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How to Get the Scandinavian Style for Men

by Jamie Wilson
Scandinavian Style for Men

The Scandinavian style is one of the most popular trends from the last few seasons. Characterised by a minimalist aesthetic and neutral tones, it can be worn all year. Here’s how to get the ultimate Scandi look. 

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian Style
@Rodrigo Sümmer via Unsplash

Scandinavia’s lessons in dressing have influenced stylish males all over the world. From boxy silhouettes to delicate cuts, the Scandinavian style has become the quick route to modernising your wardrobe. With the trend making an in impact in menswear since the beginning of 2016, this minimal look is great and fairly easy for every man. So, read on if you’re wondering how to dress like a Scandinavian.

Redefining denim and providing men with a new persona of dressing, the Scandinavian trends are sure to become timeless. With the brands Wood Wood, Nudie and Selected Homme at the heart of it, we’ve decided to give you the definitive guide for the trend.

Scandinavian Fashion

Scandinavian Fashion
@Tyler Nix via Unsplash

Scandinavian guys have started this North European way of dressing which has trickled far from the catwalks to the streets. Featuring easy-going garments with a touch of tech fabric and modernised construction, the Scandinavian dressing is slowly merging into a new chapter of menswear. Praised for creating brands such as Acne (Ambition to Create Novel Expressions) and Wood Wood, it’s essentially become timeless and unique to the street-style era.

Modernising staple pieces such as bomber jackets, jeans, T-shirts, and accessories, it’s unthinkable to think what Scandinavian men’s fashion hasn’t tapped into. While premium streetwear has become a must-have, we decided to dig deep into the Scandi style and create an exclusive, definitive guide on how to keep it simple and effortlessly stylised.

How to Get the Scandi Style

So, do you fancy taking a dip in the Scandi routes, but don’t know where to start? No stress, because we have hand-picked the key staple pieces you will be needing this season. Whether you need a fresh look for work, or you’re on the hunt to update your wardrobe, here is your definitive guide on how to get the Scandi style.

Wood Wood

Wood Wood
@Marwan Ahmed via Unsplash

They have proved that sportswear and workwear are an absolutely possible combination. Wood Wood is the premium street brand for any stylised male and it is at the heart of the Scandi takeover. Filling the gap for men who adore contemporary fashion, prints, and laid-back shapes, we can say the brand is essentially timeless. Wood Wood is a brand to watch for introducing nordic detailing into your style.

Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans
@sour moha via Unsplash

Carefully constructed denim has been built in the heart of Sweden since 2001. Nudie Jeans is your denim-hotspot for dominating the Scandinavian flare. With its dynamic aesthetic between seasons and strict rules to brand image, it has grown into one of the biggest transparent denim brands around. While the brand’s values and image puts it at the top of the jeans game, Nudie Jeans has an understanding of how jeans are men’s best friend. Offering free repair services for your beloved denim, you cannot go wrong nabbing a pair of these in one of their many styles.

Selected Homme

Known as the superior brand in the Nordic circle, Selected Homme is the hotspot for all of your wardrobe needs. From formalwear to lightweight jackets for the springtime, Selected Homme is the key to elevating your wardrobe. Now sold in 25 countries across the globe, the brand has evidently become the front face of Scandinavian style.

Garment Projects

The powerhouse proving that less is absolutely more. Specializing in classic trainer models such as low-rise, plimsol, and high-top, Garment Projects is the contemporary label for your feet. Established in 2013, it seems the Danish brand stepped into the game at the right time, filling the void of our Scandinavian needs.


Levi's Scandinavian Men
@Brooke Cagle via Unsplash

Born in America and raised around the world, Levi’s is a brand which is adored globally, especially by our Scandi counterparts. Shaping the way we wear denim with its rich history and careful construction, Levi’s is a label which is a quick route to the Nordic style. When reworking your denim and doubling up, Levi’s is our Editors pick which successfully creates the Scandi style effortlessly. With a range of matching denim jackets and jeans from Levi Vintage or original Levi’s, you are quite literally spoilt for choice when creating your Scandinavian look.

Scandinavian Men

Apart from the rules of dressing, creating the Scandinavian fashion is a work of art. Yes, it’s simple, but trust us, it’s a lot more than just throwing on a T-shirt and jeans. With simple cut, lean-shapes typically designed around the Scandinavian man, the modern nordic-clothing is a perfect example of easy-going cross sophisticated. Yes, the garments are simple – classics even – but with a focus on fabrics such as cashmere, lambswool, and Egyptian cotton, it’s the effortless sophistication of menswear.

Taking a look at the street-style giants of Scandinavia, the way to dress is to keep your look minimal and yet with a subtle influence of trends. From Copenhagen to Oslo fashion week, it’s sure to become a trend for this season.

How to Dress Scandinavian

Scandinavian Men
@Mariya Georgieva via Unplash

Challenging the essence of the norm, dressing Scandinavian follows a few simple rules. 1) No clashing of prints, 2) keep your silhouettes as contemporary as you can, 3) stick to your colour palettes being consistently neutral.

The beauty of Scandinavian style is that whatever you decide to throw on, your outfit will always match. While it gives you the opportunity to play around with textures, keeping to a consistent neutral colourway is sure to keep your look on-check, especially in those early morning rushes. With home-grown brands such as Our Legacy, Norse Projects, and J.Lindberg, there is a modern look which is versatile and effortless for every occasion.

Scandinavian Fashion: Rework the Denim

Scandi’s love for denim is a prime example of why they’re aesthetic in dressing has become so easy to incorporate. The American-born fabric has become a timeless element to our wardrobes. From skinny jeans to jackets.

For that, we totally get why it plays a huge part in dressing for the modern Scandinavian. Stepping away from the norm, Scandi style brings denim to a whole new light. Reworked, rough, raw, doubling up or clean-cut, whatever you want to call it, Scandi’s take on denim is about reworking against the ordinary. For the minimal edge, always opt for more contemporary shapes and designs of denim, such as boxy, elevated and a touch of simplistic detailing.

When it comes to keeping your look modernised, be careful about what you opt for. Denim waistcoats, blazers and mixing light wash with dark wash are best to stay clear of. You need to keep your look effortlessly ‘cool’ – so when investing in some denim to spruce up your wardrobe, always opt for staple pieces, such as western jackets, shirts, and jeans.

Scandi Style: Double Denim

Scandinavian Denim
@Mark West via Unsplash

If you are wanting to keep your ‘rework’ of denim safe, then we advise sprucing up your denim jacket by doubling up. Focusing on the brand Levi’s (who love to double denim), this look is easy to pull off from winter to summer. With the Autumn/Winter 16 trend of a borg collar, this look doesn’t have to leave you looking too simple. Adding the extra Danish details of a Wood Wood beanie and trainers, it’s like you stepped straight outta’ Stockholm. If doubling up your blues doesn’t take your fancy then try wearing a jacket with some classic black jeans. The contrast in colour is perfect for bringing some balance to your outfit and makes the double denim appear less over the top.

Scandinavian Fashion: Keeping it Minimal

Minimal Denim
@Joanna Nix-Walkup via Unsplash

We can’t stress enough that less is more. From your colour palette to accessories, be selective on what you put together. The secret to building an outfit around simplicity is to always focus on key staple items which flow throughout every season. Avoid seasonal colours, prints, and heavy detailing.

Keep your accessories simple and your look clean-cut. Evidentially, drifting away from trend-driven items can be a long-term benefit to your wardrobe. Going for minimal is just a fancy word for timeless, so whatever you choose to opt for, expect your look to take you through any season.

Nordic Style Clothing

The Nordic sports-luxe bomber jacket is perfect for layering your smart casual outfit during the autumn months. Try combining one with some navy chinos and a crisp white Oxford shirt for a versatile outfit. If you’re looking for something a bit less casual, then we’ve got you covered. Famous for the minimalist aesthetic, the Scandi look works perfectly with suits and formal wear. Try combining a simple blue suit with some dark brown shoes.

Scandinavian Fashion: Experiment With Your Shoe Choice

When building your look, have a little fun and experiment with your shoe choices. Rather than opting for classic shoes such as brogues and loafers try wearing some more casual styles. Dr Martens, Asics, Garment Projects and Clarks Originals are just a few brands that fit the bill when completing your Scandinavian look. When deciding on a shoe, opting for a trainer will always enhance any sports-luxe look, elevating a premium streetwear vibe. Or, if you want to add an edge to your outfit, don’t be afraid to step into a pair of Dr Marten classics.

Scandi Style: Focus on the Shoes

The key to how to look Scandinavian is getting the whole look right. While the perfect Nordic look is built around limited detailing and block colours, this doesn’t mean your feet have to be too. Opting for a street style classic like some Old Skool Vans can effortlessly spruce up any look. Combining them with a Nordic overcoat is perfect for creating a smart casual outfit.

How to Get the Scandinavian Style

  • Play around with classic garments. If the temperature drops, don’t be afraid to wear your hoodie with a bomber or even an overcoat.
  • Layering. Layering your clothing is key to getting the Scandinavian style.
  • Don’t worry about coordinating. As a lot of brands focus on neutral tones it’s easy to mix and match pieces.
  • When buying into the Nordic style and brands, always remember you are buying into the quality fabric and design. For that, we say don’t be afraid to break the bank a little on a simple sweatshirt.
  • No matter what your style is, introducing small doses of the Scandi style is always sure to spruce up your wardrobe.

On That Note

We can definitely say the Scandi style has bossed the menswear market for this year. From trickling bit by bit on the catwalk and challenging the norm, it’s become a way of dressing which is sure to rack-up any male’s wardrobe. Neutral tones, lean shapes and staple designs, we can say it’s a win/win investment. So, whether you are in need of a new winter coat or wanting to elevate your basics, take a page out the Nordic book to keep you looking sharp this autumn.

Feature image from Unsplash

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