How to Choose the Right Watch for You

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Picking the right watch for you depends on how you’re going to be wearing it. Check out our guide to get a better idea of the kind of watch you need.

Whether you’re working in an office where you have to wear a three-piece suit, or you work in a more creative environment, you can find a watch that fits your needs. We’ve put together a guide to give you a better idea of what the best watches to buy are.

How to Choose a Watch

What watch should I buy? It’s a thought that’s crossed men’s minds but they’re not entirely sure what would work best. It will come down to a few different factors. Considering the kind of outfit you’ll be wearing is important as some watches will look better than others. You’ll also want to think about matching it with your outfit. A brightly coloured plastic Casio watch is fun and would work with a pair of shirts down the beach. They won’t look as good at a black tie event.

How to Choose a Watch for Your Wrist Size

Unfortunately, watches are still used by some as an indicator of social standing. We don’t want to encourage this, think of a watch as something that becomes a part of your outfit. If you’re going to have a watch for each social occasion you can pick up a few watches that will work with different kind of outfits. Already have a few silver accessories? A silver watch would be a great idea.

If you really can’t decide what watch you want or you don’t want to have to buy a casual and smart watch, Shore Projects have watches with a changeable strap. Small men’s watches such as that are always a good shout. You can try out a different strap for different types of social occasions. We’ve helped your decision-making process by dividing up the kind of watch you should pick into where you’re going to be wearing it.

Casual Watches

Despite huge amounts of people now able to access the time through their phones, people are still buying watches in huge numbers. Some people like the comfort of wearing a watch and not everyone wants to have to pull out their phone every time they want to check the time. Having a casual watch doesn’t just have to be a practical choice, they’re great to add to any kind of outfit.

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If you’re just going to be wearing the watch with jeans and a T-Shirt you’ll want something that’s practical. If you pick up a watch that’s very expensive and you you’re worried about damaging, it might not be the best idea to wear it down the beach. Checking out how waterproof a watch is before you buy is a great idea. You might not be taking it diving to 100m every weekend but the last thing you want is to destroy your watch when you forget to take it off in the shower one morning. Having a robust casual watch is the best way to make sure it lasts and you don’t end up wasting money on multiple broken watches.

Best Casual Watches

If you don’t have a dress code for work a watch can come in handy. Particularly good if you work in a job that means you can’t constantly get your phone out or it would look unprofessional if you did so. Thinking about what casual watches will work for you will depend on your personality. Not everyone will suit a retro metallic watch but if it will work with your style then you should get one.

Is this the best value watch money can buy

With so much blending between smart and casual, it’s no longer the case that you have to wear certain items of clothing in each scenario. Try out a smarter watch with a more casual outfit and you won’t look out of place. Often adding a smarter accessory is a simple way to make a casual outfit more acceptable in smarter situations.

Daniel Wellington

This watch from Daniel Wellington is a perfect option, its colourful canvas and gold face make it a versatile piece. Worn with a plain white tee and shorts it’s hard to see how people won’t notice this Nato strap watch, you can easily pair this watch with any look. Adding accessories like a watch to your outfit can often bring even the most mundane look to life. They’ve been making watches that will work for every occasion but their Nato strap is a great choice for casual outfits and with it’s long history you can also add it to smarter looks.

Vini Uehara


They offer a few more retro styles. They often have a digital display and work which is ideal for anyone who prefers to see a 24 hour clock rather than having to glare at the hands of a watch. They’re known for creating reliable watches for decades. Having originally made clocks they then began to move into watches and people all over the World have trusted Timex with their time for a long while.

Check out the look below to see how you can wear a metalic Timex watch with almost anything. A pair of YMC trousers are a great choice and will always look good in either a casual or smarter look. Dr. Martens make incredibly reliable boots, great to be paired with a trustworthy watch brand like Timex.

What Type of Watch Should I Wear

Men’s Dress Watch

Heading to an event that needs a watch to match then you should think about picking up a formal watch. If you want a watch that you’re going to wear to smarter nights then you can pick up something that will compliment your outfit. A great way to make any outfit look smarter is to add a few smart accessories into the fold.

You can always consider an all black look. If heading to a black tie event you can pair a black metal strapped watch with your outfit. Combining pieces this way is a

Men’s Work Watches

You might work in an industry that requires you to be constantly moving and pulling a phone out isn’t entirely practical. A lot of watches were developed for soldiers so that they could keep an eye on the time whilst out in the field. If you need a watch for your job then you’ve got a lot to choose from. You might work somewhere with a smart dress code. In that case you’ll want a watch that matches your shirt and tie style. If you can dress casually for work then take a look at our recommendations for casual wear above.

When wearing Clothes

Watches for Students

Running late is a trait of far too many students. Anything you can do to be on time as often as possible has to be a good thing! You’re going to want something that’s reliable and won’t break the bank. Most students don’t have a ridiculous amount of cash to throw around. With the amount of alcohol that’s consumed you also want to avoid getting a watch that could be easily damaged. You never know where the night will take you so it’s also a good idea to get one that’s waterproof.

Think about picking up a Shore Projects watch. Their detachable strap and anti scratch watch face you can trust it’ll withstand a fair amount of wear. It’s also great if you need another watch for anything formal you can just change the strap over to something that’ll work.

10 Minimalist Good Watch Brands for Men

Sports Watches

For the more sporty men among you then you’re gonna want a watch that will be able to keep up with you. G-Shock make watch for the endurance and practicality that you will need – with a plastic strap, shock resistant technology and being able to dive up to 200m, this watch is surely a watch to do a triathlon with. Or, if you’re not up for that, then simply wearing it to the gym will be sufficient enough for this practical watch.

How Should a Watch Fit?

You want a watch to fit comfortably around your wrist to prevent it from turning around during the day or hanging loose around your hand. The last thing you want is a watch that’s too lose and falls off from your wrist, it’s also a good idea to avoid having a watch that will cut of circulation to your hand. Once you achieve the right balance you’ll be loving your watch and happy to check the time all day.

Which Hand Should I Wear a Watch On?

Traditionally the hand you should wear a watch on would be the left, this is because most people are right handed and it reduces the damage to the watch as you would therefore use your left hand less. This is an outdated idea and now it comes down to personal preference. Most watches are designed to withstand a decent amount of wear and tear so they can deal with being on any hand you decide to wear it on.

Triwa, Daniel Wellington

Your Quick Guide To The Right Watch For You

  • With so much choice choosing the right watch for you can be hard.
  • If you are buying one watch an exchangeable strap makes it versatile.
  • Ask people with style you like.
  • Try to think if you will be wearing a smart jacket or a more casual coat when choosing a watch.
  • Start with the look you like and go from there it can be a bit daunting otherwise.
  • As long as the watch makes you feel confident you can’t go too far wrong!

On That Note

It might seem like a never ending task but getting hold of a watch you love doesn’t need to be difficult. Once you pick up a watch that suits you, you’ll never look back. Some watch brands have been running for decades for a reason, they make reliable watches. Don’t let that put you off some of the best new watch brand out there, with so much choice now available you can get hold of an incredibly well made watch from some fresh designers.

Whatever watch you eventually decide to go with as long as you wear it with confidence, it won’t matter how it looks. As long as you have a vague idea of what you want you want from the watch, it’s easy to find one you’ll love. If you haven’t seen something that stands out just yet, check out the main store for a few more options.

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