a lighter shade of pink there’s no reason why you can’t pick almost any colour. Alongside a brighter pink you’ll want something that doesn’t clash. You want your tie to compliment your outfit and bring the colours together rather than cause too much distraction. The best ties are always less in your face and more refined. If you’re ever in doubt you can always just grab a navy blue tie, it’ll never fail you.

Grey Suit Pink Shirt
@Khalid Boutchich via Unsplash

3. Men’s Formal Shirts Options

The pink formal shirt is a great addition to your style. If you’re going to a black tie event a pink shirt isn’t advisable. You can always work a shirt into formal workwear very easily. Sticking with the standard blue or white shirt can get a little dull when you’re wearing it to work every day. Adding a pink shirt to your formal collection is a simple way to make your style a little more adventurous. Opt for a navy jacket or a blazer to complete the rest of your outfit. 

Men's Formal Shirts Options
@Hannah Nicollet via Unsplash

4. Pink Shirt With Suits

A pink shirt looks great with a suit as it compliments most colours. The most common colour it goes best with has to be navy. It has to be the right kind of navy, this sounds picky, but a Yves Klein shade of blue navy works a lot better than a darker one. You’re wearing a pink shirt, so you don’t want to darken the look, keep it brighter with a lighter navy.

If navy isn’t your thing, then a black or grey suit would work just as well. Pink is a great versatile colour, so the world of suits really is your oyster. If you’re feeling brave, then a pinstripe suit would also work brilliantly with a pink shirt, the detail on the pinstripes will add texture to your look.

Pink Shirt With Suits
@Bave Pictures via Unsplash

5. Men’s Casual Shirts

The casual shirt is perfect in pink. People can often consider shirts to be formal but that’s not the case. A simple way to make a shirt you think is too smart, more casual is to wear it over a T-Shirt. Men’s pink shirts will look good with a pair of skinny black jeans. They can also work with navy chinos and a pair of crisp white trainers. With so many options available it’s hard to see why anyone wouldn’t have added a pink shirt to their casual shirts for men collections.

Roll up the bottoms of the jeans to show a bit of ankle and team them with a pair of brown loafers, the perfect shoe for those casual days out. Pink t-shirts could also look good with the right belt + will make you look sharp head to toe!

Men's Casual Shirts

6. Short Sleeve Shirts

When the weather starts to heat up a short sleeve shirt is the perfect choice. If you are looking for good shirts in the summer you’re going to want something that’s breathable. Cotton is a great choice as it can keep you cool, it does retain water quite easily though so be prepared to have slightly wet clothes. The plus side is that it’ll dry quickly is you leave it out in the sun for a little while.

The light coloured shorts compliment the pink shirt and don’t cause too much distraction. Blending lighter colours together like this is always a good tip. The Clarks shoes are also lightly coloured which is why they can work with the outfit. Sunglasses are also a great option for the summer and can be quite essential. Here they work with the lighter outfit to stand out. If you’re going to get a pair of sunglasses that stand out then you’re going to want some with a thick frame.

Short Sleeve Shirts
@Dhemer Gonçalves via pexels

7. Collarless Shirt

The designs without collars, often known as Grandad shirts are perfect for more formal looks. It’s seen a huge resurgence in the last few years. One of the storie about their inception comes from labourers of times gone by finding their collars got caught in the machinery they used. They took the collars from the shirts to prevent them from getting caught and causing serious injuries or death. The design had legs and since then it’s become popular for men in casual and men’s smart shirt outfits. This shirt combination is easy to pull off yet can work with a ton of different pink outfits!

Collarless Shirt
@Ketut Subiyanto via pexels

8. Men’s Oxford Shirts

The Pink Oxford shirt is a great design that can be worn more formally but also works in a casual outfit. At it’s most simplistic you can wear it with black skinny jeans, a pair of smart sneaker and you’ve got a ready made outfit for the evening.

Named after the university, it was originally part of a collection of four designs that included, Cambridge, Yale and Harvard. The Oxford shirt is the only one to still be worn today. You can spot an Oxford shirt because of it’s fabric. The design blends two different strands of yarn that are woven in a basket weave fashion. The fabric is so breathable that it was popular among Polo players for the British Raj in 1920s India. They added buttons to the collar to stop it flapping about as they played and its unique collar design was born. It was originally seen as a more formal choice with JFK himself wearing the shirt. Now it’s perfect for casual wear.

Men's Oxford Shirts
@Malcolm Garret via pexels

How to Wear a Pink Shirt

  • Pink is no longer just a colour for girls and has been seen on all the men’s catwalks – in fact in the 19th century pink was a sign of masculinity.
  • Ideal for a suit or workwear, add an understated tie and easily create a smart look. It is a great color to pair with your blue suit. 
  • So many colours compliment pink, darker shades of navy and black will always work but you can also try cream or white and notice they work well. If you prefer a ton of color combinations you can get them with pink polo shirts!
  • It’s best to avoid bright colours with pink shirts, wearing one with a bright green tie wouldn’t work well so just don’t.
  • Keep it simple – incorporate only one item that is pink into your outfit – stick to a shirt and nothing else.

On That Note

The pink shirt is an easy addition to any man’s wardrobe. For casual or formal situations there will be a pink shirt for you. Remember to match it with colours that suit it and avoid going over the top. Pink shirts will always be a popular choice for men. Picking a pink shirt means you can get a lot of wear out of it, with it complimenting so many different outfits. If you’re thinking about picking up a pink shirt but can’t see or find something you love, don’t panic. Check out our main site to see if there’s something you like the look of.

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