How to Dress like Tom Hardy

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Tom Hardy has been gracing our film screens for quite a while. As one of Hollywood’s most successful British actors, he has become famous for his rugged masculine style. Fortunately, dressing like Tom Hardy isn’t as tricky as you might think. This article will break down some of his most iconic looks and show you how to wear them. 

Tom Hardy Casual

To get the chilled out Hardy look, you need to keep things clean and simple. It’s extremely easy to get Hardy’s casual everyday look. Explore clean lines and simple styles with customary jeans, T-shirts and comfortable footwear. Try layering a checkered flannel shirt over a basic tee to create extra dimensions within the outfit.

Tom Hardy Formal

Being a Hollywood star means that Tom Hardy the actor occasionally has to walk down some red carpets. A far cry from his more casual outfits, he also knows how to pull off a formal look with class.

The most important part of wearing any suit is the fit. If you get the fit of the suit right, then it’s generally going to look good. For a simple and sophisticated formal Tom Hardy look, get your hands on a navy blue suit with a crisp white dress shirt. The understated colour palette is perfect for any man. If you want to add some extra detail then team it with a waistcoat, however, this isn’t an essential.

Tom Hardy Bomber Jacket

Other than his casual and formal looks, Tom Hardy is known for having a distinctly masculine style that you can see in and out of his films. Other than the clothes, his beard and tattoos contribute to the overall aesthetic. Although these style choices involve a bit more commitment, wearing similar clothes is easy.

Combine a plain T-shirt with a pair of ripped jeans for the base of your rugged Hardy outfit. Add a leather bomber jacket to bring some extra dimensions to your look, whilst also keeping you warm. Choose your footwear depending on how formal you want to look. Trainers are fine for a casual look, whereas leather shoes are great for a smart casual finish.

Tom Hardy Gym

Hardy is known to work out and bulk up with the best of them, and by the best of them – we’re talking personal trainers to the likes of the Marines. He takes bulking up for film roles and his personal health very seriously, so to work with elite professionals, you need to come prepared and ready to sweat; comfort and ease of movement are clearly a necessity.

Hardy’s work out fashion style is fairly retro, he keeps things simple and practical. Mix up your own gym kit with practical pieces that allow you to feel comfortable, and free to move. Some simple joggers are a perfect choice.

Tom Hardy Attire

Admittedly, it’s pretty tricky to tie down Hardy’s fashion into a few categories. However, there are certain style choices that seem to reappear in his outfits, ultimately creating a unique aesthetic. Picking a few key items is therefore integral to dressing like Hardy.


Hardy goes between two distinct types of shirts, he seems to either be ultra formal or ultra casual. If you’re dressing up for a fancy event then stick with a crisp dress shirt. However, if you want to dress down try wearing a checkered over shirt on top of a plain T-shirt.


Much like your choice of shirt, trousers depend a lot on the level of formality that you’re going for. If you’re just popping down the pub with some mates then stick with a classic pair of jeans or cargo pants. If you’re going to a formal event then opt for some suit trousers.

Jackets and Coats

No Tom Hardy look would be complete without a good quality jacket. It can get chilly hanging around on film sets, and so Hardy wears some hard wearing and stylish pieces of outerwear. Keep things short in length and pick a bulky style. A heavy duty shearling jacket is the perfect combination of style and warmth.


When it comes to footwear, keep things understated and rugged. If you watch any Tom Hardy films then you will know his style is often bulky and durable.

If you’re on the shorter side, then don’t worry. Despite his impeccable style, Tom Hardy’s height does leave something to be desired. Therefore, a good pair of boots is a great way to get some extra height. If you want to go more formal then some black leather shoes are perfect. On the other hand, some simple trainers are great when trying to relax.

Tom Hardy

How to dress like Tom Hardy can be a tricky one as when it comes to Hardy’s style and fashion sense, he seems to carry a laid back persona and casual vibe through with him. However, if you take the time and look a little closer, you can see how he has been able to climb up the ranks to join the stylish male British elite.

Hardy’s style can be somewhat hard to pin down at times. He has seemingly carved out his own unique style which can go from stylish, to purely practical, in a short space of time. On the red carpet and for premieres, Hardy usually works with a smart three-piece suit as his weapon of choice.

Securing a place with head turners like David Beckham, Mark Strong and Tine Tempah, to name a few, Tom Hardy is adding his stance on the definition of what it means to be part of the epitome of British men with style.

He looks stylish, suave and confident. If he is snapped by the paparazzi unexpectedly, you’re most likely to find him in basic T-shirts, jeans or cargo pants. Functional, stripped down and casual – just like every man.

How to Dress like Tom Hardy

Remember to keep things simple when dressing like Tom Hardy. For a more casual Hardy look, team a classic pair of jeans with a patterned over shirt. To dress more formally, get yourself a well fitted dark suit. Add some accessories if you want some extra detail. For a classic Hardy outfit, pair some jeans with a bomber jacket.

On That Note

The wonderful charm of Tom Hardy’s style is the fact that it’s honest. It’s achievable and unpretentious. In order to fully harness the Tom Hardy look, remember to keep you fashion choices relatable, as well as being personal to you. Take inspiration from this A-lister, whilst adding some individual flare and you’ll be on your way to some stylish outfits.

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