How to get Zac Efron’s Hair

by Jamie

Celebrities hairstyles are always useful if you’re in need of some inspiration. With his range of cuts and looks over the years, Zac Efron is the perfect guy to take some ideas from. We won’t cover Zac Efron’s young hairstyles, but let’s take a look at his recent, modern looks, from his classic defined quiff to his alternative textured cuts.

Zac Efron Hairstyles

Zac Efron Crewcut

Zac Efron’s long hair eventually got the chop and evolved into a masculine, simplistic crewcut. With its military beginnings and clean shape, the men’s crewcut has a no-nonsense vibe that’s ideal for those of you who don’t like messing about with their mane. Unlike many other celebrities who’ve tried to pull off the crewcut, Zac Efron makes the style work due to his strong jaw and thick hair, ensuring that the cut, despite the short length, still looks healthy and works with his face shape.

How to Style a Crewcut

It was a short-lived look, but it was definitely one of Zac Efron’s hairstyles that was the most successful, and it’s pretty easy to replicate. When it comes to men’s hairstyles the crew cut is one of the most manageable ones around, and it’s important to focus on how it’s cut rather than styled. 

The main thing you need to be careful of is getting the edges of the hair dead straight, ensuring you get a clean, structured finish. With a haircut this short you’ll easily be able to see uneven edges, so make sure your barber has a steady hand.

Zac Efron Curly Quiff

With Zac Efron’s naturally thick, yet manageable, hair it makes sense that he could pull off a messy, curly quiff. The quiff is a hairstyle that’s be modernised in various ways over the years, taking on different styles, from sleek and polished, to the messy, textured look that Efron made his own. Despite it being a statement cut, he didn’t go overboard with it, keeping the sides fairly long and the contrast between it and the fringe minimal.

How to Style a Curly Quiff

If you want to recreate this cut all you really need to keep in mind is this contrast in lengths. To create a quiff you need a decent amount of hair in the middle of your head, and shorter sides to help emphasise the length. If you’ve got naturally curly hair then use a hair mousse, when you’ve just jumped out the shower, to help define the curls. Then it’s just a matter of keeping it textured and in place with a good wax or gel.

Zac Efron Defined Quiff

For his red carpet looks Zac Efron’s short hair takes on a neater, more polished look, and the messy quiff gets slicked down into a classic, defined one. If you’ve got thick enough hair to pull off this look, however, then make sure your barber gently defines the shape of your hair, ensuring you’ve got enough to slick back, but that there’s still a contrast between the sides.

How to Style a Defined Quiff

If you’re wondering how to quiff men’s hair then it’s a good idea to keep the texture of your hair in mind. If you’ve got thick or curly hair that’s hard to keep in place, consider using a moisturising shampoo and conditioner and blow-drying your hair straight. This will make slicking it back that much easier, and as long as you’ve got a decent clay or wax you shouldn’t have too much trouble keeping your hair in place.

Zac Efron Textured Spikes

Similar to the messy style quiff, but with less of an obvious contrast, Zac Efron’s venture into spiked hair worked surprisingly well and avoided the overly gelled spikes that plagued the early 2000s. Men’s spike hairstyles cover a range of looks, but the ones that work the best are the softer, less defined cuts, and Zac Efron’s haircut allowed him to create exactly that.

How to Style Textured Spikes

To mimic the style you can work with something like hair wax or clay to create soft, yet defined, spikes. If you’re working with thin hair that likes to lie flat, use a volumising shampoo and blow-dry your hair upwards to give it some life. If you’ve got hair that’s never heard of the word flat, and tends to go all over the place, then it’s a good idea to add something like a curl control mousse into wet or damp hair to help add some extra hold.

Zac Efron Faux Hawk

The men’s faux hawk hairstyle is, in simple terms, just a mohawk but with longer sides. It’s a popular look due to its unique, yet not overly intense look, and when Efron wasn’t sporting gelled back hair with his classic quiff, he was giving this style a go. It’s a unique cut, and not for everyone, but it’s a great option to play around with if you’ve got a modern pompadour cut and feel like changing it up. 

How to Style a Faux Hawk

Men’s short faux hawk hairstyles have been in and out of popularity for years, and if you’re looking for a cut that’s can be changed up in various ways then it’s worth giving it a go. You’re going to need a strong enough wax to create the unique shape, or alternatively, you can go for a men’s short faux hawk where your barber can cut some definition so it’s easier to style.

Then it’s just a matter of getting a thin layer of product over your palms and shaping your hair upwards into the desired shape. Just be prepared for some restyling throughout the hair, especially if you’re working with thick hair.

How to get Zac Efron’s Hair

  • Crewcut – Works with a strong jaw and thick hair. Make sure your barber gets the edges of the hair straight and even.
  • Curly Quiff – Contrast is the main focus. Keep your fringe textured with a good wax or clay.
  • Textured Spikes – Don’t make the spikes too defined, and create a softer look instead.
  • Faux Hawk – Find a strong product to create a clean, defined shape.

On That Note

Looking at Zac Efron then and now you can see how much his style has changed, and how a little bit of product can make a world of difference. He’s embraced the thickness of his hair and only chosen hairstyles that have been able to compliment the texture.

The right product can change up a simple haircut, and Zac Efron has managed to create everything from a sleek quiff to a spiked hairstyle from very similar cuts. The key is to toe the line between modern and classic, creating looks that don’t look crazed or out of place, but that still have a unique edge.

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