How To Dress Like Footballer Xabi Alonso

by Jamie

The 35-year old retired footballer, Xabi Alonso, has a lot of style on the football pitch. However, that’s not the only place he has style. Follow this guide to learn how to dress like Alonso.

We see a lot of Xabi Alonso on screen, mainly whilst running around a football pitch in a football kit. That’s not really the style we’re after at Outsons. We much prefer the clothes he wears off the pitch.

In recognition of his retirement earlier this year, we are looking back at Alonso’s best fashion moments and helping you re-create them yourself.

Xabi Alonso Style

From 2004-2009, we saw Alonso kitted out in Liverpool colours, from 2009-2014 Real Madrid colours and from 2014- 2017 Bayern Munich colours, but what about when he is not on the pitch? We’re just not that interested in the Real Madrid Alonso! Xabi has a pretty laid back and casual style, however, he also knows how to sharpen up. He is no stranger to a suit and has also presented himself as the face of a few campaigns, including the Porsche Design Sports collection by adidas. Xabi Alonso has admitted that if he doesn’t like something, he simply won’t wear it…fair enough!

Below is one of the shots from Alonso’s collaboration with Porsche Design by adidas. This look is easy to recreate; it’s laid back and casual, yet it still looks considered and co-ordinated. A white T-shirt is an absolute must-have in every man’s wardrobe. The versatility of a T-shirt is huge, you can dress them up or down and it will take you through every season. A word of advice from Outsons to you- invest in a quality T-shirt. Go for a 100% cotton T with a decent thickness. Also, don’t stop at the humble white T, get yourself one in every basic colour including grey, black and navy.

Xabi Alonso Suit

Xabi Alonso looks good in a suit- there is no denying it. Whether he is doing a press conference, going out for dinner or appearing at an event, he manages to pull together a fine suit and look immaculate doing so. Below we have an example of Alonso dressed in a classic two-piece suit, smartened up with a bow tie. Wearing a suit does not have to be a tricky task, you just need to make sure you have the right fit. An ill-fitted suit will totally ruin your look, so try to make sure it’s not too baggy or too tight.

The Grey Suit

If you’re a suit lover, a grey two-piece is essential. When worn together, a grey suit creates a soft twist on the classic black, making it the perfect attire for chilled but smart events. If you don’t need to wear a full grey suit, take each element and wear them separately. For example, you can dress the suit trousers down by tucking in a white t-shirt, or dress a pair of jeans up by teaming it with the jacket.

Date Night

Alonso is often seen out with his Spanish wife, actress Nagore Aranburu. Below, we see them suited and booted together. Alonso pulls off a black two piece suit accompanied with a tie, and detailed with a white flower and matching pocket square. This look is really formal, yet both Alonso and his wife tone it down with a pair of sunglasses. Couples who shade together, stay together.

Jazz up your suit with a pair of sunglasses to go for the bond look. You don’t need a suit to wear sunnies though. A pair of sunnies are essential for summer and will go with every outfit, depending on what style you go for. For a classic style, opt for a pair of Wayfarer shades.

Xabi Alonso Beard

In the more recent years, Xabi has grown an impressive beard. We think he looks a lot better with it, too. Beards are, and have been, in trend for some time now. So, if you were looking for some facial growth inspiration, look no further. Alonso’s beard is great for those who want a full coverage, without it being too dominating. He has gone for the all over trim, keeping it an even length throughout.

How Xabi Styles A White T-shirt

Of all the ways we have seen a white T-shirt being styled, this has to be one of the most peculiar. That doesn’t mean we don’t like it though, in fact, we’re actually fans of this look. Xabi has styled a white T-shirt with a navy blazer and a pair of grey joggers. To complete this outfit, go for a pair of clean, white, minimal trainers. This is just

How To Dress Like Xabi Alonso

  • Xabi’s look is effortlessly cool. Invest in some quality T-shirts that you can dress up or down depending on the occasion.
  • You can’t go wrong with a well-fitted suit. Xabi is most often seen in a black or grey suit, so to steal his style, get your hands on both.
  • Have a pair of sunglasses handy for every occasion and every outfit.
  • Don’t be afraid to combine smart and causal looks- find a happy medium to suit your style.

On That Note

You don’t need to be on a footballers wage to dress like Alonso. All you need is a few staple pieces and you’re good to go. You’ll be surprised at how far a T-shirt can take you, so to replicate Alonso’s style, get yourself a quality one in white, grey, navy and black. Back of the net!!!

Feature image from Pinterest

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