How to Buy Men’s Jeans

by Welcome to Outsons
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Everyone wears jeans. No matter what job, background, age or size, we all own a pair and love our pairs of jeans to bits. The great thing about them is their versatility and practicality, and with most fashion items of today, the trusty jean stems from practicality and the working classes.

Buying men’s jeans is pretty straight forward. Worn casually or dressed up, the jean is a mainstay in every man’s wardrobe, however, many men don’t know how to buy the right pair of jeans. This may sound like a bit of a ridiculous notion but believe me, it can be difficult. I can’t recall the number of times I’ve gone into a shop to buy a new pair of jeans without the faintest idea of what suits me, what size I am or what leg length I should go for.

We’ve come up with this handy guide on how to buys men’s jeans so that men across the world can finally know how to purchase this trusted piece of denim.

The Fit

This is probably the most important factor when buying a pair of jeans. The fit is everything as you don’t want to waste your money on jeans that are ill-fitting. We’ve said it a thousand times: you need to get yourself measured. This way you know exactly what size you are and what jeans will suit your shape.

You need to get your waist and inner leg measured as this is what the jean sizes go by. For instance, you’ve probably seen the size 32R, this means you’re a 32 inch waist with regular sized (as opposed to long) legs. It may sound tricky but it’s fairly simple when you get your head around it. Check out this denim fit guide below.

The Waist

Many men don’t know what waist size they are, so, again, it’s important to get yourself measured. When you put on the jeans they should slide up with ease without having to struggle too much.

However, like many men, you can find yourself in that annoying ‘in-between’ size where the smaller size is too small and the larger size is too large (sometimes you can’t win). The trick is to just get the bigger size and invest in a decent belt I’m afraid. You could also get the jeans tailored and tapered to fit your size, but be wary that this may cost a few pennies.


The Length

This is another key factor when you’re buying a pair of jeans. You’ll need to have your leg length measured, as this determines what size jean you should buy. Leg sizes go by your inner legĀ and are measured from your crotch to your ankle. They are then determined by small (S), regular (R) and long (L).

Different men have different preferences when they buy certain leg lengths but personally, we prefer a length that sits right on the ankle, giving a sleeker and more stylish look. Don’t go for a leg length that’s too long for you, as no-one likes to see non-purposeful baggy jeans – it’s just not a good look.

The Style

When buying a pair of jeans, it’s important to take into account the style of jean that you’re buying. There are so many out there it’s easy to get a bit confused. We’ve all been there where we have walked into a shop and have been taken back