How to Get the Preppy Look

by JJ

Get the preppy look this season by following this simple style guide. You’ll be looking stylish rather than Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

The preppy look has been around for a long time. It started out during the 50s and 60s America when the Ivy League Universities were in their prime. Students from all over the world went to study and developed their own personal style that resonated with them.

Forget Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and start thinking of a more toned down version without the checkered jackets and dickie bow. Try wearing a crisp white button down shirt, such as this one from Bellfield with a knitted jumper over the top. Seeing as it’s winter you can start layering to keep that valued warmth in, so you can team the shirt and jumper combo with a blazer or overcoat, something a little smarter than normal to keep that preppy aesthetic alive.

How to Sport the Preppy Style Like a Pro

Team the shirt and jumper with a pair of jeans, but go for a darker rinsed pair such as these Edwin beauties. Slim in the leg to give a better shape without them being skin tight and cutting off the blood circulation in your legs.

For the ultimate in preppy throw on a pair of boat shoes. These ones from Timberland are spot on, with a thicker sole they will see you through the winter with no bother, and, they’re a pair of shoes you can invest in as they’ll see you through the summer as well.

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