Essential Denim Jacket Outfits This Season

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Denim jackets are a wardrobe staple.

A denim jacket can be worn in many different ways, depending on the certain fade, wash or cut of your denim jacket. However, when putting together your denim jacket outfits, keep in mind on what’s on trend and dress the jacket up to match with the season you are in as well. If you don’t know what to wear with a denim jacket, this article is for you. The denim jacket is a versatile and durable piece of menswear that can work for a plethora of situations. Keep it casual with a simple tee and jeans or go for something that’s a little bit more formal with a shirt and trousers. Either way, the denim jacket will work for you this season.

The Jacket

In recent years the denim trend has overcome the criticisms of being seen as a “faux par” in the fashion world. As of the latest fashion shows, designers delved head-first into redefining the classic blue fabric, keen to reposition it as being modern and stylish.

Previously the denim jacket was worn with a casual day to day outfit, but recently designers have reinvented the jacket into an altogether smarter look. Designers such as Christopher Bailey at British luxury label Burberry has transformed the age-old classic denim jacket from its humble origins and repositioning it as a more sophisticated piece.

mens denim jacket street style

From light to dark washes, trim to oversize fits denim isn’t just a byword for jeans this season but a key clothing to have in every wardrobe.

Denim on denim is extremely complicated so let’s keep it clean and easy on the eye. Keeping your double denim look simple will ensure that you transform your look from old fashioned to a more modern look. Pairing contrasting colours will give a whole new meaning to your denim on denim outfit. Two different tones will draw attention away from the resemblance of the two fabrics. If the denim jacket is rich in colour, a pair of lighter jeans will work better than having two of the same tones on.

If you are a man that takes risks, then do not hesitate to swap your jacket with a shirt. It’s less traditional and a bit ambitious.

Pharrell Williams denim jacket denim jeans mens street style

Keeping it Simple-Denim

Colour denim has secured itself as a key part of the modern day men’s wardrobe piece. However, when we say colour, we aren’t suggesting wearing a bright pink jacket. Different shades are a fundamental part of well-curated denim jacket outfit. If you are looking to wear your jacket in a classic James Dean look, then go with a white denim jacket. Team this with a half-open shirt, ultra-skinny jeans and Chelsea boots. Pairing and layering your clothes is essential when it comes to dressing the jacket, and that’s why we love having the jacket as a staple wardrobe piece.


When deciding what to pair your denim with, it’s easy to go for something simple. However, sometimes a more unusual look is the better route to go down. (No body likes to look too similar to the next man). Forget the standard blue denim jacket and choose a black or dark denim jacket instead for a grungier style. Pairing your black or grey denim jacket with a T-shirt and black chinos or jeans is an ideal outfit for an ultimate street style and off duty look. To finish your look, why not turn up your jeans and add a pair of Dr Martens.

mens grey denim jacket allsaints grey tshirt black jeans

Alternative Edge

If you’re looking for something a little different in a denim jacket then why not try this corduroy trucker jacket, £99, from Levi’s. We love the comfort of denim with the alternative edge of the material and sherpa detailing.

Because your jacket is a bit of a statement piece you’ll want to go for something that’s a little more understated underneath. Try wearing a simple white tee with a pair of black skinny jeans.


Essential Denim Jackets This Season

  • A blue denim jacket is a wardrobe staple. You can style this with a huge array of casual outfits every season.
  • Mix up your look with a white denim jacket. This adds a touch of brightness to your look.
  • A men’s black denim jacket is a great alternative to a classic blue one. You can also get away with styling this with a smarter look.
  • Go for the unusual. When wearing denim jackets look for ones which are a bit different to the classic style, for example, a denim jacket with fur with Sherpa detailing.
  • If in doubt, keep your look simple. Go for a denim jacket with a white T-shirt and some clean white trainers for the ultimate casual look.

On That Note

The denim jacket is a trusty and practical piece of outerwear that every man can, and should, have in his wardrobe. We love the way you can layer it up or wear it on its own for a casual spring, summer or autumn look. How ever you decide to wear your jacket this season, make sure you do it in style.

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