How to Wear a Baseball Cap

by Jamie

Caps have been around for decades, first appearing in the 50s and 60s alongside the rise of baseball culture – they’ve found their way into many a man’s wardrobes since. While there have previously been questionable takes on the iconic style, when worn right, they can be a great addition to any wardrobe, regardless of personal style. Read on for our guide on how to wear a baseball cap.

How to Wear a Cap

While it may seem pretty self-explanatory, most guys, understandably, are a little hesitant when it comes to donning a baseball cap. We’ve all got that image of the lads hanging around down the park in their air max tracksuits and baseball cap; evidentially, this is what we’re trying to avoid. As a general rule of thumb, avoid slouchy or oversized fitted tracksuits and opt for smarter alternatives. Check out some of our suggestions below.

Look #1:

A simple, yet incredibly smart, combination; mixing shirt and blazer over a pair of jeans is a versatile and stylish outfit that lends itself perfectly well to a baseball cap. Ensuring to keep the colours relatively muted, topping your look off with a baseball cap in black or grey is a great way to give your ensemble a casual edge, or simply give you a day off taming the barnet.

Look #2:

When in doubt, keep things monochrome. With undertones of the current workwear trend, mixing some chinos with a simple white t-shirt and black denim jacket is a clean and chic base outfit – perfect for mixing in a baseball cap. The general feel of the ensemble is quite laid back and loose, however, the black and white colour palette alongside the marginally tailored feel of the denim jacket gives it a classier feel, perfectly suited to finishing with a cap.

Look #3:

A little more fashion forward than the previous look, the relatively simple mixture of some smart trousers and a t-shirt is easily elevated with a printed raincoat. The perfect marriage of practicality and style, the raincoat and baseball cap will serve you well in a downpour, as well as looking pretty polished!

Baseball Cap Styles

With an abundance of stylish baseball caps available to the modern man, the sheer amount of choice can be a little overwhelming at the best of times. From plain to printed, there’s a wide variety available with a style suited to every outfit. Check out some of our favourite picks below.

Plain White Baseball Caps

Albeit a little more difficult to work into an outfit than black or navy, when you know what you’re doing they can easily add a few style points to even the simplest of outfits. With a couple of white options from Carhartt and HUF below, as well as a marl grey number from the Hundreds, you’ll be sure to find something suited to your planned outfit.

Plain Black Baseball Caps

Probably the easiest to wear of all, a black baseball hat will work with pretty much any other colour you can throw at it – as usual. If you’re wondering how to wear a flat peak cap, like the black option below, it’s relatively the same as a baseball cap. That being said, a baseball cap is a little more… current.

Plain Navy Baseball Caps

Second to black, a navy baseball hat will work almost as hard as its darker counterpart. A great option if you’ll be wearing a baseball cap with a camel or maroon coat, as the blue tones sit better with these than black. Keep things understated with Carhartt or Herschel, or add a little depth with the other Herschel printed option.

Printed Baseball Caps

Last up, although printed baseball hats suitability to… anything, is questionable, they’re popularity has soared in recent years. Not to be considered if you’re going for a clean, understated aesthetic, printed baseball caps are best suited to the most casual of setting… or teenage boys.

How to Wear a Baseball Cap

  • With the selections below you should now be more than confident in your ability to wear a baseball cap with ease.
  • A baseball cap is a great addition to a casual outfit, but also can work really well in a smarter outfit if your styling is kept minimal.
  • White baseball caps are slightly harder to work into an outfit, but when worn well they easily add a couple of style points to a simple outfit.
  • The most fundamental style pointer we can give you is to opt for smarter, clean cut clothing if you’re building an outfit around a baseball cap, this way you’ll avoid looking sartorially sloppy… and nobody wants that.

On That Note

That’s your lot! Fashion baseball caps have seen a substantial rise in popularity recently, meaning the market has been flooded with a plethora of styles to suit every preference and personal style.

If you’ve yet to pick up one of your own, it’s worth having a look around. Even if it’s purely to have an easy to wear option when you can’t be bothered to whip that hair into shape! Whether you’re feeling like a contemporary iteration or an old style baseball hat – follow the link below to see the lot!

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