How To Dress Like Kurt Cobain

by Jamie
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Frontman of one of the biggest bands in the world; Nirvana, Kurt Cobain’s influence stretched far beyond the music industry. His look was centred around a laid-back, nonchalant attitude to dressing that led a troupe of grunge teenagers through the sartorial minefield of nineties dressing. Looking to recreate his look yourself?

Five Ways to Recreate Kurt Cobain’s Style

Kurt Cobain’s Jumper

Kurt was renowned for his baggy jumper look, being well in line with his chilled and casual approach to dressing. The most important thing with the jumper is to go very oversized – like you’re appearing in a weight loss advert and this was the ‘what I used to wear’ jumper.

Possibly one of the easiest looks to recreate at home, you can really tailor the oversized sweater look to your personal style. Monochrome maven? Go for an all black option. Mad for print? You get the idea…

Kurt Cobain’s Ripped Jeans

No item of clothing better represents the grunge aesthetic of the nineties than a pair of baggy ripped jeans. Kurt was a huge fan of the style – you’ll struggle to find many pictures of him without his knees showing through a pair. Of course, to give the look a contemporary twist you should go for a slimmer fit as opposed to Kurt’s baggier choice and try mixing with a printed T-shirt and overshirt to finish the ensemble.

Of course, to give the look a contemporary twist you should go for a slimmer fit as opposed to Kurt’s baggier choice and try mixing with a printed t-shirt and overshirt to finish the ensemble.


Kurt Cobain’s Cardigan

Now a cardigan mightn’t seem like the most rock and roll piece of clothing a man can don, but one that Kurt could pull off with ease all the same. Maybe this is because he’s an established grunge legend, but actually – some of his outfits could easily translate to the modern day.

To replicate the look, take a Cobain approach to styling and pair your oversized cardigan with a simple logo T-shirt and some slim cut jeans. The key is all in the relaxed approach, as will all things Kurt Cobain – don’t overthink it.

Kurt Cobain’s Jacket

Kurt was better known for going jacketless, favouring an overshirt on top of a logo T-shirt instead; when he did wear one, though – it was always along a similar sartorial vein, think Saint Laurent rock n’ roll chic.

To get the same casual Kurt style, try wearing a simple black leather biker or Harrington jacket or over a white T-shirt and pairing with some ripped jeans and Chelsea boots.

Kurt Cobain’s T-Shirt / Shirts

Last, but not least; Kurt was possibly best known for his logo and simple T-shirt based looks. Often forming the basis of his stripped back outfits, he wasn’t afraid of a humorous or controversial slogan taking up prime real estate on his chest.

To get the look, go for a logo T-shirt with a printed overshirt in the place of a jacket. Alternatively, as on the right, you could choose something more traditional like a Breton T-shirt for something a little more subdued. As always, mix with some distressed denim and a dishevelled hairstyle and you’re half way there.

How To Dress Like Kurt Cobain

As you already probably know, Kurt Cobain’s style isn’t exactly the most difficult to recreate. If you’re really going for it, stock up on logo T-shirts, printed overshirts and ripped denim. With all things style and grooming, take a very laid back approach to the finer details and you’ll be exuding Cobain’s apathetic efforts in no time.

On That Note

Wondering how to dress grunge? To look like the grungiest 90s dude around, there’s no real secret – just a refreshing nonchalance. Biggest word of advice for getting Kurt Cobain’s style? Be brave as hell. Be confident in what you’re wearing and don’t fret the small details… Kurt certainly didn’t.

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