How to Wear a Flannel Shirt for Men

by JJ
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The flannel shirt has been loved in the past and has its reputation still to this day. Flannel is a staple in every man’s wardrobe that you can wear casually, relaxed, chill, but also semi-formal. Both men & women can wear check shirt outfits since these are the perfect solution for any weather season. Plus, they look amazing once paired up with denim pants & brown boots! If you need some advice on how to wear flannel, know that we’ve shared different flannel outfits down below.

Do People Still Wear Flannel?

Flannel shirts were huge in the ’90s. At first, they were worn & adopted by the grunge subculture, while nowadays everyone loves to wear them in retro & casual way. Men & women love them because they are easy to throw on & they also follow many different fashion trends.

How Do Men Wear Flannels? Top 8 Outfit Ideas

Flannel shirts come in so many different colours that finding only one can be challenging. However, in our guide, we will present you with the top 8 most-common (yet cool & stylish) flannel shirts outfits.

1. Red Flannel Shirt

photo @magic_fox

Finding a plain red flannel shirt can be a bit complicated. This is because red flannel shirts can look too wide, Santa-like, as well as too colorful on some men. However, if you go for long sleeves & some skinny jeans, you will love the vibe! Men love to wear burgundy, denim, or black pants along with their flannel shirts or even stylish jackets.

2. Green Flannel Shirt

Green top @ratioclothing

The green flannel shirt is often associated with the lumberjack look and will look the prettiest with a beard. Usually, once paired up with a pair of brown chinos or khaki pants, you will get the best look. It is also appropriate for the office if you love staple pieces & if you love your green flannel. These shirts should be left unbuttoned & you can pair them up with some stylish belts as well.

3. Black Flannel Shirt

flannel shirt
photo @magic_fox

A black flannel shirt is a must-have autumn/winter choice since it is the perfect shirt with sleeves for this weather. Also, the color combo will suit dark & gloomy days that are ahead. You can match this shirt with any pair of either denim or black pants you own. This look should be worn with a leather jacket on top, as well as with some sneakers or boots when it starts to rain.

4. Blue Flannel Shirt

flannel shirt

Layer your outfit by throwing on a long sleeve blue flannel shirt. Choose this outfit if you are still in school & you love to wear casual pieces. Once matched with black shoes, preferably Vans, this outfit will be the perfect street style and will look the best on younger men or even those who are off to college.

5. Yellow Flannel Shirt

Flannels outfits wouldn’t have been complete without a dark yellow flannel shirt. This top is a must-have for men who aren’t afraid of color, and who love some vibrant pieces for the summer! You can wear any pair of white shoes with this outfit, make sure you find the perfect slim pants to complete the look. You can also wear a pair of shorts in the summer.

6. Purple Flannel Shirt

Guy in purple@superscottshop

Men in purple probably love to dress-up & they follow all the beauty trends. It can be hard to make a purple shirt work, which is why you should go for your favorite trousers or a pair of solid denim jeans. Don’t forget some stylish beige or brown booties & you’ll love this look when out with your friends, or when going out on a date.

7. Grey White Flannel Shirt

A grey/white shirt is a must-have item in your closet. If you don’t own one, make sure you shop for your perfect flannel. This top should be worn by men who love eye-catching details & who want to stand out, no matter where they go. How to wear this shirt? Incorporate a stylish watch as well as denim pants. Don’t forget that it is the most appropriate for some formal or semi-fancy gatherings since white will always scream class.

8. Brown Flannel Shirt

All brown outfit @dwellboutique

Nothing screams autumn like brown color. You should be wearing this shirt & this color during the entire fall season, no matter where you’re going. It looks cozy while you can easily dress it up with your favorite pair of jeans and a buttoned blazer. You can also throw on a vest if you love that stylish & masculine fit.

Are Flannels Business Casual?

Flannel shirts come in many different colors, which makes them even easier to pair-along. You can wear your favorite flannel to the office, as well as to some other formal events. You can make it business casual by:

  • Throwing on a wool or cotton blazer on top
  • Make sure you choose the right pair of pants
  • Always iron your pants
  • Don’t forget a black tie
  • Incorporate a watch, as well as a stylish belt as your two main accessories

Should You Tuck Flannel Shirt?

If you’re going to fully button-up your shirt (no matter which shirt this is), you should always tuck it in.

If you’re leaving your shirt unbuttoned and you are wearing a T-shirt underneath, you don’t have to tuck your flannel shirt. Wear it as a stylish & loose jacket since this will add to your casual look.

On That Note

After reading our guide, you’ll probably try to incorporate some tips & tricks on proper shirt tucking & color-matching. Remember that it is okay to wear flannel to many different events, both casual or formal, but just don’t wear them to a wedding. They are ideal for everyday wear and will suit every body shape as well as age group.

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