How to Dress When You First Meet Her Parents

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Congrats, you’ve managed to find the perfect girl! Everything is going well, you’ve met the best friend, and you have her sister’s approval. But the biggest milestone is up next; you need to meet the parents… Nervous? We get it, but there’s no need to be, with a bit of research and a little help from our guide, you’ll be looking dapper and trustworthy in no time.

Partner’s relatives vary widely from household to household and culture to culture, but the majority of the time they won’t be against you and more often than not will warm to you easily, but dressing right can help. If you’re relaxed and happy in your garbs, your confidence will follow.


Let’s start with your shirt. You want to look smart, but not head-to-toe office wear. Keep it simple. Logos or slogans are a no-no, but you want to have an air of personality, too. A long sleeve pale shirt with a little pattern (don’t go overboard) will do the trick.

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Up next is a blazer. Again, keep it casual. It doesn’t have to be fitted or part of a suit, but a muted colour is a must. Invest in your blazer as this is often the stand-out piece of your look and a good fabric is key – no one looks good in polyester.


Style can lead to success when it comes to meeting her parents for the first time, but make sure you also do your homework in advance. Looking great can help you make a great first impression, but if you have nothing to bring to the table, it can backfire. So, swot-up on her parents. What do they do for a living? What are their interests? Do you have anything in common with them? But just as importantly, what topics to avoid. No one likes an awkward moment.


Trousers are a little easier to suss, a pair of jeans or chinos is fine if you’re teaming it with a smart shirt, as this keeps the look casual and less threatening. We’re donning a pair of Edwin ED80 12.5oz Sonic Light Washed Slim Tapered Jean for that off-duty suave finish, but if you want the look to feel more tailored, make sure you opt for a pair of Selected Calvin Chinos.



Your whole outfit can fall apart on this decision. The right pair of kicks can bring your whole look together. So, ditch your usual treads for a pair of smart suede loafers. We’re not talking wedding shoes, but your usual runners won’t cut the mustard. We’re slipping on leather brogues or a pair of chukkas with a retro twist, both will leave you looking effortlessly cool and considered.


Finishing Touches

So, hopefully this should fill your mind with ideas and tips to nail the look. Accessories are up to you, play around with your own sense of style, but slipping on a pair of Ray Bans will finish off a trendy look no-end. Just remember the winning formula; keep things sophisticated and stylish, but with an individual edge.


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