How to Dress Like Motorcycle Hardman Jax Teller

by Jamie

With the classic show still high up on the list of must-see TV, and inspiring men all over the world to embrace the biker look, Sons of Anarchy has impacted more than just channel ratings in its seven-year run. With a prequel to the series a rumour on the wind, we thought we’d revisit the style of the most famous character, and leader of the famous fictional biker gang, Jax Teller, to discover what made him quite so iconic.

Sons of Anarchy Leather Jacket

It’s almost a given that if you want to achieve the biker look you’ll have to invest in a leather jacket somewhere down the road. Admittedly Jax Teller prefers a good leather vest rather than a jacket, but if you’re looking for something a little more versatile that still gives off the same kind of vibe, then a jacket is a good alternative.

Leather jackets are obviously common in biker gangs due to their sturdy material, and traditional heritage, with James Dean donning one in the classic movie, Rebel Without a Cause, leather jackets soon became the uniform for the rebellious. Get yourself a typical V-shaped collar design, and if you’re a fan of the style, go for a jacket with added zips, studs and detailing to add some extra character.

Sons of Anarchy Vest

If you really want to embrace the full Jax Teller style then you’ve got to forget about sleeves and go for the vest, or gilet look. It’s probably his most common piece of clothing and he’s rarely seen without it. Despite his having the iconic ‘President, Men of Mayhem’ inscribed on the front, your gilet can take on a less biker gang look. Go for a leather one if you like the style, but a regular cotton one will do the trick and still have that understated, tough-wearing look.

Sons of Anarchy Shirts

Jax Teller’s blue flannel shirt has become one of his trademark pieces, and, despite it staying clear of the typical biker gear, it manages to elude an effortless style that helps its wearer mix style and attitude together.

Although you’ll only be able to get the original shirt on Ebay (the costume designer for the show, Kelli Jones, designed the unique print and created just 400), the plaid shirt is something that’s been around for years, and you can easily get a similar style. Keep your look laid back by rolling up your sleeves and letting your shirt hang loose over your jeans.

Sons of Anarchy Hoodies

When he’s not donning the plaid shirt, Jax Teller’s often seen with his equally casual hoodies, ignoring the California heat and either wearing it alone or layered under his leather vest. He generally keeps the look simple, opting for a plain or minimal design in a black or navy, and pairing it with a simple pair of jeans.

There’s not really a set rule on how to wear a hoodie, as it’s one of the most relaxed clothing pieces around. However, in general, it’s better to get one that fits relatively close to the body, is long enough in the arm and finishes in the middle of your jean zip. This just ensures that it looks the best it can, while still maintaining an easy, casual finish.

Sons of Anarchy Jeans

The men of Sons of Anarchy don’t really do the whole skinny jeans thing, and instead, prefer the looser style of straight leg jeans. They leave the wearer with more space to move around, and this is pretty much a must when you’re veering around on a bike all day.

Although Jax Teller’s jeans tend to go to the extreme side of bagginess, you don’t have to go that far, and a simple pair of raw denim straight leg jeans will give the same unstructured look, without fear of you tripping up.

Sons of Anarchy Shoes

When you’re in a biker gang flimsy little plimsolls just aren’t going to crack it, and what you really need are some sturdy, no-nonsense boots. With practicality taking more priority over style, you want your boots to be the kind of shoes that can live through pretty much anything, and this ideally means a good lace up design that will support your foot and ankle.

Dr Marten’s are the classic brand to go to, with their boots lasting generations if they’re properly cared for while looking good in both their box fresh look and their worn in style.

However, Jax Teller likes to defy conventions, and although boots are a big part of biker footwear, he enjoys a good pair of sneakers now and then as well. Embracing the California vibe yet again, Jax Teller’s shoes steer clear of the heavy look and he goes for a clean, bold look with white trainers, letting them peak through the ends of his baggy blue jeans. It’s the epitome of casual wear, and, if you pull it off right, can really give your look an effortlessly relaxed vibe.

Sons of Anarchy Glasses

You can’t tear across the highway on your bike, enjoying the speed of your motor, all the while squinting and trying to duck out of the way of the sunlight. This kind of ruins the whole biker look, and will probably result in you being mercilessly mocked if you don’t end up crashing into the front of a truck.

Grab some sunglasses and save yourself the pain. Jax Teller tends to keep his glasses as understated as possible, with their narrow frame giving him a defined, clean look. Ignore bold colour, unique shapes and anything with too much detailing and keep it simple instead.

Sons of Anarchy Rings

Jax Teller likes to keep things understated, expect when it comes to his jewellery. Despite the fact that he’s not donning diamantes his rings are still bold and in your face pieces, that aren’t meant to blend in. This is something that you have to have confidence with, and definitely not something you can wear all the time.

A chunky skull ring is not going to go with that nice oxford shirt and chinos outfit, so make sure the rest of your outfit is understated and casual. Jax Teller’s rings are usually found in specialised stores that embrace the unconventional style, so have a shop around for the right piece for you.

How to Dress Like Jax Teller

  • A leather jacket or vest is a must have biker gear.
  • The flannel shirt is a must, preferably in blue to get the iconic look.
  • Go for baggy style jeans in raw denim.
  • Sturdy boots are great for the biker look, but you can stay simple with white trainers.
  • Keep your sunglasses striking and simple, but go bold with your rings.

On That Note

Now you might not be online buying every key piece of Jax Teller’s trademark wardrobe, but even a few bits can help give your look a stylish, casual vibe. The California surfer dude mixed with the hardcore biker is a look that shouldn’t really work, but surprisingly does, and this relaxed and understated style is something that can easily be incorporated into your wardrobe, whether it’s just with a simple flannel shirt, or a looser fit of jeans. See which pieces work best for your look and give them a go today.

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