How to Pull Off the Rock Look

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How to Pull Off a Quiff Haircut & Hairstyle

The rock look is something many of us aspire to achieve but this style guide will help you out a little bit.

The rock look has definitely been through some ups and downs. When it first hit the scene it was the epitome of alternative styles, it then went down some pretty dark days and became more known for cringe-worthy band merchandise, horrendously wide fitting jeans and long hair hair which hadn’t seen a shower in what looked like an age.

Fast forward to today and the rock look has been adapted and altered to include a cleaner look with a rough-round-the-edges finish. To make sure you’re pulling it off properly, we’ve put together this quick guide to eliminate any doubts you may have about the rock look.

Up Top


To start off, you’re gonna need to invest in a decent biker jacket. Don’t worry if you’re working to a budget, our guide shows you how to find the right one. Not only are biker jackets an essential for a man’s wardrobe, they’re also really versatile so you won’t just be wearing it for this look. If you’ve invested well, it will also last for years and decades to come.



For a really classic finish, opt for a checked shirt. Again, this is a staple you can include in loads of different looks. A denim shirt will also work just as well but this layer isn’t a must, this one from Lee will be spot on. If the temperatures are a little too high, you can do without the shirt, it’s just a good addition to the style when it’s a little colder outside.



You can afford to keep this really simple. Go for a plain crew or O neck T-Shirt for more of a retro look, we’d suggest staying monocrome here so stick to white, grey and black. To make it a little more contemporary and smarter, try adding your white oxford shirt to the look. Not as classic-inspired but a great way to modernise a rock look.


Bottom Half


I’d suggest going for a tighter fitting on this look and stick to a black pair of jeans. If you’ve a pair with distress or a wash effect, they’ll work well here but we’d never suggest anything too drastic – especially if you want this to work in a variety of situations. To modernise the look, try turning up the bottoms of your jeans and going sockless with a smarter pair of shoes…



This is where you’ve got a few options to play with. Like I said above, you can try smartening up your outfit with a pair of penny loafers and going sockless for a slick contemporary finish. For a classic aesthetic, try a pair of Chelsea boots – ideal for smart and casual occasions. Finally, to incorporate a modern-classic, chuck on a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor high-tops.


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