How to be Office Ready After the Work Christmas Party

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The annual office Christmas party has rolled around once again and even though you may have survived the night, it’s now time to face the day after the night before. Hungover, tired and most probably regretting some awkward and unforgettable moments, we’ve got the ultimate guide on how you can make it through the next eight hours of embarrassment in the office.

The Office Christmas Party

First things first, you need to make sure you actually turn up to work, preferably on time and preferably not in the same outfit as the day before. Walking in a few hours late may be fine if you’re the boss, but not so ideal for the rest of us. You need to think this through – if you’ve already embarrassed yourself by drinking all the cocktails and proceeding to dance on the table, today is the day to reclaim any dignity you may have lost. Therefore the ultimate aim of the day is to not draw too much attention to yourself. So if you’ve regrettably opened up to a colleague, thrown up in the corner or let your alter ego out for the night, keep quiet and try to survive the hangover from hell. Just think, as soon at it hits five you can run home and bury yourself in your duvet and try to forgot any bad decisions.


The Commute

After falling into bed at 2am and then having to drag yourself out of it four hours later will be the first major struggle of the day but, and not to sound in any way depressing, this is probably the easiest and least embarrassing part of your work day. You’ve managed to get dressed into something, comfy yet appropriate for the office. Made it to the station on time and now ready to face the commute. While concentrating on not throwing up on the lady opposite you, now is the perfect time to, number one, reevaluate any of your drunken actions and number two, to clear up any social media mistakes.

Whether it’s Snapchat, Instagram or the dreaded Facebook status, you need to make sure none if it was inappropriate. Complaining about how little your pay cheque seems to be or how annoying that one college is probably isn’t the best thing to do over social media. Keep it to yourself and your work bitching buddy and that’s all. You can then make it into the office and deny any tweets that were made as, if they’re not there now, it never happened. Right?

What Do You Wear?

It may have been all fun and games to stay right till the end, but when you’re stuck in bed the following morning, forcing yourself into work, what do you wear? Office Christmas parties can fall on any day of the week, so it’s more than likely you’ll be expected in the next day. With this in mind, preparing your outfit the day before is a good idea. You want to look smart, clean and still resemble the ideal employee. Smart trousers, a shirt and a jumper will be comfier than a suit and you’ll still look smart. If you’re able to go for a more casual look, swap the trousers for some jeans. If the work Christmas party was a Thursday thing, dress down Fridays may have saved you an uncomfortable commute in a suit.


Be Productive

The thought of being productive in your still drunken state may be the last thing you want but we’ve all been there and it kinda has to be done. You may be feeling hungover A F, but you still need to be the model employee and the one that has fun but still gets all the work done. So show off those Excel skills and boss the meeting you thought you’d never make it in for. Distracting everyone with your hard work (or what looks like hard work) is a good way to hopefully get everyone’s mind off the drunken mess they saw the night before.

Cure The Hangover

Curing the hangover or hiding the hangover? It’s basically the same thing. Stop all the moaning and the fact you wish you were still in bed and ‘man up’. You can make it through the day. Water, coffee, and diet coke are the three best hangover cures for when sitting at your desk. A McDonald’s breakfast run might sound appealing at the time, but once you’ve devoured the breakfast muffin, do you really feel any better? You probably feel a little bit worse, unless obviously you’re a pro and handling hangovers comes very naturally to you.

The main thing you need is water – drink away your sorrows and try to stay awake with as much coffee as possible. As well as this, keep your eyes open and face feeling fresh with a wakening cleansing routine. It may sound irrelevant, but even splashing your face with cold water and applying some face cream will make you feel a little fresher. Waking your skin up will not only wake you up, but you’ll be able to blag your way through the day. A cold shower will be the best thing for you because when your feel fresh on the outside, you’ll (hopefully) feel fresher on the inside.

man washing face cleanse


Feeling Awkward?

We’ve established what you should wear, how to refresh your skin and how you should get to the office on time and not proceed to moan all day. But what do you do if you’ve slagged off the bosses, busted out some old school dance moves, tried to hit on a coworker and failed, or maybe even worse, succeeded and now you have to see them everyday at the place you spend the majority of your time. Is it awkward? Did anyone else see? What do you do now? Don’t panic. If it was obvious then maybe you should address the situation head on and bring a good sense of humour along with you. As for the dancing, embrace it. What else have you got to loose, because you’re dignity is probably pretty much extinct.

How to be Office Ready After the Work Christmas Party

  • Make it in on time and try to not to rock up in the same outfit as what you wore to the work Christmas party.
  • A simple trouser, jumper and shirt combo is a good and safe option for those hangover days in the office.
  • Freshen up your face with cold water and a good cleanser, you’ll be thankful for it later on in the day.
  • Attack the awkwardness head on and bring your sense of humour into work with you and everything should go smoothly (ish).


On That Note

More often than not, alcohol and colleagues equal an awkward morning after. You drag yourself to work in your best possible outfit that doesn’t resemble your pyjamas, and try to pretend that you don’t have the worst hangover imaginable. You head straight to your desk to hide and try to forget about any work Christmas party antics. but until next year, embrace the awkwardness and office stories and wait for the next victim to make all the major office party mistakes.

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