Your Guide to Spring Layering

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Knowing how to layer your clothing is a skill that all men need to master. When it comes to spring, the temperature can be unpredictable, so what better time to learn than now? Check out this guide on how to layer in spring. It will help you prepare for the indecisive weather and keep you looking stylish. 

It’s almost getting to that time of year again when winter is on its way out and we have to start thinking about spring. We know this is a bit of a dreaded thought for many as it seems like only yesterday it was Christmas, but the great thing about spring is that you can start to experiment with your wardrobe a little bit more.

Layering is a massive part of spring as it’s not cold enough to warrant a massive wintery coat, yet it isn’t warm enough to go without a lightweight jacket or add a few layers, either. When we say layering, we don’t mean putting every jumper you own on to keep warm like you do in winter – we mean something a little more stylish.

We’ve narrowed it down to four key places and occasions where you can experiment with layering: the pub, a spring walk, to the office and a casual day out. With our help, you’ll be layering in style in no time at all.

To the Pub

One of many men’s favourite pastimes is to travel down to the local and knock back a few pints after a long week at work. A lot of men would simply throw on whatever they want after they come in from the office, but not anymore; we’re here to tell you that you can go to the pub looking stylish and bang on trend. Even if only your mates see, it’ll still be worth it.

Try wearing a simple and classic white polo shirt underneath a jumper in a block colour. Blue or grey would work perfectly as white is a great base colour to work around. This also gives you an instantly smarter appearance, rather than wearing one or the other on their own. Teamed with a pair of raw denim jeans, such as a pair from Nudie, you’ll be kitted out with a perfectly comfortable and stylish feel.

We are big fans of our suede bomber which works for smart-casual outfits, for when you don’t want to dress up too much but you still want to make an effort. To top the look off, wear a pair of low top trainers or plimsolls in white to tie the whole look together. You’ll be looking stylish at the pub in no time at all.

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Spring Walks

One of the great things in spring is that you can finally go on a nice walk without perishing in the bitter cold and harsh winds that seem to torment us on a daily basis. Of course, when you’re walking around, whether it be in muddy fields or pounding the pavement in a bustling city, you want to be prepared and comfortable for what the day throws at you.

You can go for a casual shirt over the top, and whether it’s a plain number or maybe even a colour plaid job you’ll appreciate having that extra layer to wear over it. Team the two with a pair of good old raw denim jeans. A pair of slim fitting and versatile jeans will work with you no matter what the situation or occasion.

We all know the weather isn’t the most reliable thing here in the UK, so it’s always best to throw on a waterproof jacket or coat to keep you warm and dry when the inevitable rain does fall. Go for a neutral colour such as tan or beige so you can wear it with more pieces when the time calls for it. You’ll want a sturdy pair of boots on your feet as well, so pick wisely so you can ensure you have comfort and practicality.

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For The Office

When you’re off to work this spring you’ll want to keep warm and stylish at the same time. Living in London, we know all too well the trials and tribulations of getting on the tube in the morning when it’s packed to capacity, so, you’ll want to stay comfortable whilst battling for a seat. There is nothing worse than making the commute to work and getting all hot and stuffy before you even make it to your desk. No matter how many products you use, it stays with you for the rest of the day. The key is to not go overboard with the layers, as this will only add heat and make you hot and bothered when you’ve got someone’s armpit in your face.

Take a black, thin-ish jumper and put it on over the top – this creates an instantly smarter appearance that’s stylish and office appropriate. Teamed with a suit jacket over the top in black to finish off the torso, you’re halfway there.

Throw on a pair of black suit trousers to tie in with the jacket and to keep it smart and slip on a pair of penny loafers in black. A pair from G.H.Bass & Co is a classic option that will forever be a stylish piece of footwear to own as they go with pretty much anything you can throw at it.

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For a Casual Day

It’s those casual days that we all live for. We love it when we don’t have to conform to any work-appropriate attire and we can wear whatever we want. Even though you’ll probably be lazing around the house doing those odd jobs you’ve been putting off for a while, you can always have a cracking look to fall back on when you have no idea what to wear.

Go for a plain or even a striped T-shirt for a little bit of detail. A striped tee is a great way to start off any look as it’s classic and goes with a plethora of looks. Their regular fit and classic shape will only add to your wardrobe arsenal, so what could be better for spring?

Teamed with a pair of black slim-legged jeans to give you a more neutral tone to your look, you’ll be well on your way to a cracking outfit this spring. For your shoes, opt for something comfortable and that easily slips on and off. A pair of Vans is a fail-safe option that you’re guaranteed to get so many wears out of.

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Your Guide to Spring Layering

  • If you’re off to the pub, opt for a simple polo shirt with a jumper over the top. Team this with a pair of raw denim jeans and low top trainers for a classic and stylish look.
  • If you’re more a spring walks kind of guy then you’ll need to be practical as well. Go for a base layer of a plain white tee and throw over a plaid shirt for good measure. A pair of comfortable jeans and boots to give it that practical edge
  • If it’s the office where you’ll be spending most of your time, then go for something classic and work appropriate. Team a classic white button-down shirt with a black jumper over the top.
  • For a casual day out then go for something comfortable like a striped tee with a denim shirt over the top and a pair of slim fit jeans.

On That Note

Layering in spring isn’t as difficult as you’d first think as you can easily pull together four simple looks with ease and look stylish. It doesn’t matter where you’re going this season, you can always find a look that will suit you and your needs with ease. However you decide to layer your outfits this spring, always make sure you do it in style and hopefully, this guide on how to layer in spring would of helped you out no end. It doesn’t have to be a tricky task dressing yourself for the weather each morning if you know how to do it.

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