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How To Wear A Gilet – A Few Style Rules To Follow

by Lilian Koster
How To Wear A Gilet

A nice warm hug in the cold autumn breeze. Throwing on your favorite blazer, outer garment or even a long sleeve shirt sounds appealing. For a lot of guys, the right outer layer can keep your body wam while making you look stylish.

Sounds good, right? Well, that’s exactly what a gilet does, so read on and find out why you need one right now, as well as how to wear one. Keep on reading to find out more about this stylish waistcoat, and how to wear proper garment.

How To Wear A Gilet
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You might be thinking the last time you saw anyone wear a gilet was back in 2005, but boy do we have news for you. A gilet will be your statement piece this autumn, to put it simply. It must’ve already been hanging amongst your best winter jacket collection. And if it hasn’t been, then it definitely should be there by the time you’ve finished reading these three simple style rules on how to style winter jackets, specifically the gilet. Leave it up to Kanye West to show you what style really is and give you his best shopping recommendations, but one thing is for certain, and that is that gilets are definitely in fashion in 2020.

What Is A Gilet?

How To Wear A Gilet
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You might’ve read the title, and thought, ‘what even is that?’ So before you look up the gilet meaning, don’t worry, we’ve got you sorted. 

If you hadn’t yet heard of a gilet, chances are that you’ve heard of a body warmer jacket, or a sleeveless body warmer, or maybe you call it a gilet vest, bodywarmer gilet, or any other combination of those words. 

The point is, a gilet is a type of autumn or winter jacket, its key feature being that they are sleeveless. Gilets are designed to keep your torso and chest at your regular, warm body temperature with the intention that you wear them on chillier days. 

We think gilets are a great element to add to your look as they can still show a sneak peek of the outfit you are wearing underneath due to their sleeveless nature. So in short, a gilet makes the perfect autumn jacket.

How To Wear A Gilet


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If you know you’ve got a formal event coming up in the slightly chillier months of September, October, or November, such as a wedding for example, but you don’t want a big jacket to hide your formalwear, a gilet body warmer is your best bet. 

A gilet is a good jacket to keep you warm, but it won’t spoil your outfit look as your suit jacket sleeves will still be on show, letting others know you’re still dressed looking the part. What’s more is that the collar of your polo shirt or any other collared shirt will still be visible over the top of your gilet, as long as your gilet doesn’t have a collar of its own. 

We also recommend you look at the gilet fit, as a loose and baggy gilet might tone down the formality of your outfit. Go for a tighter fit gilet to maintain the tailored look

To keep your outfit looking cohesive, we’d recommend you go for the same colour scheme throughout. But if you’re feeling bold, your gilet could easily be your standout piece by choosing a contrast colour from the rest of your outfit. 


Got an important meeting to go to in the middle of the day? If you’re planning to meet some business colleagues in a casual setting this autumn, we think this makes the perfect outfit. Whilst still looking smart, keep warm by wearing your favourite gilet vest. You will get extra warmth with this type of sleeveless jacket.

You could easily dress this outfit up or down any way you want. Take inspiration from the guy in the photo and pair a beanie with your gilet to make it look more casual. We also think some accessories like some silver or other cool-toned necklaces or a watch would match the blue tones of this outfit, and are a great way of adding layers and detail to your outfit. 

That being said, chinos are an easy way to look more dressed up, and matching the cool tones in your outfit with your fashion gilet still lets everyone know you know how to dress properly. 



Heading into town, and feeling like you’re not sure you can trust the English weather to stay sunny and keep you warm? Don’t worry about it, just grab your gilet and you’re good to go. 

It would be a shame if you had come up with a great look in your head, only to then need to cover it up with a jacket. But with a gilet, that problem is solved. Or, the problem wasn’t even there in the first place, because the sleeveless look is an easy way to still show off your style underneath. 

Feel comfortable in your gilet, with your arms moving about freely, and wear it with some athletic shoes to really bring that laid-back vibe to your outfit. You will also like this jumper on top, perfect look for a windproof front.

Know How To Wear A Gilet

Get prepared for the cooler months ahead by getting yourself your very own gilet. You’ll find you’re the first to get on the trend, and by the end of autumn you’ll thank yourself for your best purchase of the year. And you know you’ve done well in the fashion department if you find out you’re matching with Kanye. 

A gilet will be the most versatile piece of clothing in your closet, you can trust it’ll go with anything as long as you get a gilet in a colour you wear often. We recommend a black gilet as it’ll go with anything, especially as everyone migrates to their darker colours for the colder months of the year. Navy is a professional colour and less harsh than a jet black gilet, so if you intend on wearing a gilet to formal or semi-formal events, a navy gilet might be your new go-to. 

But at the end of the day, you know your own style best, but you can trust us that a gilet will be your new, most used, trendy item in your closet this autumn.

Having Said All Of That

And there you have it! A cool way on how to wear integral gilet, sports gilet, or even a quilted gilet look that can make any part of a suit pop! Do you want to wear leather, neutral shades or some thicker fabrics that can help with insulation throughout the day? Anyway it may be, fleece gilets and proper tailoring will make any fit work! Let us know if you’re more-so into thin light gilets, high-end looks, etc!

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