How to Get a Bohemian Style

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

One key look that many men want to achieve is the bohemian style. It’s cool, laid back and comfortable but still has a certain element of stylishness to it. This look is more about your attitude rather than specific wardrobe additions but there’s a few things you can add to your collections to help you nail this effortless style. Let’s jump into it.

Get Printed

First off, you’re gonna want some prints, key to the bohemian look. We’re not talking logos, stripes or brands, go for florals, bandana and interesting geometrics this one from yours truly. This is quite a playful style so nothing too corporate or overly formal should be seen here.  This may take a bit of getting used to for a lot of you but if you get the following points right, it will all be a shed load easier.

 Get Lighter

This isn’t about dropping a few bounds, it’s about going for lighter colourways. Pale blue jeans, brighter shirts and deeper coloured accessories are what make this look far more approachable. You want to stay away from monochrome outfits and having too many browns and dark tones in your outfit. Keep things light and relaxed.

Get Accessories

Usually we would say don’t go overboard on the finishing touches to your outfits but that goes out of the window here. This is where you’ll be adding most of the personality and uniqueness to the style. Go for hats, necklaces, rings, bracelets, bandanas and scarves a pivotal look to the bohemian style. Again, not all at once, but two or three at a time should do the trick. And don’t make them too premium, we’re looking for leather bracelets, rope necklaces with a pendant and anything with an air of individuality about it.

Get Suede

Your bombers, peacoats, overcoats and parkas aren’t really going to work on this one. You wanna head for suede jackets, possibly with some shearling if you’ve got it. Again this adds to the relaxed feel of the look and offers a little more personality to it as well – exactly what we’re looking for in this look.

Get Lazier

This doesn’t mean start sitting on your arse for days on end and obstaining from a good shower. It means being a little more lax with the ironing, opt for comfier footwear with the laces undone, let your accessories hang off you in a more care-free fashion and don’t buy everything to fit you perfectly. Obviously don’t do all these things at once or it’s going to be really hard to make it look stylish. Just a couple of these at once and you’ll give off a much more relaxed vibe.

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