Get Kanye West’s Style

by Jamie

Kanye West may make more moves in the newspapers than on the fashion scene these days, but you’d still be forgiven for wanting to look just like him. Kanye has moved from just being an A-list rapper to staking a claim for himself in the fashion industry with the release of his new album. Here’re our top tips on how to get his look.


With Kanye West’s clothes, he tends to starts with the shoes and move up from there. With trainers, you want to go big and bold. Subtle just isn’t an option here. Generally, Kayne keeps the colour of his trainers in keeping with his trousers and chooses darker tones if he opts for black jeans, and lighter tones if he’s wearing blue or white ones. The clean block colours help to create a statement finish, and mixing the casual footwear with smarter pieces creates a bold, rule breaking look.

kanye west trainers look



Now anyone who knows about Kayne West’s outfits knows that he’s partial to a pair of Chelsea boots, and enjoys the lighter tones when it comes to footwear. A pair of light blue jeans and some beige boots give off a striking, yet not over the top look, while following West’s colour matching rules. You can also break the mould by matching your boots with an all-black outfit for an even more striking style. After all, Kayne doesn’t like to follow rules, even if they’re his own.

kanye west boots look



You can see from the above outfits that Kanye likes to wear a range of different coloured jeans, but he’s well known for going extreme with tones and embracing more striking colours. Light, light blue is a particular favourite of his, and he tends to emphasise it by matching it with similar tones, even going for a bold double denim look.

kanye west double denim jeans



For T-shirts Kayne usually goes for something completely blank, choosing something as simple as a white crew-neck t-shirt, while letting his footwear do most of the talking. Still, he does enjoy a bit of longline, as well as a decent dose of camo, so play around with fits while not going overboard with colours or textures. You can also try overlaying patterned shirts and jackets over a plain T-shirts to add some extra dimension.

kanye west t-shirt



Kanye does like going for a leather style. In some of the press snaps of West, he even goes for pieces like leather trousers – not an outfit for a hot day! A more accessible look for the average person is to go with the classic leather jacket look. Just going for a simple biker jacket can be enough to get a touch of West’s style, and let’s face it – who doesn’t look stylish in a leather jacket?

kanye west leather look



Ever since the famous ‘Stronger’ video, Kanye’s sunglasses game has been under scrutiny, but he remains on trend as always. To play the West sunglasses game, you’ve got to go all out with the Raybans, steering clear from small, precise frames and embracing the bigger styles. Kanye is all about the Aviators, so you can go for a classic look or really channel the man who made slitted sunglasses cool, and play up to the cameras with some polarised lenses.

kanye west sunglasses




While Kanye has a smooth and often in style look, he will sometimes rock the boat, and try and push the boundaries of the trends – usually with his coat choice. Often the singer is seen walking around with a coat that looks more like some kind of cloak (and in some instances, he does actually wear a cloak) but this just adds to the Kanye West mystery. Whether you’re going for a tailored or casual look, long, sweeping coats are the answer.

kanye west coat


Get Kanye West’s Style

So Kanye is always in the papers for his antics, but when you look as trendy as Kanye on a day to day basis, you can afford to play up a little bit for the flashing lights. If you want to embrace the Yeezy look though, it’s easier than it seems. Statement colours, longline shapes and a disregard for ‘fashion rules’ will keep you looking fresh and stylish.

Kanye West clothing style

On That Note

Kanye West’s clothing doesn’t really follow a whole lot of rules, and if you’re trying to emulate his style it’s important to be fearless with your look. Bold footwear, bright colours, longline fits and uniformed colour coordination creates outfits that are sleek and yet have a streetwise, eclectic look. 

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