How to Shave Your Chest in 3 Simple Steps!

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Manscaping The Right Way To Groom to all your body

Is chest hair a problem or are you just looking to style it a little bit? It’s hard to say where you begin and where you end, as everybody will want a different style. Are you trimming, styling or are you looking to go for the full hairless look? We’ll cover some of the different looks, the best ways to shave, as well as skin prepping and aftercare. 


How to Shave Your Chest

With manscaping proving it’s more than just a trend, the idea of shaving off your chest hair doesn’t seem like such a strange or ‘un-masculine’ thing to do anymore. Although it can be a bit of a faff to get right, with the right products and technique you can get a perfectly smooth chest, or a well-groomed one, without any nicks or cuts.

There are different ways you can remove your chest hair, with shaving being the easiest, cheapest and most common technique. If your chest hair is particularly long, give it a quick trim before shaving – it’ll really make all the difference and save you time and effort in the long run. After this, apply your shaving cream liberally, ensuring to cover all areas you’re hoping to shave. If you’re working with a regular razor, make sure you get yourself a fresh blade and start shaving in slow, gentle and short strokes. Make sure you rinse the blade after each stroke to remove the hair. The last thing you want is a clogged up blade messing up your look. Finally, apply an aftershave product – the one that you typically use on your face will do just fine.

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If you’re still not sure you’ll be able to get a smooth shave with a razor then you might want to part with some cash and get yourself a wax. With this more extreme method, you’ll avoid razor burn, ingrown hairs and, on top of that, you’ll stay smoother for longer. If waxing sounds a little too dire for you then sugar waxing is a slightly less painful method that’s better if you suffer with sensitive skin.

How to Trim Your Chest Hair

If you’re not going for a full shave and you’re just trying t0 shape your chest hair, then the first thing you’re going to need is a good pair of trimmers. This way you can keep your hair in line without shaving it all off. When it comes to trimming your chest hair, keep a few things in mind. First off, do it dry. You’re just tidying up the hair rather than shaving against the skin, so there’s no need to wet your chest first. It’s also best to go against the grain in order to create a smooth and even trim. From there, take a comb and use a pair of scissors to create the desired shape. There’s not a huge range of chest hair options, but there’s enough to get crafty if you so desire.

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What Style Shave?

Even if you go for a full testosterone look with a lot of hair, it’s likely you’re still going to need to shave off some of your hair to create a clean shape. The best way to do this is to shower first to get the skin and hair soft, ensuring the razor has a smoother surface to glide over. Use a decent shaving cream, or even shampoo, to help create an even surface and avoid damaging the skin.

How to Shave Your Chest

  • If you don’t want a fully shaved chest but you want to keep things tidy, then using a clipper will keep things looking neat without involving any heavy shaving.
  • When you shave, make sure you use a fresh razor, shave in small, gentle strokes, and wash the razor after each stroke.
  • If your skin is quite sensitive, sugaring (sugar waxing) is a worthwhile alternative.
  • Aftercare is important, so invest in an aftershave balm and a good moisturiser.

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On That Note

So, if you’re looking for a way to stay groomed, show off your muscles, or just appease your fussy partner, then there are ways you can stay smooth and stubble-free with the right products and techniques. Always invest in a good razor and if you’ve got sensitive skin then make sure you’ve got a high-quality moisturiser to keep your skin properly cared for.

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