How to Get Ryan Gosling’s Haircut

by Jamie

One of Hollywood’s most sought-after leading men, the talents of Ryan Gosling go further than making his living as an award-winning actor. Known for films such as Drive, The Notebook and Crazy, Stupid, Love, the longstanding heartthrob is also a great source of style inspiration. Ryan Gosling has gone through more hairstyles than most, so let’s take a look at how you can get some of his best cuts. 

Ryan Gosling Haircuts

Starting his career at the Disney Channel’s The Mickey Mouse Club as a Mouseketeer, the 36-year-old Canadian is now deemed a trendy, attractive film star, and when you have the talent, the looks and the hair of Ryan Gosling, it’s no wonder that everyone wants to be like him. Realistically, becoming someone else is never going to happen, but taking inspiration from icons and people who are constantly in the public eye is a good place to start if you want to change your look.

Ryan Gosling Haircuts Through the Years

Like many notorious movie stars spending most of their lives in front of a camera, Ryan Gosling’s look has been analysed with a fine tooth comb, and, despite being very talented and very wealthy, he has had his fair share of bad hair days.

Nevertheless, particularly from his most well-known films, a number of pivotal hairstyles and cuts have been born over the years. From chick flick classics to award-winning thrillers, there are dozens of films that have let Gosling experiment with different styles and cuts.

Ryan Gosling Hairstyle – Current

This current signature hairstyle of Ryan Gosling isn’t anything overly complicated, and the classic side swept look is one that Gosling expertly rocks and has done for some time. For those of you with naturally straight hair, this is a style that can easily be copied for its need to be kept as smooth as possible to work successfully.

Also, gifted with those bright blue eyes, Gosling has generally kept with an earth brown and blonde palette for his hair, allowing the two to compliment one another, enhancing any chosen hairstyle and facial hair combination to the fullest.

Ryan Gosling – Long Hair

Take yourselves back to 2004, the year that The Notebook came out, and alongside the sobbing women, you may recall Ryan Gosling with long hair. Unstructured layered locks teamed with a full beard are the epitome of a relaxed hairstyle, and barely effort to achieve. In fact, the only thing it does need to achieve this look is time (heartbreak and experience of living South Carolina during World War II are not necessary).

Although, due to the sheer amount of hair, the maintenance of it all can be a little high compared to other styles. Avoiding hair look greasy and keeping all stray hairs in check means that washing and regular trims – for both the hair and beard – are needed to keep it all in shape and to not give off the impression that you really don’t care about the way your hair looks.

Ryan Gosling Haircut – Drive

Unofficially deemed as the ‘Driver’ and seen as a twist on the classic hairstyle of Steve McQueen, this hairstyle is seen to work on nearly any face shape. An overall low maintenance choice, this cut can last anywhere between 6 – 10 weeks without needing to return to the barber, depending on how comfortable you feel moving further away from a crisp fade.

This hair style particularly takes advantage of the Gosling parting, which holds strong on the left-hand side, differing from McQueen’s parting, which was usually on the right. When it comes to getting clipped, it is important to have some texture cut in to avoid hair either looking too flat or too bulky and this will also ensure longevity as it starts to grow out. If you prepared to return to the barbershop more frequently and want to opt for a modern twist on the look, the back and sides can be clean cut with a fade into the top.

Ryan Gosling Comb Over

Now, the phrase “comb over” may not shout out style, and is often associated with middle-aged men in denial over losing their hair. However, Gosling is helping to bring this look back into fashion and the modern gent. Due to the control it has over the hair, the comb over can be a great way to smarten up a look.

Perfect for a formal occasion, this hairstyle helps to emphasise the parting and creates a sleek finish. Start with a minimal amount of pomade or wax and gradually dispense it through your hair, adding more if your hair needs a stronger hold.

Ryan Gosling Haircut – Crazy Stupid Love

Although it can’t be guaranteed that adopting this hairstyle will make you an instant ladies man, the sheer simplicity of this Ryan Gosling hairstyle makes it an instant classic and, because of this, it remains both timeless and constantly on trend.

This is a relatively traditional hairstyle, and in barber lingo is essentially a cross between a “gentleman’s cut” and a “crew cut”. In terms of length, it is best to stick with either a 3 or 4 on the sides and about an inch and a half or two on top, but this can depend on what you’re used to and how thick your hair is.

How to Get Ryan Gosling’s Haircut

  • Keep it simple and classic.
  • Stick to your chosen colour palette to avoid any expensive surprise trips to the barbers.
  • The key to Ryan Gosling’s hair is the parting; make sure you keep it looking sharp.
  • Choose a good brand of hair pomade or matt clay for styling.
  • Wash your hair regularly to avoid build up of product.
  • Think about how you can style your outfits to suit your hairstyle.

On That Note

Wanting to change your hairstyle can be a big deal, especially when you don’t know which look to go for. But, as Ryan Gosling has clearly shown, experimenting is the first step to finding a great look for you. Following the style evolution of the actor while focusing on his current classic look and keeping things simple, you are sure to find a style that suits you and carries the Gosling goodness all in one.

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