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How to Style a Football Shirt In 3 Ways

by Jamie Wilson
Football Shirt

With the sudden resurgence of football shirts making their way from club to club, we take a look at their newfound appeal. Take a look below and see how this trend has formed in recent years.

Over the last few years, street style has seen a dramatic shift, particularly in favour of the humble football shirt. With everyone from Palace to Supreme, Drake to Skepta, and all the hypebeasts in between, this item is definitely one to have in your collection. But how did this ode to a club suddenly become something to spot on the high street?

Not only have football shirts seemed to have grown in popularity exponentially, but they have also become a bit of a cult item. Now, the football shirt is almost the kit of the streetwear stylist, paired with Air Force Ones and cargo pants. We’re about to show you how and why the humble football shirt has been adopted by street culture.

Football Shirt
@Fachry Zella Devandra via Unsplash

The main question for most people it seems is “when did football shirts suddenly become cool?” Well, the answer is: forever. We can almost guarantee that when you were in school, or even just in a pub as you got older, you will have often seen someone in a football shirt. It defined their beliefs, paid homage to their creed, and, more importantly, showed unfathomable commitment to their team. The “rebirth” of the football shirt shouldn’t come as a surprise then, considering how it has never really gone away.

For the most part of Western culture, supporting teams via jerseys have always been a thing. Basketball jerseys, baseball jerseys, and American football jerseys have always been popular with our friends across the Atlantic. Once rappers wore basketball jerseys and diamond chains, now they wear Juventus tops with rose-tinted glasses (a la Drake in a football shirt). With that being said, the classic football shirt has always been something that people would want to wear. The England Italia ’90 shirt is still one of those elusive pieces that many streetwear fanatics will look for.

The England Italia ’90 shirt is still one of those pieces that many streetwear fanatics will look for. Add into the mix the fact that Palace remixed it and now you’ve got something almost every kid born in the noughties will want to own because it’s “cool.”

Football Shirt
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Palace isn’t the only brand to dabble in making the football shirt relevant again, with brands like Supreme and BAPE also trying their hand at making a football shirt street style worthy. If the trifecta of street style culture is making their own jerseys, then you know that this trend is definitely picking up. Designers like Ronnie Fieg and his band have also made their own full football kits, adorning Adidas branding and KITH sponsorship on two separate jerseys.

Football shirts have now started to place more emphasis on street culture than ever before, more so few rappers and grime stars. People like Stormzy, AJ Tracey, Dave, Drake, Pusha T, Meek Mill, The Game, and many, many more have taken the football shirt from the pitch into gigs, festival performances and tours to show just how big football shirt culture now is.

Football and grime is a connection that is synonymous with London street culture. As most rappers come from different areas, meaning they support different teams, there has always been a level of competition. Not only would MCs battle in the streets via clashes, they would also argue about football, just as many guys in the capital do. Now, these same MCs are launching full football kits, posing in pictures with football stars like Paul Pogba, and doing more for the culture of the football shirt than ever before.


1. What Do You Wear With A Soccer Jersey?

Football Shirt
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Are you looking for a specific type of jersey? The truth is that you can go for a ton of different options and get a jersey that you like. Most guys prefer to go for sporty versions and chill sporty fits for everyday simple wear. Do you need something for everyday wear? If so, consider going for a long sleeve shirt underneath and some cool denim pants. Throw on a baseball cap and your favorite pair of jordans to get the ultimate outfit. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Make sure that your outfit is color coordinated. 
  • Go for cool shoes that match your look & your jersey.
  • Try black or blue denim. and accessorize away. 

2. Which Jersey Is The Best?

Football Shirt
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Before you start shopping or creating your OOTDS make sure that you look at the fabric and inspect its quality. No one wants t-shirts that are too thick and impossible to relax or move around in. This is why you should always aim for lightweight fabrics and experiment with colors till you find your ”the one”. It doesn’t really matter if you are a guy, a girl, a soccer fan, or just someone who likes to watch it occasionally. Always aim for high-quality.

3. Do You Tuck In A Soccer Jersey?

Football shirt
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This all comes down to your personal experience and your personal preference. The truth is that authentic jerseys and athleisure look work so well with other sporty items. Most guys don’t tuck in their sports clothes, which is why you should avoid this step as well. Go for a long, loose & comfy vibe at all times. Women, on the other end, may prefer tucking in their shirts a tad bit more since they get to wear mini skirts and short ripped bottoms. 

Football shirt
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On That Note

Football Shirt
@John Karlo Mendoza via Unsplash

Once just a simple shirt, this piece of clothing now says more about people than ever before. You can find kids, rappers, and hypebeasts all wearing them, showing that these shirts have moved away from the terraces into everyday culture. No longer are these shirts confined to matchdays but are now a pinnacle of streetwear culture. Grassroots street culture is blossoming. Ready to look stylish and try out your new fit?

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