How to Get Justin Bieber’s haircuts – Every Major Style Covered!

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Justin Bieber's Hair at the VMAs Has Us Scratching Our Heads

Growing up in the spotlight, Justin Bieber has pulled of many looks, including his iconic purple hoodies, sweeping fringe and more recently the peroxide blonde hair. Some of them have worked, and some definitely haven’t, but we all make mistakes at some point. Unfortunately for him, Bieber’s have all been there for us to see.


Beiber has come a long way since he was first spotted fresh-faced at the age of 12 on Youtube. The singer, now very much grown up, is no longer just an icon that girls scream over. He’s become a guy that most people actually (although sometimes secretly) want to look like. Recording and performing songs with Nicki Minaj, David Guetta, Big Sean amongst many means the singer has definitely made a statement on the word. As one of the few stars that came into the music industry so young, us as the public have been able to see the evolution of Justin Bieber, his teenage transformations and his many hairstyles.

You may not want to go for his iconic Baby haircut, but as he’s grown older he’s definitely gained more and more attention for his looks (if that was even possible). Bieber’s had a fair amount of hairstyles, so if you’re after some inspiration or want to see how the star has gone from baby to adult, here are his top hair styles and what we think about them. Get ready for some major judging.

Justin Bieber Haircut

Let’s take it back to where it all began. The iconic and probably most remembered haircut has to be Justin’s bowl like, sweeping fringe haircut. The signature hair flick was definitely an important part of the mix that made him rise to fame so quickly. Armed with purple hoodies and ridiculously smooth looking hair, the teenage star began his journey into becoming an adult in the limelight.



Justin Bieber Short Hair

As Justin Bieber grew up, his hair got shorter as he got taller. He couldn’t have the long hair forever (especially given its infamy), so when he first debuted his new short haircut the world, the major fan girls went a bit crazy. This was a good look for Bieber, short on the sides and longer on top. A standard haircut that worked really well for the star, it’s fairly easy to look after and makes his face look older.

If you’re feeling this Bieber look, your barber should know what to do, and when it comes to styling it, a small amount of wax, clay or pomade on the top will create some texture without looking like you’ve gelled it up like Jay from the Inbetweeners. The product you use will depend on your hair type as clay and pomades work best for thicker hair and a light wax will look better on thinner hair.



Justin Bieber Quiff

Even with shorter hair, the style didn’t just stay the same. Justin Bieber’s hair gained some volume and the quiff was a style that he was now pulling off. Still fairly short around the sides, it’s a style that’s easy to take care of. However when it comes to the quiff, some wax applied to damp hair and then blow dried back will help you achieve this look. It’s pretty simple when you know what you’re doing, but it may take some trial and error to get the quiff height how you want.


Justin Bieber Long Hair

Justin Bieber is now hitting the end of his teens and entering his 20’s and as always his hair’s changing with him. Long, blonde and a bit messy, his next style is one that you either love or hate. Not many people can pull off dyed blonde locks but if you have a similar skin tone to Bieber then it could work well for you. As always it’s short round the sides, but this time much more on the top. It’s too long to style in a quiff so leaving it natural is the way forward.



Justin Bieber Dread Locks

Up until now Justin Bieber’s hair has been alright. He’s not made any major mistakes or embarrassed himself with bad cuts and colours (thank god the blonde worked well). But we can’t speak too soon, because Justin Bieber’s dreads were a massive no. There was a lot in the press about the cut and a large amount of backlash from fans when they first saw a picture of Bieber’s new dreads.

As much Justin’s fans love him, they were straight away calling him out for cultural appropriation, as to many African Americans, dreads are a hairstyle that represents a reclamation of black identity. Justin Bieber’s dreads weren’t greatly received, so they lasted only a small section of 2016. Probably for the best.


Justin Bieber’s Man Bun

The not so great hairstyles continued throughout 2016, and most of Justin Bieber’s looks weren’t something to shout about. So, there’s not really much to say here, other than the man bun is definitely not a style that Justin shouldn’t try again soon. The longer fringe works for him, but when it’s tied up in a miniature bun, it’s not so good. Definitely time to quickly move on to the next one for Biebs.


Justin Bieber Blonde Hair

After cutting off those dreaded dreads and getting rid of the bun, Justin has gone back to blonde but this time with a shorter version. The messy, shorter style is one that should stay for a while, but who knows when the star will next change up the style. Blonde seems to be Justin Bieber’s hair of 2017 and it’s a good one.

If you want to copy this look, you’ll probably need to get it cut more often than some other styles and unless you’re naturally blonde, going to a hairdresser is the better bet when it comes to dying your hair. Peroxide blonde is a hard colour to dye anyway, so doing it yourself could end up going very badly.


Evolution Of Justin Bieber’s Haircuts

  • Justin Bieber has had many styles, most of them he’s been able to pull off but like the rest of us, there’s been some disasters.
  • The iconic sweeping fringe is by far the most remembered Bieber look, however the star has grown up and is now sporting all kinds of styles.
  • Justin Bieber’s short haircuts and quiffs was a time when he played it safe and kept his natural hair colour.
  • Blonde doesn’t suit everyone but it definitely looks good on Justin. Long or short, blonde has worked well for the singer so far (minus the bun and dreads, obviously).


On That Note

So there we have it, Justin Bieber has transformed before our very eyes. From young boy to ambitious adult, Bieber has gone through a transition of haircuts, styles and colours. As the star continues to make music, it doesn’t look like he’ll be off our screens anytime soon, so who knows what his next hairstyle will be.

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