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How to Fade Your Own Hair In 3 Simple Steps!

by Jamie Wilson
Fade Your Own Hair

A fade haircut is one of the most subtle yet stylish haircuts that guys can do & ask for. If you’ve had it with your salon visitations and you are trying to take some matters in your own hands, you will love this article! We will teach you all about the right cuts, trim options, as well as professional tools which you should own & use every time you get a haircut. If you are ready to switch up your haircuts and you want to know the step-by-step guide, keep on reading!

How Do You Fade Your Hair For Beginners?

Unfortunately, it can be hard to cut your hair since you can’t see your entire head, even when you use a mirror. The process is tricky, but make sure you have a mind of steel as well as a steady hand and you will get the right cut. Also, be ready for some slight mistakes, as well as uneven layers since you can’t get the perfect hair in your first try. Read through our guide and make sure you incorporate all of our tips & tricks!

How to Blend Hair with Clippers?

  • Always start at the side; do one side and then gradually pass onto the other. Lastly, finish off the back and connect both of these sides together.
  • You will probably experience & notice that one side is shorter than the other. This is when you’ll use a lower clipper guard to even it out and to cut to the right length.
  • Connect your sideburns along with your hair.
  • Try to get someone to help you with the back. If not, use an additional (larger mirror) and work inch by inch until you become confident enough in your skills and in your cut.

Different Fade Hairstyles

When trying to do a fade hair cut it is important to do your search & research in order to end up with the perfect cut for your hair texture, type, length & thickness. Therefore, consider doing any of the following haircuts:

1. Long Hair Fade

1 Haircut2 Outsons

If your hair is a bit longer and you are trying to achieve the perfect clipper haircut make sure you comb it out slowly. Then lift the clippers after each time you drag them through your hair. Comb out to see how much material you’ve actually cut out.

2. Short Fade Haircut

1 Short fade Outsons

Men who love a short fade should think of all the different hairstyles that they can get. You can also go or a taper cut, buzz cut, or a side cut detail. If this seems way too complicated start out slow – keep your locks moisturized with water as you’re cutting them. Brush them out every time you cut and finish off with some clay that will give you that amazing hold.

3. Temple Fade

1 Temple fade Outsons

It is important to line-up your temples. This cut usually emphasizes every men’s head shape and leaves it looking square-like. You can achieve this look only with a pair of clippers with a #2 guard. Leave your scissors aside, and let the magic begin!

4. Skin Fade

1 Skin cut Outsons

A skin fade means leaving a bit of your hair on the upper portion but still have short hair on the sides. In order to do this you should cut the top at a 90-degree angle. Comb it out and set with a gel. When it comes to the sides, make them short with a pair of clippers and a #0 or #1 guard.

5. Shadow Fade

1 Shadow cut Outsons

Achieve the shadow fade easily if you prefer that gradual & simple fade. Use the #3 guard on top, and finish off the look with clippers on the side as well. However, use the number #2 right around the forehead area, and gradually fade it out with a #1.

6. Mid Fade

1 Mid fade Outsons

A mid fade can be a bit harder to achieve since you are dealing with more hair all over the head. Since it is a medium it means that it should slowly fade into the highest portion on the top. This length is cut & styled with scissors, while the lower parts are done with #3, #2 and #0 guards.

What Hair Clippers Do Professionals Use?

Top 5 Must-Have Hair Styling Products & Items

1 Hairdresser Outsons

Your barber probably has his own little professional kit which is filled with all the right set of products, right? Well, if you want to copy his kit, make sure it is filled with:

  • Scissors – cutting longer hair is always done with a pair of scissors. Make sure you have the right size (don’t buy cheap, small & low-quality kind) and always take proper care of your hair.
  • Cordless hair clippers – this kind is mostly used by professional hairdressers since it allows them to work with many different hairstyles, freely, and without the cord. Hair clippers are also a must-have for anyone who is transitioning from short hair into super short, defined & faded cuts. It is also a staple for men who have bald heads or who prefer no facial hair.
  • Handheld mirror – this way you will be able to see your own reflection without moving around too much. Make sure you always have a small, petite, cordless & practical mirror to check-up on your hair.
  • Nourishing conditioner – a high-quality conditioner does wonders for many different hairstyles. If you are into styling your hair but also letting it grow out, make sure you go on a search for your perfect product! Your hair should be moisturized & shiny 24/7, therefore this should be your priority.
  • Hair gel or pomade – your hair needs moisture & a good hold. The best way to make any short or long haircuts stand out & stay in place is with a high-quality gel or pomade. Run the product through your hair and make sure you set your strands in place. Redo this process every 2-3 days. Don’t apply too much since it can dry out your hair. PS: The search for your perfect hair gel can take a while, so be patient.

On That Note

Whether you’re going for a zero fade haircut or you are actually starting to grow out your sides & you are trying to create a bit more length – know that a fade can look good, always. It is a classic style that never goes out of fashion, and is one of those hairstyles which men love to get for both formal & casual events. If you’ve read through our article make sure you let us know some of your favorite haircuts, as well as some tips & tricks when it comes to fade or taper haircuts.

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