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How To Look Good Bald – The Definitive Guide

by Jamie Wilson
Bald with a blue suit

Going bald does not have to be a bad thing! Nowadays, a lot of men prefer bald hairstyles since they are so low-maintenance, easy to do, as well as perfect for mature guys who want to look formal and professional at the same time. Do you need some reassurance, or maybe a new style? We have some hair & fashion tips that will help you change your mindset and feel more comfortable and approachable with your new look. Keep on reading and find out how to make shaved hair look good!

How To Know If I Will Look Good Bald?

Can bald guys be attractive? Definitely! According to one survey, 80% of women of different age groups and nationalities tend to find bald men attractive. If you’re struggling with a receding hairline why not change the focal point of your entire look? You can always consider growing out your stubble mustache and shaving your hair off, going for that edgy buzz cut look. With the change of your outfits and your wardrobe, you can attract a ton of female attention. So, how can a bald guy look good?

  • Good-looking bald men usually wear their bald styles with confidence, which is the main and key point if you want to look great, no matter what you’re wearing!
  • Your skin color – usually, black bald men will look great with a shaved head. Not a lot of albino people can look good bald. This is just a statistical fact, so be aware of it.
  • Your scalp condition – sometimes, you should get a haircut even if it is not the time for it yet. Why? Some head shapes, hair types, and hair conditions may have an effect on your hair and its natural texture. Conditions like dry scalps, alopecia, greasy strands, or something similar could make you shave your head. Always remember that healthy hair and clean strands should be on your go-to list, rather than messy and somewhat noticeable locks.
  • Your head shape – some head shapes and facial features can rock some haircuts better than others. If you are not too sure if you can look good with a bald, it is best to ask your hair expert and your barber.
  • Download a shaved head app – this will allow you to experience the best and first-hand experience! It will take you one minute to download it and to see what you’d look like. These apps can be found on both Android and iPhones, and everyone can play with them!

Is My Head Shape Good For Bald?

If you are worried about your head shape and whether you can rock a bald or not, you’ll be happy to know that bald looks suit men with oval head shapes the best! Many professional hairstylists believe that oval face shapes can handle hair loss and that they will look mature when going bald.

Usually, plenty of men can make bald styles look good. However, men who have heart or oblong faces can’t look as good with this type of hair. If you have this head shape you should either stick with some other hair option, or you should experiment with some interesting beard styles to make the bald a little less noticeable. Consider adding a goatee for that new look.

Top 3 Rules On How To Look Good Bald: How To Make Bald Look Good

You can always try to make bald look good with some common tips and tricks, such as:

  • Stay fit – men usually look way better when they work out and when they are in good shape. Go to the gym, stay fit & see how your bald looks 10 x better already and on its own. Who wouldn’t want to embrace their inner Bruce Willis or Hugh Jackman?!
  • Step up your fashion – throw on as many accessories as possible! They will allow you to make the look even more stylish and cohesive. Guys who usually wear hats, scarves, or sunglasses will easily embrace this hair.
  • Add a beard – a longer beard will look the best on balding men. Just make sure you take proper care of grooming it. Facial hair will make every man attractive, as well as those who have baby faces!

How Can A Bald Man Dress With Style?

Wondering how should bald heads dress? With your new hairdo, some fashion changes might need to happen. You want to avoid looking plain yet you want to channel your inner bad boy, right? Here are some crucial and universal fashion tips to follow!

  • Casual look: a safe bet to go for and always effortlessly style is a classic denim jacket with denim pants and a plain white T-shirt. Stick to monotone colors since they will easily blend in with your skin tone. Try this outfit and wear it for everyday casual moments.
  • Leather-look: black jeans paired with a leather jacket are a killer combo. Darker colours are bulletproof when it comes to men’s fashion + they will never go out of style. Are you a fan of the black shade and leather fabric? This outfit will look amazing for party night-outs and for any age group.
  • Smart/formal: every guy owns a navy blazer in his closet, it is one of those garments that are a necessity! Go for a white shirt underneath that has no creases and a brown belt, along with brown shoes and your favorite navy or brown trousers. Mixing these colors will take away from your pale skin while bringing you the perfect business outfit.
  • Professional Bag: Keep the professional appearance going with a luxury leather bag to compliment it. Choosing a higher-end bag made from full-grain leather will ensure it remains looking professional for years to come. We recommend the range at Von Baer, who use premium vegetable-tanned certified Italian full-grain leather, the best you can buy.
No.1 Leather Briefcase from Von Baer Outsons
No.1 Leather Briefcase from Von Baer
  • Accessorize: Consider wearing headwear like hats, caps, or beanies for both fashion and sun protection. Sunglasses not only add style but also divert attention from your bald head. Scarves or bandanas tied around your head serve a dual purpose by adding color or patterns to your look and shielding your scalp from the sun. Also, earrings and necklaces can draw attention to your face, bringing a touch of sophistication. A stylish pair of eyeglasses can add character and charm to your face. Also, coordinate the rest of your outfit with items such as watches, bracelets, rings, and shoes to complete your stylish look.

Don’t hesitate to explore different fashion styles for your outfit of the day (OOTD). You can draw inspiration from fashion magazines, social media, and people around you. Feel free to express yourself through your chosen fashion style by choosing high-quality shoes, bags, accessories, and clothes.

4 Hairstyles That You Will Love

1. Bald Man Style With A Goatee

Bald Man Style With A Goatee
@Nartan Büyükyıldız via Unsplash

You will look better when you are full of confidence, no matter where you’re off to, no matter what you are wearing! In this case, you will look better with an oval-shaped head and a stubborn beard! The best part? You don’t have to use a heavy amount of product on your facial hair when styling it.

PS: Just with the help of a razor one will probably easily achieve this hairdo, as well as maintain it from time to time without the need to book a barber.

2. Handsome Bald Men Casual Style

Handsome Bald Men Casual Style
@cottonbro via pexels

Looking good has never been so easy. Also, dealing with balding does not have to get complicated or too hard. If you have a round face shape you will easily get the right look. This hairstyle can be wearable from day to day, and it would look the best with some facial hair. You will also love a casual leather jacket to fully embrace this vibe.

3. Bald Guy Style Light Complexion

Bald Guy Style Light Complexion
@Kindel Media via pexels

Your new hairdo will look pretty casual and sporty most of the time. It will also suit casual events the best. If you can’t find the perfect low-maintenance hair for the summer season, give this one a chance. It will look amazing all throughout the year, but especially during high heat. However, heads up when out in the sun! Always apply a moisturizer and an SPF even on top of your head, it will protect your skin from burning, and your scalp as well. You can also wear a baseball cap to fully protect yourself and your skin from high heat.

4. Bald Man In Suit

Bald Man In Suit
@Karolina Grabowska via pexels

Lastly, if you are still wondering how you’d look with low-maintenance hair and in a suit, this example shows it. You can get an amazing suit and make it work even with a pair of glasses. This hair will look great with some proper formal wear, just stay regular at your barber and embrace the cut every 3-4 weeks.

Famous Bald Actors For Your Inspiration

1. Dwayne Johnson Bald Head

Dwayne Johnson Bald Head
@”Dwayne Johnson” by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer  via WordPress

Dwayne Johnson only gets more & more buffed each year, as well as manly. He is like the vine – ages gracefully. At the age of 50, he is rocking his hairdo with confidence, and he looks attractive, no matter what he’s wearing or where he’s going. He is one of those men that will always look way better with a shaved head, and this is due to his ripped upper body and muscles that stand out even more.

2. Jason Statham Shaved Head

Jason Statham Shaved Head
@”Jason Statham -Toronto Int. Film Festival 2011 1588” by Marco Manna Photography via WordPress

Jason Statham is an English actor who has been killing the scene even at the age of 54. Jason has an amazing body for his age, and he is always playing huge and giant action movie roles. If he is one of your favorite actors and you like how he wears pretty much everything and anything, why not embrace this hair? This hair may take some time for you to get used to, but once you do, you will make it your favorite one due to its low maintenance.

3. Bruce Willis Bald Look

Bruce Willis
@Gage Skidmore via WordPress

Bruce Willis is 66 years old and is still shooting movies, not planning on stopping any time soon! He has been experiencing balding all his life but has embraced the journey along the way. If you think that you will look as good as you age, why not embrace the semi bald haircut? Hair loss does not have to be the worst thing in the world. Just say to yourself; If Bruce can look like this, why can’t I? 

On That Note

Now you know how to look good with a shaved head! However, would you be willing to experiment with any of these haircuts and give them a try? They are very easy to style and get, and the best part is knowing that you won’t be using a lot of hair-care products in the upcoming period! This also means that you will be saving a lot of money and time once you get this cut! Just make sure you find an amazing hairdresser that will give you the cut that suits you and consider some of our recommendations.

Need More Inspiration

Bald with Beard
@Bruno Salvadori via pexels
Awesome Bald style
@Luis Quintero via pexels
Bald fashion
@emre keshavarz via pexels
Bald in suit
@RODNAE Productions via pexels
Bald with eyeglasses
@Karolina Grabowska via pexels
Bald with White Beard
@Nicola Barts via pexels
On the beach
@abed albaset alhasan via pexels
Bald with in a suit and tie
@Dāvis Zariņš via pexels
Bald in a business attire
@cottonbro via pexels
Bald with a computer
@Ksenia Chernaya via pexels
Handsome Bald
@emre keshavarz via pexels

Feature image from Pexels

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