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Daring to go (Nearly) Bare: Styling Men’s Leggings with Confidence

by Cressida meale
Styling Men’s Leggings

While leggings for men were once a sight you’d only see in the gym, today you’ll see guys from all walks of life strutting their stuff with confidence in tight pants. Maybe you love the look of spray-on jeans, but don’t want the vice-like cling. Or you’re simply looking to shake up your look with something interesting. Today we take a deep dive into styling leggings with confidence, no matter where you’re headed.

Aren’t Leggings Just for Gym?

Not anymore! We’ve seen a wider creep of athleisure into the fashion scene for some years now, and on the masculine side, leggings were the clear winners. Thanks to Matador Meggings, leggings for men are now comfortable, breathable, versatile, and they offer any stylish guy another way to add interest and intrigue to his wardrobe.

From the trail to the club, from festivals to brunch, leggings are in- so let’s look at how to style them!

Why Matador Meggings?

Founder Valentine Aseyo was training to become a yoga teacher. Surrounded by women wearing leggings and yoga pants he asked himself why he was the only one in the room who couldn’t wear leggings comfortably. Someone should make leggings for men so we can also join the spandex team – but no brands offer leggings engineered specially for the male anatomy, leggings have always been an afterthought for men. And thus Matador Meggings was born.

Taking inspiration from the OGs of men’s leggings: matadors (bullfighters). They are super masculine yet emotional figures who needed tight-fitting pants that wouldn’t hold them back. Speed and agility are non-negotiable—and neither is looking badass. So, Valentine took this reference and designed an incredibly functional and comfortable piece that men can wear everywhere.

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Lovely Layers

Layering has been in on the men’s fashion scene for a while. If you want to make the most out of your fabulous three-quarter length coat without roasting through late Spring, or simply want to create a look packed with texture and visual interest, layering is the way to go.

Dark leggings match almost anything well. Pair them up with soft neutrals, or introduce a pop of color for a dazzling effect. Go ultra-elegant with cashmere and cotton, or throw on some combat boots and wrap-around sunglasses for an edgier vibe.

Accessorizing with Leggings

As always, accessories are on you. And no, we don’t mean a pair of board shorts over the top! If you’re worried about bulging in all the wrong places, rather invest in a quality pair of leggings shaped for the male anatomy, so you have the firm, supportive comfort (and added discretion) you need built-in.

If you’re looking to show-off a pricey sneaker brand, however, there’s nothing better, because you have no interference from your pants to block the view of your new duds. Jewelry can lean ultra-classic, or fun and retro, depending on what you’re doing with the rest of your look. And if you’re looking for smart layers, there’s nothing better than a high-quality scarf to seal the deal.

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Simple and Stylish

Because men’s leggings are both simple and form-fitting, they make for a great way to build a sleek wardrobe that’s both practical and retains some style. Even a comfy, clean hoodie, some high-tops, and a pair of leggings can look classy when styled simply. It’s a look that can be as extravagant or as sleek as you’d like.

Not that you have to stay understated, of course. You’ll find enough bold, bright patterns out there to please even the most daring heart. Add a bomber jacket (they’re in right now), or leather loafers and a blazer, for a fresh, modern take on a great old look. If you like your look wild, however, we’re in an era where fashion rules should be thought of as guidelines, rather. If you want to go ape and mix your prints, textures, patterns, styles and colors, go for it! One of the very best facets of leggings is that they’re so simple in construction, you can do almost anything to them style-wise and still pull it off. Honestly, in the right venue (like a festival)  and if you’ve got the confidence, you can go bare chested and still make it work.

Meggings open up a whole new world in men’s fashion, one where it’s possible to stay comfortable and still pull off intrinsic style. Hopefully we’ve given you a few great ideas to make this look work for you- which will you try first?

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