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How To Style A Shacket – 3 Looks To Try

by Matilda Davies
Style A Shackets

For those that don’t know, a shacket is a thick shirt that is a cross between a shirt and a jacket.

Sometimes also called an overshirt, the shacket is a great, versatile layering piece that works as well with jeans and a t shirt as it does with a more elevated look. While they can work for any season, they’re generally seen as a spring or autumn light jacket.

In case you’re not sure where to start when it comes to shackets, we’ve put together a few looks to give you inspiration to finally add this jacket style to your wardrobe. 

The Casual Shacket

The Casual Shacket
@Gleb Albovsky via Unsplash

A shacket is the perfect extra layer for your casual outfits when it’s not quite cool enough to get your coats out. For a really versatile, easy piece, add a men’s denim shacket to your shopping bag. It’s lighter than your usual denim jacket, and gives a more relaxed look.

There are lots of other stylish options for a casual shacket. If you’re a fan of plaid shirts, try upgrading to a men’s checked shacket. They’re really comfortable so you can wear it at home when it’s cooler and you’ll always be ready to pop out looking classically casual. The shacket really can complement any style. Look to the brands you already love, and they’ll probably have a shacket that suits your personal style.

The Classic Khaki Shacket

The Classic Khaki Shacket
@Someofakind® via Unsplash

Fashion experts believe shackets evolved from army jacket styles, so a khaki green shacket is often the go to. A men’s khaki shacket is neutral enough to be really versatile. You can keep it as a casual overshirt with your favourite jeans and t shirt combo, or wear it over an Oxford shirt when you need a light extra layer but it’s not cold enough weather for a coat. 

Pair it with black jeans, black boots and sunglasses if you want to steer into the military style it gets its roots from. If you find one with hardware details, this really fits the military trend and will add to the look. A leather bag and a statement watch also make great accessories for your shacket. It’s a great casual look with an added edge to make it interesting. If you’re new to the shacket khaki is a great place to start.

The Fashion-Forward Shacket Look

The Fashion-Forward Shacket Look
@khezez | خزاز via pexels

Men’s shackets are often seen as a super casual look, but with the right pieces it can be elevated and fashion-forward. Play with texture and colour to make the look modern and make it a statement piece in your outerwear collection. 

Suede is a great option to elevate your shacket look. It keeps the garment versatile, but adds a sleek finish you don’t get with other jackets. Instead of wearing it with jeans and a shirt, you can even pair it with shorts in the summer for when the evenings get cooler. Corduroy is also a great fabric to try out in a shacket. Corduroy is more relaxed, but easier to look after than suede. It’s comfortable enough to wear at home, but style it with some subtle jewellery and a wide-brimmed hat, and you have an easy yet elevated look you can take everywhere.

How To Style A Shacket

Shackets are a great addition to any man’s wardrobe for a light jacket with a little edge. It’s comfortable enough to wear at home, but sleek enough to wear over a shirt and trousers for a date or night out when you need an extra layer. Shackets are a simple piece you can use to elevate casual looks too, without paying a high price.

Feature image from Pexels

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