How to Remove Stains from Shoes

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How to Clean White Sneakers the Right Way

You’ve gone and got a stain on your favourite pair of shoes and I know the feeling, you’re gutted and you can’t think of how to remove the mud scuffs and grass stains from your favourite pair of kicks. This will be a simple guide to learn how to remove those pesky stains form your shoes.

In the Sink

Now this is one of the most simple ways to remove stains from your shoes. All you will need is a sink and a squirt of dish soap, brilliantly simple. Fill the the sink up with warm water, then take your shoe and apply a small amount of dish soap to the stain. Take a small sponge or tip of a cloth and rub the soap into the stain, this should remove the stain completely, if not, repeat the process until it does.

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Washing Machine

This is another simple way to remove and clean your shoes (remember, this isn’t for leather shoes!). Now, don’t just go throwing your shoes in the washing machine and switching it on, this can seriously damage your machine and that’s a bill no-one wants. Take your shoes and remove the laces (as these can get caught in the drum) and stick them into the machine. Take some towels that you want washing and place them into the machine also.

You’ll want to pack the machine as much as possible as to not damage the drum. This not only cleans the exterior of your shoes but gives the interior a lovely freshen up as well.


Baking Soda

Probably not the first thought you had for cleaning your shoes, but it’s an age old trick. Take a small cup and fill it with water and add two spoonfuls of baking soda. Then take a cloth, dip it into the solution and apply to the stain.

If it’s a particularly tough stain, add a few more spoonfuls of baking soda to your water until it forms a thick paste. Rub this paste onto the stain and let it sit for a few hours so the baking soda can work into the stain, then, simply wipe it off with a cloth.


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