7 Versatile Ways to Style Your Hoodie – March, 2023

by Jamie Wilson
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Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

No man’s wardrobe would be complete without a hoodie. As a street style classic, the hoodie is the ultimate combination of style and comfort. Here’s our style guide on the top ways to style this iconic piece of men’s fashion. 

The hoodie has a troubled past, but with its comfort and style factors, it’s here to stay. Knowing how to style a hoodie can be difficult, but if you know what to team it with, you can throw it on for a quick fix to keep warm and cozy or utilize it for a more edgy look when dressing up.

Thanks to the newfound love for sports luxe that has emerged over the last few years, the hoodie can be incorporated into any outfit with ease and still look presentable. So, here’s your guide on how to wear a hoodie so you can master the piece.

Men’s Hoodies

1. Grey Hoodie

Hoodies are some of the most versatile outerwear available for men. This means that they come in endless varieties of colors and styles, all of which working in their own particular way. However, if you’re trying to wear a truly classic hoodie style, then a grey hoodie is always going to be a winner.

Whether you’re looking for sports hoodies to wear whilst pumping iron at the gym, or just for going down the pub with your mates, the classic grey hoodie will always have you’re back. One of the best things about wearing a grey hoodie is the monochrome and neutral color shade that it has. Similar to black, wearing a color like grey means that you can pretty much combine it with any other colors and it’s going to work.

Grey Hoodie Outfit

Although it is perfectly stylish to just wear a grey hoodie as the main piece of outerwear in your look, it can also be great to combine it with other items such as jackets. This can add some extra detail to your style and is perfect for layering during the Autumn months.

When wearing a grey hoodie, by sticking with other monochrome colors then you can end up creating an outfit that is nicely uniformed and minimalist. For instance, try wearing a grey hoodie underneath a classic camel coat. Pair this look with some light wash jeans and some Chelsea boots; a great Autumnal look that will work for any casual occasion.

2. Black Hoodie

Want a hoodie that is just as classic and versatile as a grey one, but doesn’t show your sweat marks when you go running? Then, a black hoodie is the one for you. As with any black clothes, a black hoodie is a great way to make any outfit instantly more stylish. This is the joy of the color black, not only does it go with anything, but it’s also extremely slick and stylish. There’s a reason everyone wears it.

Black Hoodie Outfit

As already mentioned, the joy of plain black hoodies is that they will more or less go with anything. This means you can afford to experiment and have some fun trying out different outfits with a black hoodie.

However, if you want to keep things straight forward and simply stylish, then try wearing an all-black look. Although you have to be careful to not end up looking like a 16-year-old goth kid, as long as you’re careful, wearing all black with a hoodie can be extremely fashionable.

Just as with wearing a denim jacket with a grey hoodie is a perfect way to layer your outfit, wearing a black leather jacket is an excellent alternative for a black hoodie. Wearing a leather jacket is also a good way to make your outfit a bit more formal, stopping the hoodie from becoming too sporty or casual.

Combine this outfit with a pair of black jogger bottoms or jeans for a perfect sports luxe look. Finally, to add some colorful detail, and to stop the outfit from becoming too dark, throw on a pair of blue or grey trainers. If you want to wear some accessories then invest in a pair of sunglasses or a cap.

3. White Hoodie

Out of all the hoodies for men that we’re looking at, a white hoodie is probably the most adventurous color in which you could buy one. Although white clothes are similar to black in that they’re a nice base color, due to it being a lot brighter it can sometimes overload an outfit. However, if worn correctly, then a white hoodie can be extremely stylish.

As a white hoodie is a bit of a statement piece, it’s a good idea to keep the rest of your outfit quite low-key to stop your look from becoming too loud or over the top. Wearing black is a good way to do this. Black and white are as opposite as you can get in terms of color, making them extremely complimentary.

Why don’t you try combining your white hoodie with a pair of black chinos or jeans? The binary contrast will create a perfect balance within your style. To add a bit of layering to your outfit try wearing a black jacket on top of your hoodie. Finish the look with a pair of black leather trainers.

4. Dressed Up


If you’re looking for more of an effortless look but don’t want to look like you’ve just rolled out of bed, try layering up a hoodie with a black biker jacket with a pair of dark navy or black skinny fit jeans. You’ll get more of a dressed up edgy finish and look cool all at the same time.

Layering is key to dressing up a hoodie, so try to opt for one with thinner material, as you don’t want to end up overwhelmed (or hot) in too many layers.


Why not go one step further and dress up the hoodie for a more sophisticated look with a bomber or trench coat combo, perfect for those chilly nights. Luckily for the hoodie, it is a vital piece of anyone’s wardrobe and you can wear it in a combination of ways and still look on-trend.

Stick to a neutral-colored hoodie and team it with a light wash denim jacket. The contrasting colors will make for an eye-catching look; for a more Autumn/Winter feel, then wear a beanie in the same color hue as your hoodie to keep the outfit together.

5. Dress Down

We all love the hoodie in times of need, for when we just need a quick fix or something to throw on in a rush, while really not making any effort at all.


You can look casual and get your relaxed game down all at the same time by pairing a simple bright colored or logo printed hoodie with a pair of chinos and fresh white trainers.

6. On the Street

We found a unique mix of styles on the streets and spotted your ways of improving your hoodie looks.

If you’re looking for more of a retro look, get those layers on and team a plain tee and denim shirt with a wool coat as seen here. Add a leather biker jacket to a black hoodie with torn black skinny jeans for an alternative street style. Go ultra-casual and perfect your street style with ripped denim slouchy jeans, a grey hoodie, and a navy bomber jacket.

7. Who’s Wearing it Well?

It’s not always glitz and glamour for celebrities. No matter who you are, wearing a hoodie now and again is always going to be the most comfortable and stylish option. Here’s how the rich and famous style their hoodies.

Here we see Zac Efron wearing a burgundy-colored hoodie with a pair of raw or selvage denim jeans and some heavy-duty boots. This casual style works perfectly for those down days when you want to throw on something easy and casual, and this look is perfect.


The hoodie was first created by Champion, a garment company in 1934 when it was added to sweatshirts to help protect athletes battling the elements through the seasons. Employees in cold-storage warehouses were soon calling for the new garment to stay warm.

The hoodie transcended practicality when sportswear became a staple in fashionable style. Through the decades, with hip-hop culture revolutionizing urban street style, hoodies began popping up all over the place. From famous hip-hop stars to graffiti artists and dancers, everyone wanted to own a hoodie as it became an edgy and hip fashion statement.

The hoodie soon evolved and became linked to a more sinister, darker style adopted by those wanting anonymity. Multiple subcultures with musical influences from hip-hop, skaters to punks began adopting the hoodie as a symbol of defiance against society. Mainstream fashion soon took the classic hoodie under its wing, with it now being a big feature in almost everyone’s wardrobe.

How to Style your Hoodie

  • Hoodies are very versatile pieces of clothing.
  • Choose a color that you like.
  • Think about your outfits. Hoodies are great but sometimes are not needed for example with a suit.
  • Dependent on how you wear it, a hoodie can be the centerpiece of an outfit.
  • Experiment. Hoodies are great as a way to add some detail to even the dullest of looks.

On That Note

We found so many varied ways of improving your hoodie style, and it’s pretty obvious the hoodie will always that go-to piece of clothing when we have no clue what to wear! But things are changing, and hoodies are not just that piece of clothing we only use to throw on when the clock is ticking.

Whether you decide to mix up your style and layer with a biker jacket and skinny jeans, or dial it down with a more casual plain hoodie and ripped jeans combo, you can make a real statement, but what you choose to team your hoodie with ultimately shapes the look you’ll achieve.

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