How Girls Really Want You to Apologise

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Everybody makes mistakes (some people way more than others), but it’s how we rectify those actions that really count. If you boys have ever found yourself in a less-than-ideal situation with a girl where you know you’ve been a bit of an arse, here’s how she really wants you to apologise.

How to Apologise to a Girl

We suppose that if you’re reading this, you have conquered the first step which is coming to the realisation that the girl does, in fact, deserve an apology. We don’t know what you did, and quite frankly, we don’t care; as long as you make up for your actions by giving her a heartfelt apology, you’re a better man than most.

There are different levels of apologies, and these levels run parallel to the severity of the f*ck ups. There are many ways of apologising, but you need to measure up the best way to say sorry according to how bad you’ve hurt her in order to gain her forgiveness. Knowing how to make someone forgive you could be considered an art form, so we suggest you lads read up and listen hard, because we know there will be more than one time you’ll need these lessons.

How to Apologise to a Girl via Text

Knowing how to apologise to a girl you’ve offended but have no ‘thing’ with is the easiest of the lot. This is a detached situation, so you don’t really have to put yourself out there to deliver a big apology. Despite this, you still need to know how to say sorry to a girl effectively, mainly so that she doesn’t go around giving you a bad reputation that you can’t shake off. This is probably the only situation where we will let you off with apologising over text, but because of the lack of interpersonal connection and therefore emotion, you have to make this text a winner.

Figuring out how to get a girl to forgive you in person is one thing, but over text, it’s a whole new board game. You have to make up for the lack of actions and emotion in the words you use, so text wisely. Sometimes, the best ways to say sorry over text don’t have to be that genuine (if you aren’t involved with them, that is). If you want to get it over and done with, just say a load of stuff that you half mean, at least. We think you should go somewhere along the lines of ‘I’ve messed up; you didn’t deserve it; I need to try to be a better person as I hate upsetting anyone and I hate that I have upset you more’ etc. Just do it and move on.


How to Apologise to a Girl You Like

Oops, you’ve p*ssed of a girl that you actually like. What a fool. Nonetheless, all is not lost if you produce the best apology of all time. If you want to get her back, you need to perfect the apology so that it comes across in the most sincere way possible (tricky for some men, we know). Knowing how to make it up to a girl that you like is, in a way, more difficult than apologising to your girlfriend. Once she’s your girlfriend, she is going to be a lot more lenient with your mistakes, but when you’re just starting out, she won’t be afraid to call it a day and go on a hunt for better. So, if you want to make sure she comes back, your apology better be good.

How do you apologise to a girl you like? Start off by doing it face to face. There is absolutely no room for cowards here, so don’t even think about doing it over text. If you want her to stick with you, you’ll need to make this apology sincere and show her that she is able to trust you. This starts with admitting you f*cked up and making sure she knows it won’t happen again. A good way of putting this across is by asking to see her, but instead of just chilling out in front of Netflix like you usually do, go to some effort to cook her a meal or make a cute set-up for a film. This way, you are keeping things casual enough but still saying you’re sorry and that you want things to work out.

How to Say Sorry to Your Girlfriend

Oh dear, what have you done here? Just because we said apologising to your girlfriend was in some way easier than it is to a girl you’re starting out with and trying to impress, we never said it was actually easy. The gesture will have to be a lot bigger and bolder, but the chemistry should flow a lot easier as you know her well enough to hit her sweet spot into forgiveness. This means you need to use your knowledge to your advantage. Knowledge is power.

Naturally, a dinner date is the ultimate apology, but the trick is to pick somewhere thoughtful. You should know what her favourite food is, so this is a good place to start. Find the best restaurant you can that does that food, or alternatively take her somewhere sentimental, like where you had your first date (bonus points). This has got to be one of the most romantic ways to say sorry and romantic apologies are going to work almost every time. If you want to know the best trick for knowing how to apologise to a girl you’ve hurt, you’ve got to pull at her heartstrings if you want her to forgive you. Turn up at her door with flowers, don’t make her drive, open the doors and pull out the chairs and just pay the bill. In the long term, it’s a short price to pay.


How to Apologise After Cheating

This is the most monumental f*ck up you could possibly do, so your apology is going to have to be the biggest, grandest gesture you’ve ever pulled off if you have any chance of piecing the relationship back together. If you’ve cheated (what a d*ck move, by the way) and you’ve been wondering how to apologise to a girl who hates you, it’s going to take a lot of hard work and a lot of patience. Figuring out how to apologise to a stubborn girl is one thing, but stubborn and full of hate? Tricky one.

If you’re short on ideas of how to do this, maybe you should watch some romantic comedy films to get some inspiration on how to make a grand gesture. It’s going to have to be huge and sincere and it always helps if it’s thoughtful, too.

The next thing you need to learn is how to grovel and how to grovel well. If you are genuinely sorry and you want her back, you will find yourself grovelling for at least a month. Don’t expect to ever be right in an argument, and be prepared to take a lot of sh*t which, to be honest, you deserve. You will also have to keep reassuring her that this will never ever happen again, and as awful as cheating is, you need to let her know that if this relationship will ever work again, she cannot bring it up every time you argue. After you cheat, the whole point of apologising is that you have to bring the trust back – don’t expect this to happen as quickly as you jumped into that other girl’s bed.

Finally, if you want to apologise for cheating, don’t always expect to get anywhere with it. Cheating is one of those moves where despite how sorry you are you have ultimately shot yourself in the foot and there’s no way of getting out of it. Sorry, not sorry.


On That Note

The moral of the story is try not to get yourself into a situation where you have to apologise in the first place. If you do, measure up how severe the mistake was versus the seriousness of the relationship and then act accordingly. Throw in a bit of charm and you might just get away with it. We wish you luck.

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